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Sonic Salute

Founded by:

Mikkel Nielsen

Sonic Salute is run by Mikkel Nielsen.

Mikkel is a sound effects recordist, living in Elsinore, Denmark, specializing in sound recording of all sorts of exciting sources, both for libraries found on Sonicsalute.com, and for features, tv- docs, Smartphone apps, museum installations and animations.

Sonic Salute is constantly striving to find new and unique sources to record, and makes a big effort in getting in touch with the right people to get permission to get the recordings right.

The goal is to provide sound designers and editors with hard-to-get, quality sound effects and ambiences for their projects.

Sonic Salute’s libraries are recorded and edited in 96K 24 bit. The delivery format is .wav stereo LR ,and or Mono/MS format, for versatility.


Browse my sound libraries below:
  • Presenting the most malfunctioning, dirty old gritty sounding engine failure library out there

    Featuring a staggering 81 files with numerous takes in most tracks, the Kaput sound effects library will cover the bases of almost any broken false starting engine scene one can imagine.

    I can honestly say, that finding the vehicles and tools for this library, has been among the most challenging I have come by. Old and broken cars and trucks are hard to come by these days. Most cars are obviously either driving and dont have start problems, and many of the rest just wont start at all.

    Just as rare are broken petrol powered tools, which usually fit the latter category of not working at all.

    Still, with amazing recording help from recordist Michal Fojcik Soundmind Poland, and just as amazing help from recordist Erik Watland from Norway, the Kaput sound effects library is featuring no less then

    24 different cars, trucks, moped and motorcycles

    1 boat engine

    A few weird sounding power generators and water pump motors

    Back firing exhausts

    Petrol powered garden tools, chain saws, and hedge trimmers

    Brutal construction machines

    From old eastern european trucks, vintage US V8 muscle trucks, classic scandinavian cars, and more modern diesel and petrol engines to funny sputtering dying petrol power tools.

    There is even a few more recording sessions planned, that just didnโ€™t make the deadline for the first batch of sounds in this library (buying a copy of this first of sounds, will of course make any future sounds added to the library free of charge).

    KAPUT is 81 stereo and mono files, 96/24. 1,6 gb big, all UCS ready!

  • Recorded at many different quiet locations, both regular old apartment and business buildings, a majors office, hallways, churches, a football stadium dating back to 1923, and a local manor turned into a museum, Doors Sound Effects library is a 87 track library, filled with classic antique wooden doors sound, collected through the last decade.
    Many of the tracks have both synced close up and wide perspective recordings, and all have many different takes to fit specific actions better.

  • Recording animals can be tricky, fun and surprising. Recording bison bulls in rut is all the, with a fair bit of anxiety added.
    The male bison bull can weigh up to 2000 pounds and are as tall as a regular sized man. When these animals are in rut, usually around late in summer, they are extremly aggressive and are not animals you should get in close contact with, without a wrangler who really knows what he or she is doing.
    With that in mind Peter Albrechtsen and myself found ourselves on a ranch in Morud on Fyn, Denmark, where we recorded bisons in rut from the back of an open pick up truck.

    The final recordings going into this library are both the stereo Telinga files and 2 tracks of Mkh416 amd Sanken CO100K files. All synced up, UCS ready and filled with some of the most organic and monsterous deep growling and otherworldly sounds we have ever recorded.

    Recorders used: Sounddevices 702 and MixPre 6.
    Microphones used: Telinga Parabolic dish and mic. Sennheiser Mkh416. Sanken CO 100K.

    A note about this library: Even though we did our best to avoid birds, winds and distant traffic wash, these noises are some times present in the sounds. They are however not audible in the actual growls and bellows etc. But please listen to the demo beforehand, and decide for yourself!

  • Weather Sound Effects Wind Foliage & Vegetation Play Track 23+ sounds included, 90 mins total $50

    The Wind Foliage & Vegetation sound effects library are 23 files of wind passing and blowing through plants, trees, grass straws, and wheat fields, recorded in remote forests and fields in rural Sweden and Denmark.

    Common for all files are that they are focused around capturing the more close up sounds of the vegetation moving and interacting in the wind.

    Wind can be a tricky thing to capture with an audio recorder and a set of microphones. Sometimes there is just not enough wind to make the recording very exciting, sometimes, especially these days, takes are being ruined by distant traffic, planes passing by etc. Another problem with wind in foliage is that many times the constant rustle of leaves will make the recording sound like constant white noise.

