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Great news: For a limited time, you get the a special collection of premium SFX from SampleTraxx – for free with any purchase on A Sound Effect!

Just get any sound library (or libraries), and a link to the Sampletraxx SFX pack will be attached to your order confirmation email. And yes, the sounds in the pack can be used for commercial projects too.

Here’s a short taste of the sounds:

1.Bleed HitDesign 19 (0:11)
2.Bleed HitDesign 9 (0:10)
3.Bleed PercussionDesign 12 (0:07)
4.Bleed PercussionDesign 8 (0:08)
5.Bleed Robotic Impact 4 (0:11)
6.Bleed Robotic Impact 5 (0:08)
7.BRAAMS BASS 010 G (0:13)
8.BRAAMS DESIGNED 001 A (0:08)
9.BRAAMS DESIGNED 003 A (0:08)
10.BRAAMS DESIGNED 028 Gb (0:06)
11.BRAAMS DRONE 011 D (0:10)
14.Doom 04 Shutters Trailer Beast (0:02)
15.Doom 15 mellow kick edt (0:07)
16.Doom 31 mellow kick edt (0:14)
17.Doom Cinematic Matter 06 (0:06)
18.Doom Cinematic Matter 09 (0:14)
19.Doom Designed Impacts 12 (0:08)
20.Doom Kick Distortion 19 (0:02)
21.Doom Kick Distortion 20 (0:02)
22.Doom Weird Matter 08 (0:04)
23.Memories bender 4 (0:09)
24.Memories bender 7 (0:06)
25.Memories lowhit saturation 5 (0:08)
26.Memories motion 2 (0:11)
27.Memories simpledesign microhit 25 (0:05)
28.Memories simpledesign reso designed 14 (0:08)
29.Memories treatedviolin 02 (0:19)
32.FantaFlute LowFlute 4 (0:16)
33.FantaFlute Phrases 3 (0:18)
34.FantaFlute Phrases 52 (0:11)
35.FantaFlute Phrases 53 (0:08)
36.FantaFlute Phrases 8 (0:11)
37.NewForms Glitch 23 (0:02)
38.NewForms Impact hit 07
39.NewForms Reverse 13 (0:01)
40.NewForms Reverse 18 (0:04)
41.NewForms Stutter Robotic 08 (0:03)
42.Sinedust Stinger 5 (0:11)
43.Sinedust Stinger 9 (0:07)
44.Sinedust Woosh comp 02 (0:06)
45.Sinedust Woosh comp 06 (0:07)
46.Stigma Vocal Texture – female granular texture C (0:48)
47.Stigma Vocal Texture – female note sustain F# (0:10)
48.Stigma Vocal Texture – female phrase chant 492 D# (0:07)
49.Stigma Vocal Texture – male vowel harmony 911 G# (0:07)
50.Voices Melody – Twisted Lament 02 – Bb (0:25)
51.Voices Melody – Twisted Lament 03 – F (0:12)
52.Voices Melody – Twisted Lament 12 – Ab (0:54)
53.Raptus death room hdrumz synth (0:17)
54.Raptus drumfuk collapse mhr (0:02)
55.Raptus drumfuk kick granular (0:05)
56.Raptus brass room brassex (0:07)
57.Raptus brass room fokker (0:05)
58.WOOSH DS AMPED 19 (0:03)
59.WOOSH DS FAST 16 (0:04)
60.WOOSH LOW BASS BOOM 12 (0:04)
61.WOOSH LOW BASS BOOM 16 (0:05)

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Here is the complete SampleTraxx sound effects catalog on A Sound Effect:


  • Need electric sounds such as sparks, current flows and electric arcs? Electronic Drain is a collection of electric and electronic sources specifically designed for movies, audio logos and trailers. The library includes new and experimental sound material generated using the most cutting-edge digital signal processing techniques.

    Providing digital, organic, raw and designed sounds Electronic Drain delivers a rich sonic complexity and a wide range of possible variations. Sounds have been further processed and looped in Kontakt to offer a larger number of possible combinations.

    Electronic Drain comes with 1.1 GB and 300 .Wav files + 11 Kontakt instruments. The Kontakt instruments require the full Kontakt 5 or higher – the .wav files can be used without Kontakt.

