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Eiravaein Works LLC

If Eiravaein Works had a middle name, it would be custom.  The way we see it, the conceptual foundation of “custom” is a way of life.  True, by the nature of what we do, custom work is quintessential to our workflow and design process.  Yet, from the start of any design to well beyond its completion, we stay consistently mindful of the ways of traditional crafts folk and how they used their strengths, dexterity, and intuition to create unique items and experiences for their customers.  There is a special factor to having something custom made and we keep that “hand-wrought” philosophy core to our specialty.  Custom makes it personal, it adds a story.  It forges the human element straight into the heart of the work with which it is connected.

We may do things a bit differently, but that is just because we don’t know any other way to do them.

  • Human Sound Effects Zody Play Track 1243+ sounds included, 151 mins total $55

    With abounding character and a penchant for speaking their mind, these little folk always have a lot to say. Wonder and amazement naturally follows.

    Having the honor to be able to observe these tikes in their natural habitats, it became clear how babies share a great deal across their mannerisms as the grow. A longitudinal family of vocalizations and sounds that span the first year of life and maturity, the heart of this library, centers on those personalities and mannerisms changing and taking shape over that period of time. The little ones have been recorded at infancy, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old. Each of these developmental milestones mark a significant step forward for all babies and at these stages their personalities and expressiveness grow remarkably. It is the constantly evolving language of exploration and examination; always learning. Each vocalization in this library, even within the same stage of development, is unique. From giggles to shouts, questioning to cries, babbles, cooing, and inventive phrases all the way around.

    Additionally, strollers, toys, diaper bags, bottles, pumps, swings, and more have been captured as compliments to represent all of those ubiquitous items in a baby’s world. The strollers were profiled on different surfaces and from different mechanical perspectives. The toys were recorded both in-play and as Foley. Bottles and diapers were used in their normal function and fashion, while other tools and devices of the dedicated and savvy parent were selected for their sound and utility.

    Joyfulness is easy to hear in this library.

  • Environments & Ambiences Vaeyan V Play Track 1133+ sounds included, 809 mins total $38

    Rounding out our set of libraries that gather beautiful offcuts from many a field recording expedition, our 5th and final installment of our variety SFX series, Vaeyan V is bigger, wilder, and more diverse than its predecessors. Recorded over a several year period, you’ll find everything from superposition array on common appliances to wacky experiments with unlikely materials. Fantastic captures of human sleeping habits (and some dogs as well), alongside of lively automated car washes and mics snuck into melodic bundles of twisted metal. And of course, a few peculiar off-beat ambience recordings as well.

    As with Vaeyan IIIIII, and IV, this is a huddling of field recordings and sound designs that do not quite form a library on their own. However, together they make up an audio FX treasure chest gleaming with precious audio loot. Dig in!

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Clockwork Play Track 933+ sounds included, 722 mins total $55

    There are few, if any, other mechanical devices that have existed more ubiquitously alongside modern humans than time pieces. They are intricate, precise, and complex, made in as many styles and designs as the mind can imagine, all of which sound incredible, making them a sound designer’s dream.

    We profiled 12 clocks using a superposition technique, identifying and pinpointing specific parts and perspectives of each piece. Additionally, we’ve added an extra bonus clock that was not fully profiled, but just sounded too good to leave out. Each clock has a stereo (MidSide) capture and a series of mono channel spot recordings. Layer ’em, mix ’em, and match ’em up in whichever way you see fit.

    Clocks include:

    • Slava 5498 split stopwatch (1960s)
    • Elgin 540 pocket watch (1939)
    • Custom Wooden Gear wall clock (New)
    • Forestville alarm clock (1960s)
    • Herschede mantle clock (1940s)
    • National CCC mantle clock (1890s)
    • Seth Thomas mantle clock (1920s)
    • Schwarzwalder Uhren AS cuckoo clock (1970s)
    • Howard Miller grandfather clock (1990s)
    • Ridgeway grandfather clock (1980s)
    • Unknown (Waterbury?) wall clock (Late 1800s)
    • Custom-built clocktower (1920s)

    Focused mechanics and components include:

    Ticking at the escapement, winding of various arbors, balance wheels and hairsprings, chimes, bells, gong wires, and hammers, fan flies, weights, action keys, locks, doors, and bellows

    The detail, precision, and tactility of these assets are like sonic chamomile for the mind. Alongside the power and resonance of the gongs, chimes, and bells, the juxtaposition of these different tonal textures make for a wonderfully dynamic collection.

