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A Sound Effect features the world’s largest catalog of independent sound effects, and running the site is becoming increasingly time-consuming. Thankfully, a lot of great people are supporting the site and I’m really grateful for that.

However, there’s one area in particular that’s taking up a lot of time and resources: Getting word out about the site – so any support you can provide here would be much appreciated.

Here's how to help:
If you want to help strengthen and share the works of the independent SFX community, here are three things you can do:

1. Add a link to A Sound Effect on your website or community page

2. Mention A Sound Effect on your blog or on your news site

3. Feature our sound effect release feed in a widget on your blog or site. Here’s the feed of new independent releases – and if you’re running WordPress, here’s a great plugin for showing the feed in your sidebar.

If you do just one of the things above (or more, if you feel like it), it’ll be a fantastic help in providing some important, continued exposure for the independent sound community and the SFX releases.

And if you do, you’re welcome to drop me a note about it here so I can personally thank you for helping out. I’ll also be glad to answer any questions you may have.

I really hope you’ll lend a hand. Thanks in advance!


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