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Sun Sound Studio

  • “Dead Space Vol. 2”Here it comes!
    This time we bring you 130 sound effects! It’s still a 96K, 24bit high-quality file!
    The total duration is 15 minutes and 41 seconds.
    These sounds will bring more inspiration and innovation to your videos, games, and movies. I hope it can bring you more surprises this time!
    Enjoy it!
  • “Death Space” is a sound album about science fiction space horror. These cool sounds can be used in movie trailers, games, and online videos. The album is inspired by an old science fiction movie “Event Horizon” , “Dead Space” contains 100 sounds, 96K, 24bit high-quality WAV files, with a total duration of 11 minutes and 19 seconds. Hope you like it!

  • “Funny Orchestra 2” is here! More music, more hilarious melodies, more loops! And of course, there are amusing cartoon voices too! Whether it’s for cartoon animations, video games, or videos, this music is sure to satisfy you! One catchy melody that you can use at the beginning and end of your videos or games. We have 50 short tracks, encompassing various styles like horror, humor, and fun! Additionally, there are 27 loop tracks, including jazz, classical, and electronic music! And don’t forget the 53 adorable, silly, and entertaining cartoon voices!! With a total duration of 46 minutes, there are 203 WAV audio files in 96000Hz, 24-bit quality. We hope you’ll enjoy them!

  • Contains 85 interesting sounds, 13 quirky classical pieces, and 5 loops of SunSound Studio’s latest sonic masterpieces. This carefully crafted sound album offers a delightful collection of whimsical audio creations designed specifically for cartoon animation and video games. Every sound is a veritable treasure trove of entertainment, meticulously recorded in 96K and 24-bit quality to ensure maximum fidelity and richness. Whether it’s quirky melodies or playful sound effects, every element in this collection is guaranteed to inject that extra lightness and charm into your clients’ games and videos. Step into a world of captivating sounds that transcend language barriers and delight audiences around the world.

    Funny Orchestra 收录了85首有趣的声音,13首古怪的古典作品,以及5个循环SunSoundStudio的最新声音杰作。这张精心制作的声音专辑提供了一系列令人愉悦的异想天开的音频创作,专为卡通动画和视频游戏而设计。每个声音都是名副其实的娱乐宝库,以 96K 和 24 位质量精心录制,确保最大的保真度和丰富度。无论是古怪的旋律还是俏皮的音效,这个系列中的每个元素都保证为您的客户的游戏和视频注入额外的轻盈和魅力。步入一个充满迷人声音的世界,超越语言障碍,为全球观众带来欢乐。

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