    Sounds that activate some of the deepest parts of our brain’s functioning, the content of Clockwork is simultaneously widely utilitarian and deeply innate. No matter your project, it’s time to dive in.

  • Foley Sound Effects Knotty Play Track 533+ sounds included, 77 mins total $28

    Known in Prehistoric communities as ‘the original multitool’, few items have been as valued, adapted, and essential in packs, rucksacks, and toolkits as has a trusty bundle of rope. Evolved over millennia, today there are uncountable types available and they each have nuances and a sonic character all their own.

    After testing a plethora of ropes of varying size, material, and construction we assembled a batch that brings forward an excellent balance of aural textures. Each type of rope was put through a series of performances and functions and so are labeled and provided in sets based on those actions.

    The set includes:


    • 3 Strand Poly, 1″
    • Canvas Strap, 2″
    • Cotton Braid, 0.5″
    • Cotton Twist, 0.5″
    • Flax, 0.5″
    • Kernmantle, 0.5″
    • Kernmantle (polycore), 8mm
    • Nylon webbing, 1″
    • Synthetic Manila, 5/8″
    • Natural Manila, 1″
    • Pool rope, 0.5″
    • Power Cable
    • Rope Light, 0.5″
    • Rubber Tie-down

    • Knots (tying, untying, normal, fast)
    • Wringing
    • Checking (snaps)
    • Grabbing/Releasing
    • Handling
    • Dropping
    • Cutting (straight or serrated)
    • Zuzzing (pulling)

    You never know when your going to need it, you just always end up needing it. Be that twine, string, cord, or rope, whatever your adventure, don’t leave home without some.

  • Foley Sound Effects Flask Play Track 911+ sounds included, 48 mins total $42

    Whether on a hip, a saddle, a rucksack, or a feast-laden table, there is always a need to haul liquid sustenance from one place to another. From modern elegant meals to rustic ancient gatherings, from trudging along roads to riding on horseback, the using and carrying of vessels is nearly ubiquitous in so many productions. Instead of intricately stitching together awkward effects, this combination of containers serves all.

    19 different receptacles of assorted shape, build, and material were recorded, capturing the opening and resealing, handling, and using both with and without liquid, in incredible detail. The breaking of both dry and wet seals are unique to each container and the materials of both the vessel and stopper/cap offer an incredible blend of sonic assets. The collection includes ceramic jugs, glass bottles, steel amphoras, wooden canteens, vials, pitchers, and more. Container and stopper effects are recorded separately to allow for easy mixing and matching. As with all of our libraries, multiple takes of the various actions and movements are made to easily batch and drop them into any project.

  • Bundles The Eiravaein Collection Play Track 23000+ sounds included, 3265 mins total $800

    The Eiravaein Works total mix.

    This auditory omnibus includes all 32 of our individually released SFX libraries. Encompassing a tremendously diverse amount of content, topics, unique sources, designs, recording techniques, and channel formats, our complete collection provides you with over 2.3 days of professional audio assets.

    With the Eiravaein Collection, you will receive:

    48Kilos, Anarchy, BigBlock, Bunretsu, Burst, Crepitus, Dx, Epona, Eulerian, Flourish, Gravitas, Grit, Helinä, Ilmarinen, Jarred, Kieuk, Latchlocker, Meridian, Mouthy, Nocked, OutwardInversion, Quirboilly, Parched, Start Select, Tubular, Unfathomed, Vaeya I, Vaeya II, Vaeya III, Vaeya IV, Wakey Wakey and Yvaine.

  • Human Sound Effects Quirboilly Play Track 538+ sounds included, 35 mins total $28

    Quirboilly (cuir bouilli) is in reference to the traditional state of leather before it was commonly worked to produce various components in armor.  When you need that extra close, intimate boost to your leather and metal clothing/material Foley, reach for this library. Excellent at grabbing the listener’s attention and really lighting up the brain, these sounds were designed to capture the nuance and detail of various leather textures and items, decorated with metallic accessories and fallalery.

