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We are SwishSwoosh!


SwishSwoosh is a project started by MadRooster Game Audio Lab, a team of sound designers, composers
and software engineers creating tailored sound effects and music for video games. If you got lost in the pile of
thousands of audio files all over the net and do not even know where to start to search for, you are in the right
place. Among lots of sound effects and music, you will definitely find the ones you need.

  • Need a sound for that epic jump? Got it. How about the classic collect sound that makes you feel like you just won a jackpot on a slot machine? Yup, we’ve got that too. Retro Pixel Sound Effects PRO Pack is an extensive library of over 1200 royalty-free SFX in high resolution tailored specifically to give retro and arcade feeling. This pack features a lot of generic audio assets that audio professionals can easily adapt to their specific needs. Covering a wide range of categories including Alarm, Bleep, Bubble, Jump, Collect, Counter, Data, Fail, Success, Footstep, and more, each sound has been crafted using a blend of analog and soft synthesizers, metal sounds to evoke the iconic retro atmosphere.

  • Soundtrack Radio is a collection of music tracks spanning various genres and concepts – ideal for any game, movie, advertising videos and other media.

    Powerful and engaging soundtracks of sporty and futuristic interaction, EDM pack is an elegant, yet energetic addition to the completion of your vision. This pack of music tracks sets up a perfect soundstage for victory, success and an engaging modern music experience with their intro, outro, looped and full versions. These tracks are packed in various resolutions, ensuring compatibility across a range of media platforms. Visual excitement meets the rhythm of life โ€“ EDM pack โ€“ feel the thrill of the race and ride the wave of electronic sound power!

  • The Cute Casual Game Music & SFX Pack offers a delightful collection of fun and friendly tunes specifically designed to add charm and whimsy to your casual game. This gem offers a total of 15 minutes of playful and enchanting themes in the form of ten loopable music tracks giving you the perfect creative setting for your ideas. Generate a light and happy ambience for puzzle games, card and board games and anything thatโ€™s casual and fun. Cuteness overload!

  • Casual Fun Music Pack is a great way to add a light, happy and energetic ambience to your game. Create an instant sense of fun, adventure and carefree joy with these happy, energetic, and loopable music tracks with their variations. Casual Fun Music Pack is ideal for cute fun and fast games, and is also a perfect companion for game trailers. Add a calypso-like bright and happy shine to your project with Casual Fun Music Pack. It’s packed with fun and smiles!

  • โ€˜Shoot โ€˜em upโ€™ has never been this exciting! From powerful laser and plasma blasts, to specialised sounds such as fire, rain and laser circles, Sci-Fi Weapons: Bullet Hell adds intensity to virtual battles. With our trusty Vaemi’s El-Ma electromagnetic field mic, we’ve captured some wild electronic shenanigans, blending them with our synthetic sounds to cook up weapon effects that’ll make your players go, “Whoa!”

  • Presenting the recipe for the USER INTERFACE: Sci-Fi PRO Sound Pack โ€“ a blend of meticulously recorded objects, skillfully programmed synthesizers, seamlessly combined elements, and an intensive processing of those hybrid sources. It’s a feast for the ears. Bon appรฉtit! From button clicks, warnings, alerts, and notifications to holograms, devices, and interface settings, everything you need for a Sci-Fi UI Sound Pack is right here.ย 


  • Experience true horror with SwishSwooshโ€™s Kontakt Instrument – AMBER

    The cinematic tension software instrument from SwishSwoosh. Take control of your soundscapes and bring your horror scenes to life with AMBER’s powerful and customizable features.

    โฆฟ Create drones and add depth with the Color Layers
    โฆฟ Use the XY Pad for simple and precise control
    โฆฟ Build risers, tensions, and impacts with the One-Shot section
  • In the Toy Guns Sound Effects PRO Pack, every detail is meticulously crafted and delivered in high-quality format for sound professionals. This comprehensive library includes Dart Blasters, Paintball Guns, Rubberband Shooters, Slingshots, Sticky Dart Guns, Airsoft Weapons, Water Guns, and more. Elevate your creative endeavors effortlessly, as each recorded gun sound becomes an accelerator for your film or game projects.

  • SwishSwoosh presents Rip & Tear: Gore Sound Effects PRO Pack. Experience the squish of torn flesh, bones cracking, and the stickiness of fresh bloodโ€”all meticulously recorded with premium equipment – Rode NTG4 and Sennheiser MKH8050 microphones. Crafted specifically for audio professionals, this pack comes with; construction pack, ready-to-use designed assets, and a bundle option.ย 

  • Introducing the Gun Mechanics: Assault Rifles Sound Effects Pack, an indispensable collection of precisely captured mechanical sounds for an unparalleled warfare gaming experience. From the satisfying clicks of magazine insertion and removal to the precise clunks of weapon adjustments, this pack offers a diverse array of sounds, encompassing the most common weapons found in modern combat games and action films. Recorded with the Rode NTG4 and the Sennheiser MKH8050 microphone, capable of capturing up to 50 kHzโ€”beyond the upper limit of human hearingโ€”each sound has been meticulously crafted to ensure an unmatched level of detail and realism.

  • An incredible collection of sounds that will elevate your projects to the next level! From electric weapons and impacts to subtle and atmospheric sounds, the Electricity Sound Effects Pack has everything you need to make your project truly electrifying. This pack includes sound effects such as electrical burns, electromagnetic fields, plasma balls, radios, weapons, spells, charges, and so on. We’ve spent countless hours crafting unique and mesmerizing sounds that will give your audience a truly immersive experience.

  • Layered Horror Ambience Sound Pack is a collection of 150 high-quality audio files designed to bring tension to your game. With 60 ready-to-use horror ambiences designed by experienced sound designers and 90 layered tracks, you can easily create endless variations of horror backgrounds and build up tension gradually using dynamic sound layers. The guide is in the sound pack folder!

  • Introducing the ultimate collection for sound professionals: Zombie Voices. This pack includes a wide variety of high-quality sounds that are perfect for any project that requires a touch of terror. With different zombie voices, attack, breath, death, damage, fear, cry & laugh and even a zombie crowd, you’ll have everything you need to create a spine-tingling soundscape.

  • Introducing the most comprehensive and detailed sound pack in the eat and drink category! Eat & Drink Sound Pack offers a wide range of realistic and 24bit/192kHz recorded sounds that are perfect for customization in your projects. It features a diverse range of foods and drinks, including apples, carrots, chickpeas, cornflakes, cucumbers, popcorn, pretzel, rusk, wafer, water, coke, soda, and more. Each item was carefully chosen for its unique texture and sound, ensuring that the pack offers a wide range of crunchy, juicy, and crackling sounds that will add depth and realism to your project.

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