    Features sounds such as:
    Bleeps • Current Flow • Electric Arc • Glitch • Interface Design • Electricity • Magnetic Field • Sparks – designed • Sparks – long • Sparks – mid – short • Static • Voltage Stutter


  • Destruction & Impact BLEED Play Track 270+ sounds included
    5 out of 5

    Welcome to BLEED, a new sound effects collection designed with the modern trailer and soundtrack composer in mind. Featuring a vast array of hi-tech hits/impacts and stingers, sophisticated transition and passbys, visceral stutters, risers and more.
    Features 270 metadata embedded .wav files + comes with 9 Kontakt Instruments in the Photosynthesis engine (Note: Full version of Kontakt 5.5+ required, free player not supported)

    Sound Categories:
    •Risers & Stutters
    •Whoosh & Transition

  • Whooshes BRAAMS Play Track 130 sounds included $55

    BRAAMS make everything feel bigger, more satisfying and dramatic. This library is totally dedicated to that vibration that enhances slow-motion shots, intros and outros in trailer sound design and soundtrack scores.

    Featuring a whole spectrum of BRAAMS in designed and single element version with pitch information, this collection offers 130 sounds of dramatic low-end musical tones, distant horns, massive low brass, bass morph and low key sound effects which doesn’t yet have a name.

    If you are building signature sounds or if you looking for “ready to use” designed BRAAMS, the material contained in this collection cover many aspects of the BRAAMS production.

    Also contained in the pack an extra folder of single hit/impact, woosh, passby which are great to enrich your custom sound design.

  • Destruction & Impact Raptus Play Track 100+ sounds included $21

    Welcome to RAPTUS, an exclusive sample pack featuring 100+ cutting-edge cinematic sound effects with a truly unique sonic signature.

    RAPTUS was designed with huge sound pressure and devastating distortion in mind. A perfect tool to compliment sound artists, trailer editors and video games sound designers looking for complex effects with a touch of raw energy.

    RAPTUS delivers distorted impacts, mutilated drums, brass resonating hits, synth shifters, drones/textures. A great tool for forward thinking artist with an out-of-the-box approach.

  • Destruction & Impact DOOM Play Track 260 sounds included $39

    DOOM is a modern sound effects library of cutting-edge cinematic impacts, complex stingers, one-shot tones and dark percussive elements with a dirty, authentic sound.

    The follow-up to the popular Raptus SFX library, DOOM features a full spectrum of original sound effects, dedicated to sound designers, sound editors and composers needing a high-impact, destruction feel in their productions.

    DOOM is delivered with 10 Kontakt preset banks and 3 Multis to get instant inspiration, as well as stand-alone WAV files. A full version of Native Instrument’s Kontakt is required to use the Kontakt patches. Without Kontakt, you can use the included WAV files.

    Get the next level of cutting-edge sound effects with DOOM:

  • SMACK delivers earth-shattering hits and distorted impacts for the modern soundtrack, trailers and dark electronic sound design.

    Created by sound designer Alessandro Romeo, the collection is designed to cover the segment of crunchy, dirty and ear piercing impact sound effects and can really add a lot of attitude and edge for your next project.

    Delivering heavily processed and designed sound energy in 24/96 HD format with top quality, ready-to-use sounds for further processing, editing and pitch-shifting while maintaining clarity and precision.

    SMACK is organized in three folders: Distorted Impacts, Hard Hits and Soft Distortion to cover the whole dynamic spectrum of nasty and disturbing cinematic distortions. The Kontakt instruments are ready to use in your projects.

    This new library is ideal for adding power and edge to any dark project being it movie trailer, score or dark electronic and can be an essential tool kit to add to your sound pool.

    SMACK comes with 100 sounds in 24/96 Wav HD format and 3 Kontakt instruments.

  • Whooshes WOOSH Play Track 116 sounds included $39

    A modern collection of 110+ cinematic WOOSH sound effects aimed at full-range theatre audio asset and available in WAV and Kontakt format.

    Whether you work in sound design, as a composer or trailer editor WOOSH is a perfect toolbox to create movement, whooshes, flybys, transitions and anywhere you need accent or energetic passes in different speeds.