    Each item was worked and re-worked in all manners of handling to pull out the crepitation and squeaks, course and fine grains, flops and rigids hits, and plenty of clanks and clacks of rivets, buckles, clasps, and other metal components knocking together. Beyond the many handling sounds, there are specific drops and light impact sounds of two different proximities. As impacts are quite commonly needed for Foley and creative designs, we were sure to capture them for these rich textured leather and metal items.

    Chock full of frequency content, take your drama, historic, medieval, armor, 80’s, rockumentary, and all other leather-and-metal-bound projects to the next level.

  • Materials & Texture Sound Effects Eulerian Play Track 550+ sounds included, 385 mins total $43

    The physical act of precessing is an interesting phenomenon in with world of mechanical physics. As spinning object of particular shapes, sizes, and materials rotate on an axis, the eventually shift to a specific orientation or side and actually increase in speed and pitch as they approach a static state.

    In this library you will have at your disposal 5-8 takes of 21 different objects on 5 different surfaces spinning and precessing in all of their textured and intimate glory. Most containing varied harmonics, some object/surface combinations are rough and booming while others are shrill and just above a whisper. Meticulously recorded and edited, these effects are dynamic and full of character, ready to be twisted, shifted, and warped. When layered in various ways, they can create some really interesting phasing effects as well.

    Interested in the physics of this library? Check out Michael Stevens’ (of Vsauce!) most excellent demonstration of Eulerian motion here!

  • Game Audio Packs 48Kilos Play Track 407+ sounds included, 300 mins total $18

    48 Kilos is our all 48kHz @ 24-bit library that provides you with a 4.6 GB tempest of audio assets.  Perfect for all audio needs in film, animation, interactive interface design, game design, music production, and audio branding where high quality audio is desired with no re-sampling required.  This library provide a wide mix of content in a compact form.

    Sound content includes breaking bulbs, mechanical gates and doors, the smashing of liquid-filled vessels, manipulating musical instruments, blades, books, ceramics, film, resonant impacts, an AC unit, and much more. They are presented in an assortment of mono and stereo recordings, recorded in a variety of settings (on location, in studio, and a few interesting creative spaces).

  • Human Sound Effects Kieuk Play Track 545+ sounds included, 23 mins total $33

    This library is hilarious. In the best way possible.

    Acquired from some very, very good people with the confidence to step in front of a TLM 107, this library encompasses all manners and methods of laughing. Smirks, snorts, puffs, chuckles, giggles, guffaws, hees, haws, roars, cries, and belly laughs. Some are playful, some are unenthusiastic, some are raucous, while others are uncomfortable. Detailed and precise, all of the tiniest nuances are captured from soft breaths to rapid mouth clicks to gravelly throat catches.

    Voices are special. Voices are unique. While you may get lucky and be able to pin these joyful laughs nicely to a particular character or voice in your project, they are most powerful when used creatively as layers, one-off events, and definitive signatures in a product, scene, or design. All recordings are captured at 192 kHz to give you the utmost flexibility when stretching and modulating these assets, and we most definitely recommend that you do!

    We understand. This is a specialized library that you may not need to frequently call upon in your everyday sound work. But suddenly, when you really can use a good laugh, it will be there, chock full of chuckles, ready to rock.

  • Foley Sound Effects WakeyWakey Play Track 3196+ sounds included, 326 mins total $55

    Enormous in size and intricate in detail, this library provides you with all of the tea, coffee, and various drink sound effects you very well may ever need. Good pick. The sounds herein are rich and filling, striking chords of warmth and refreshment while stirring tantalizing thoughts of supple beverage creation. From hand utensils, and preparation vessels to automated units, unique devices, and heavy machinery, you get it all.

    Many of the subjects in this library are captured from a variety of perspectives and with a multitude of takes so you can just as easily drop them into containers and events within a dynamic game environment, or choose from a wide variety of performances to perfectly fit in a one-off film scene. The vast majority of the library (99%) is recorded in 96kHz resolution, with a small chunk (1%) captured in 48kHz. This was done to save you some disk space regarding some of the longer and larger recordings. This is a truly comprehensive exploration of the sonic depths emanating from the wonderful world of tea and coffee.

    When working with WakeyWakey, be sure to keep some of the above-mentioned drink on hand as well. You’re gonna want a cup (or eight).

