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On Monday, I’ll have a really interesting interview coming up with someone who’s doing sound on a well-known, current television show/series.

I thought that could make for a fun mini quiz: Two lucky contestants will each win a premium SFX library from Kpow Audio – just by correctly guessing the show’s title. Check out the prizes here.

The rules are simple:

Use the clues below to guess what show it is, submit your answer – and

– The first one to get the title right wins a SFX library of the winner’s choosing from Kpow Audio.
– I’ll also draw another winner of one Kpow Audio SFX library from all the correct answers.

The Clues
1. The show is seen by around 5 million people a week across television and streaming platforms
2. It’s currently in its 1st season
3. The show’s Supervising Sound Designer is a woman
4. In the beginning of June, the show was renewed for a 10-episode 2nd season, to air in 2015
5. The show’s sound team is based in Canada
6. The show does not take place in the US
7. The show is definitely not a comedy
8. On one streaming platform, it’s become the most watched new show ever
9. One cast member was once in a film where he played the role of a spy
10. There are eight episodes in the current season
11. The letter ‘r’ can be found somewhere in the title
12. The final episode of the 1st season premieres Sunday (in some countries on Monday, though)
13. The show’s title consists of two words

– Find it too hard? Keep checking back as I’ll be gradually adding more clues.

The contest is open to everyone, and by submitting your answer below, you’ll also receive the monthly A Sound Effect newsletter (already a subscriber? You’re of course welcome to enter anyway!). The winners – and the correct answer – will be revealed on Monday.

Congrats to George Vlad and Jeremy Bloom for guessing the correct answer! The answer was ‘Penny Dreadful’.

Thanks for taking part everyone! The contest is now closed.

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