    Designed Hard Hitting
    Elements – Tonal – Simple Design
    Fast Woosh
    Low Boom Woosh

    • Format: WAV + Kontakt 5.5 Full version required (Free player not supported)
    • Kontakt NOT required to use the included WAV files
    • Content: 590Mb – 116 WAV-BWF 24-bit 96k with Embedded Metadata
    • 5 Kontakt Instruments with Photosynthesis Engine
    • Dedicated GUI – Realtime control over filters, adsr envelope, gater, effects and master section
    • Instant Playability

  • Metal Harmonics Play Track 168 sounds included $55

    HARMONICS is a new designed sound collection that explores the inner beauty of resonating metals to create an extensive set of inspiring sonic material for sound design and film scoring – proudly presented by SampleTraxx.

    Metal happens to have the right combination of speed of sound and decay. Different metal shapes produce a broad spectrum of soundscapes and tones.

    HARMONICS investigates this hidden magic by designing and layering these unique timbres.
    The result is an extensive set of designed evolving textures and designed metal elements which are great to create sound cues in minutes, metal hits, passby-reverses and evolving drones.

    The nature of this soundpack doesn’t call for compressor or maximizer. Close attention has been paid to preserve the original dynamic excursion of each sound and fully enjoy its natural vibration and evolution.
    Having a wide dynamic range guarantees more freedom in layering and arranging different elements to create endless variations.

    The sonic material contained in the pack is all presented in a designed fashion and different levels of design are provided: from simple elements to evolving multilayered soundscapes and textures, all based on metallic sources. No external sounds apart from metals have been added to the mix.

    86 Designed Textures and Elements (dur. up to 1’10″)
    37 Hits (Hi and Low Designed Hits)
    10 Drones
    26 Pass-by Reverse
    9 Tibetan Bowl (Raw Recordings)
    9 Kontakt Instruments -Kontakt 5.5 full required for these (free player not supported)

    Note: the WAV themselves files can be used without Kontakt

  • Sci-Fi MEMORIES Play Track 280 sounds included $55

    Descend into the sinister depths of madness with MEMORIES, a fascinating sci-fi sound collection that genuinely brings a unique perspective in the indie science fiction framework.

    If you are looking for big bold sci-fi futuristic sound design, MEMORIES can add a terrific touch of horror and tension to the darkest sci-fi installment for theatrical audience.

    Featuring 280+ organic samples with embedded metadata and 10 categories from genre bender impact and hits, sinister tonal material, dark stingers, intricate glitched atmospheres and designed metal textures.

    Kontakt Instruments are based on Photosynthesis an open source engine made by Jeremiah Pena from You can easily access filters, 13 effects, a rhythm section featuring a step sequencer, filter sequencer, 2 filter LFOs, and gain/pan/pitch LFOs. The samples can be used as regular .WAV files, but the Kontakt Instruments require the full version of Kontakt 5 (not included).

  • Torsion is a new dark hi-tech sound library packed with cinematic sound effects, tempo locked synths, stutter-stingers, tonal feedback, signature braams, hits, downers, low end whooshes, vocals, rise-crescendo, reverse and comes with 300+ wav samples and 86 kontakt instruments powered by The Forge engine by Audiority.

    The front panel of torsion features lp-hp resonating filters, adsr stages for both filters and amplitude, dual reverb which is a combination of classic reverb and convolution. This is great to add textures and personalise your sound.

    Effect section include a very aggressive distortion unit,  saturation and punch stages, delay and eq.

    The distortion unit is gritty and very aggressive, combining a british amplifier with a voice-level bitcrusher.

    The saturation unit features the high quality algorithm of kontakt.

    The punch effect is a transient shaper, a kind of compressor used to control the attack and the sustain portion of a sound and which world great for drums, percussions, impacts, guitars, pianos and other sounds with a fast attack.

    On top of that you can find the advanced rhythmic programmer that can work as an arpeggiator, a polyphonic sequencer or a gater.

    Another key features in Torsion is the stack mode-voicing control which increase the number of voices per note played at the same time. On a single key you can play a different number of sounds to create chords of samples for more rich and layered ensembles.

    A analog emulated 4-bands parametric equalizer. Low and high are shelf type, while low mid and high mid are bell type.
    The resonant delay unit combines a delay based tunable resonator and a tempo synced stereo delay.

    Torsion is 100% royalty free – single user license.


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