  • Water & Ocean Sounds Unfathomed Play Track 400+ sounds included, 118 mins total $33

    Don’t be afraid to jump off the deep end and explore those murky depths.

    Carefully recorded and designed, Unfathomed brings you rich sonic audio assets to compliment your underwater and ambient textural projects. A wide assortment of performances await, comprised of impacts, raking, scraping, bursts, bubbles, pressure, suction, and many more all enacted underwater in various vessels of different sizes and materials.

    There are two types of content in this library: raw hydrophone recordings and designed assets created solely from those recordings. The raw recordings are only lightly and carefully edited, to be mindful of and preserve the ultra- and sub-sonics captured by the hydrophone. This is so that when wielding and rending these assets, you can push them to the extreme and get the widest possible range of results.

    Whether you want cacophonous noise, or deep calming drones, Unfathomed is sure to be a boon companion on your submariner adventures.

  • Magic & Fantasy Sound Effects Helinä Play Track 754+ sounds included, 225 mins total $55

    “Helinä” can be translated as “the tinkling sound made by the shaking of tiny bells”.  These may be wind chimes, and some are quite large, but the meaning of the name still rings true.  Beautiful, glorious, and entrancing wind chimes, all stirred up for your designing and listening pleasure.

    We’ve meticulously recorded and only very lightly edited 15 different sets of wind chimes composed of varying materials, shapes, and sizes. The result is a stirring array of shimmering textures from the soft dull knock of bamboo to the brilliant crystalline sparkle of obsidian.

    The chimes sets and performances include:

    Chimes: Bamboo, Glass Shards, Porcelain Bell, Cast iron Bell, Glass Bell, Stoneware, Obsidian, Buoy, Paper/Mixed, Copper, Aluminum, Bronze, Agate, Shells, Capiz

    Performances: Flowing (Short, Med, Long), Breeze (Light), Windy (Moderate), Stormy (Heavy), Quaking, Plops, Gusts, Strikes, Grabbing, Releasing

    You’ll get incredible tonal depth, preciously sustained tails, and conveniently isolated strikes and “gusts” resulting in a natural representation of each chime.  All of the chime-work was recorded in 192 kHz so you can bend, stretch, and twist with the comfort of the extended harmonic content of each chime.  The majority of the stereo content is presented in Mid-Side format (noted in tracklist and metadata) such that the stereo width can be dialed in as desired and a clean mono track can be had without any added processing or summing. All of the performances resulted in 50 separate files for each of the 15 chimes, making layering and matching performances a breeze.  In addition to the chime sets, we’ve included four stereo wind captures, in different capacities and locations, for adding context and ambiance to any wind chime-appropriate environment you may find yourself working on.

  • Whether your need to bring a lone rogue to life or a surge of arrows in an epic battle scene, Nocked will provide you with a plethora of flexible content.

    Our largest library to date, this collection is a comprehensive focus on the sounds and functions of the archer and the act of archery. Included are eight recorded bows (2 crossbows, olympic recurve, traditional recurve, longbow, long compound, short compound, and Magyar bow) with 2 additional ‘mythic’ bows of our own design, each using 3 types of arrows (aluminum, carbon, and bamboo) on 3 varying surfaces (hard, soft, and dirt) from 4 simultaneous recording positions (at bow, at target, midflight mono, and midflight stereo). Each bow and each arrow type have a character all there own.

    The content’s dynamic range is wide, from whispering bamboo arrows gliding on rests as they are drawn to firing position, to the powerful THWACK of crossbow bolts striking their target. All non-firing sounds were recorded in a controlled studio environment while all recordings of the bows being fired were taken on a plot of wide-open rural farmland, encompassed by forests. When needed, this ambient natural environment provided an ideal impulse response to be used in the design and editing of some of the sounds to create a heightened effect.

    Included are a wide array of archery actions and Foley:
    Nocking and unnocking arrows
    Firing (loosing)
    Mid-flight pass-bys
    Releasing / relaxing a draw
    Impacts on targets
    Arrow and accessory Foley (handling, selecting, gathering, dropping, etc.)

    A multitude of takes are provided across each bow/arrow/surface/position combination for easy randomization and differentiation of sounds, or to track any number of unique archers at any given moment.

    Go ahead, let them fight in the shade.

  • Creature Sound Effects Outward Inversion Play Track 593+ sounds included, 151 mins total $28

    From creating the breath of a behemoth, to the palpable aura of an ambiance, this is a plethora of contact mic goodness providing you with frequency-deep content for layering, embellishing, bolstering, and new sound creation.

    Contact mics are delicate creatures. They can give you insights into the most excitable yet unheard facets of a soundscape, and then almost immediately get destroyed by the slightest of impacts. We’re just going to forget about how many incredible captures were thrown out of the running for this library due to such slight disruptions, and instead focus on the positive: this is a huge collection of super flexible, totally malleable sounds. One of our favorite libraries to make because it satisfied the inner tinkerer’s ear, Outward Inversion is our microscope applied to the aural world.

  • Whoosh Sound Effects Tubular Play Track 365 sounds included, 62 mins total $28

    This library is the result of tinkering with shotgun mics recording inside of different tube structures. When our initial tests produced a wide range of sonic colors, we went all in.

    The tubes used include organic and man-made materials, some rigid, some flexible, some dense, some light, all with varying lengths, diameters, and thicknesses. They consist of bamboo, PVC, 2 variations of vinyl, thin plastic, copper, tin, rubber, dense foam, and a steel-coiled membrane. Each material has a different effect on the sounds passing through them. We generated turbulent drones, thick strikes, resonant scrapes, noisy bells, delicate debris, and more. The overarching characteristics are soft, insulated, and misty. Due to the behavior of the waves in the open tubes and the pickup pattern of the shotgun mics, there is a natural frequency modulation that gives the sound a slightly narrowed, hollow timbre. They work very well in simulated settings, enclosed spaces, and when there is a need to exaggerate the magnitude of tiny worlds. But they are equally as useful as raw design fodder, especially when a unique texture is needed.

    This is our first library created solely for the sake of experimentation, though based on the results, it may not be the last!

  • Foley Sound Effects Vaeyan IV Play Track 1000+ sounds included, 122 mins total $33

    Vaeyan IV delivers a massive set of assorted sound design ingredients for your audio alchemy. It includes assets captured from natural ambiances, vehicles, tools, cameras, slingshots, scissors, clay whistles, flutes, ceramic jars, dumpsters, kitchen appliances, deconstructed fans, toys, doors, windows, vintage furniture, fountains, projectors, and even a slap bracelet. That’s right, a slap bracelet.

    As with Vaeyan I, II, and III, this is a huddling of field recordings and sound designs that do not quite form a library on their own. However, together they make up an audio FX treasure chest gleaming with gold and silver audio loot!

  • Vehicle Sound Effects BigBlock Play Track 369+ sounds included, 82 mins total $33

    This library is an intimate profile of a completely original 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. It boasts a 427 ‘Big Block’ 400 HP engine, a 4-speed Muncie transmission, 3×2 tri-power carburetor, and plenty of mechanical accessories.

    We recorded anything on the vehicle that made a definable noise: the handbrake, clutch, shifter, turn signal, horn, headlights, hood latch, gas cap, doors, and more. Though the primary focus, of course, was on the beasty combustion and exhaust systems. We collected multi- and single-point, interior and exterior, front to back recordings of the engine cranking, idling, and being cut. We also experimented with a wide spectrum setup for passbys and various driving maneuvers. Files pertaining to the same event are marked accordingly for easy grouping and layering. This collection was designed so that in using multiple grouped files, you can effectively dial in/out the exhaust pipes independently (driver side, passenger side), interior ambience, and direct engine sources as desired. Together with a number of alternative variations, you can use this library to bring any car in your project to life, quickly.

    Don’t be afraid to give it a little gas. Enjoy!

  • Whoosh Sound Effects Flourish Play Track 500 sounds included, 54 mins total $28

    This library was created to provide designers with drag and drop sounds for sweeps, fades, surges, swells, and other embellishments. Each of the sounds in this collection were designed to be used to heighten events, but they can be mashed, stacked, and chopped to create all sorts of eclectic designs. There are plays on musical concepts as well as thematic events, with each sound purposefully building up, culminating in a peak moment, and then dissipating in some way. They are organized into 100 families (designs) with 5 variations each, ranging wildly in topic, movement, duration, dynamics, attack, release, loudness, density, and speed. Some are natural and organic while others are completely rigid and synthetic (and some fall variably in between).

    If you need to festoon the heck out of a scene or event in your project…If you need some complex SFX designs craftily layered and ready-to-go…If you need a diverse set of easy-to-tweak, overflowing sonic enrichment, then look no further. You’ve found it.

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Meridian Play Track 86 sounds included, 200 mins total $23

    Inspired by the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) community, this collection includes 43 mono/stereo pairs of whispers, scratches, taps, rubs, breathing, buzzing, and more. The general goal of ASMR is to induce a bodily response from the auditory stimuli, much like a shiver, chill, or euphoric wave. From an auditory perspective, this is usually approached by using delicate, intimate sounds in a repetitive manner; known as ‘triggers’.

    The files are all loopable, averaging ~2’20” in length, so you can leave them on repeat for a continuous ASMR experience. This also allows a sound designer to drop them into any environment where they need an indiscernible loop. The mono+stereo pairing allows for creating the appropriate stereo spread (or eliminating it all together) that a particular event requires. For some of the more common triggers, we provided a few variations.

    Definitely intending to be a unique addition to your sonic anthology, this library will provide you with hours of evocative ear candy.

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Latchlocker Play Track 850+ sounds included, 14 mins total $28

    This sound effects library of latches, locks, switches, clips, slides, clasps, gears, bolts, and ratchets is a mechanical sonic powerhouse, offering the functional and mechanical sounds of a plethora of quirky contraptions that latch or lock together in some manner or another. Embellish a simple hand tool or build utterly complex mechanizations.

    Some source materials were discovered in old railway yards, others were random findings in an antique mall, while others still were dislodged components of even larger, more complex machines. Like little sonic building blocks, the sounds herein are primarily reduced to their smallest meaningful components, giving you the quick, accessible freedom to drop/move/stack them for fast production.  As with many of our libraries, we focused on providing sets of similar sounds so that you can create sequences and randomized groups for an event on the fly without having to commit extra editing time.

    We’ve also included 26 of our own designs to get your creative machine turning!

  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Gravitas Play Track 428 sounds included, 13 mins total $23

    To build the range and palate of character that we needed for this collection, we transformed community park and green-way bridges into large-scale percussive instruments. We sought out 12 very special bridges in particular locations and sampled many different performances on them to elicit the right sorts of impacts that we were looking for.  Each performed impact has 3 layers, 2 mono and 1 stereo, all with different perspectives due to mic placement.  These sounds are highly dynamic, containing an artful blend of the locale they were captured in, and can add some very rich color to any explosion, impact, or crushing event in your editing mix.  Go ahead and do your best (or worst)!

    These sounds can take a beating.  Enjoy!

  • Creature Sound Effects Mouthy Play Track 302+ sounds included, 27 mins total $18

    A meditation on the most versatile audio tool with which we are biologically equipped, we have carefully crafted this collection of mouth noises to provide you with highly dynamic and almost unpredictable organic audio fare. However, we tried to explore less conventional noises and specifically avoided the usual burps, coughs, throat clears, etc. Captured from a single male voice actor, this collection includes squishy spurts, saliva smacks, guttural loops, pops, clicks, cracks, inhales, exhales, and air bursts.

    A particular part of this library is the intentional use of creating soft distortion from moving air over the mic membranes in specific ways.  This helped add low end and saturated elements to many of the sounds. The wide spectral coverage of this library makes it easy to blend many of the sounds together to achieve some truly diffused but balanced soundscapes.  Don’t try to tame this library, unleash it! We’ve successfully used these in explosions, engine layers, organic rummaging, shots, ambient clouds, UI, and more. Enjoy!

  • Foley Sound Effects Burst Play Track 324+ sounds included, 38 mins total $23

    This collection features a wide assortment of FX derived from that classic Japanese soda, ramune.  By controlling how the drink is opened, a veritable cornucopia of sonic clay is unleashed.   With its unique design and composition of materials, the ramune bottle creates a timbre all its own.  Glass, soft plastics, bits of aluminum, and the carbonated soda interact in unique ways.  Layer these sounds into impacts, slides, scrapes, openings, divisions, and any other effect where a dynamic high end transient is required.

    Soon to be a new go-to library in your collection.  Drink up!

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