    By placing the microphones on the actual grass and wheat straws, much of the white noise effect is removed, because of the sound of the actual straw is more present. The same result is present when a parabolic dish and microphone is used.

    These are the preferred methods used in all 23 files in this sound library.

  • All tracks are recorded with Sennheiser Mkh416 and DPA 4060 mics interior, either in a studio space or living room, and contain wings flapping, buzzing, crawling, and pass bys from the little critters.

    Featuring both small and big fat fly recordings, The Housefly sound effects library is 15 tracks of close up encounters with alot of buzz in it.

    All tracks are recorded interior, either in a studio space or living room, and contain wings flapping, buzzing, crawling, and pass bys from the little critters.

    15 tracks, mono and stereo. 180Mb recorded with Sennheiser Mkh416 and DPA 4060 mics. UCS ready!

  • The Original recordings for this library were made for a feature having multiple scenes of just that!

    The Cloth Flapping Sound Fx library is both multiple single, and multiple long recorded sounds, of fabric being manipulated by hand to imitate the sound of wind moving it around. All recorded exterior in a Swedish forest to give the sound a natural feel in a natural environment.

    This library covers both sounds of brutal, hard and softly sounding cloth movements. Performed in different tempos to match and cover as many sound situations as possible.

    70 UCS metadata tagged tracks, 2Gb, 96Khz, featuring:

    Large cotton canvas
    Cotton cloths, dry and wet
    Nylon and cotton fabric tent
    Nylon harness
    Rain coat
    Wet and dry nylon shirts
    Nylon umbrella
    Flags and pennants

    Recorders used: Sound Devices 702 and Mixpre

    Microphones: Sennheiser Mkh416, Mkh30

  • Presenting the Creaks And Squeaks sound effects library from Sonicsalute.
    The material in this library was recorded for the sound editor who just cant get enough different creaking and squeaking sounds. For the editor who needs a vast amount of creaking floor boards, or for those who are struggling with finding that classic metallic squeaking sound that will fit in a scene.
    Each track contains multiple takes and variations, which will make finding sounds that have the same acoustic sound surrounding them, more easy.

    103 UCS metadata tagged tracks, 1.25Gb, 96Khz, mostly recorded in quiet acoustic spaces, featuring:

    • Old vintage chairs
    • Antique church bench
    • Plastic
    • Floor boards
    • Leather straps
    • Boxing leather sand bag
    • Ropes, both organic and nylon
    • Doors
    • Hydraulic metal lift
    • Home made creak box
    • 18 slot metal post box, with multiple takes of rhythmical squeaking loops, which easily can be shuffled into even more options.

    Recorders used: Sound Devices 702 and Mixpre
    Microphones: Sennheiser Mkh416, Mkh30, Mkh8020ยดs, Ambient Ate208.

  • All aboard!

    Trains: Rail Squeals And Passes, first recordings were made back in 2012 where sounds of specific screaming metallic train rails were needed for a documentary. Since then, multiple of the favourite locations for recording the special sounds have been visited, and the sounds have been used in countless features, documentaries and radio dramas. Very different and interesting recordings, some comical and some chaotic and brutal, have made it through to the final commercial set.

    When the conditions are right, and trains pass a tight corner at a specific speed, the train wheel cuts into the rails below, making this horrendous sound. This is known as curve screaming, and can produce some really scary metallic squealing.

    Besides regular train passes at different speeds, this set has files covering ear piercing rail squeals, breaking sounds and massive rail clacking sounds both from diesel powered and electrical trains.Trains Rail Squeal And Passes included 62 tracks and is about 2.2 Gb big when unzipped. All tracks have been carefully mastered and are all UCS compatible!

  • Small Grain Debris Vol I contains 82 studio recorded tracks of different small texture materials being dropped on to and impacting on metal, wood, stone, cardboard and water.

    List of ingredients:
    โ€ข Coarse and fine salt
    โ€ข Sugar
    โ€ข Flour
    โ€ข Mixture of salt sugar and flour
    โ€ข Plastic bits
    โ€ข Metal lid
    โ€ข Bathtub
    โ€ข Cardboard boxes
    โ€ข Bookcase storing metal and wooden tools
    โ€ข Radiator
    โ€ข Marble Stone

    Both short and longer versions of each material falling are available in this set of sounds, making it easy to fit the needs of a specific project.
    Microphones were placed at the bottom of book cases, radiators and cardboard boxes, to capture materials like salt and plastic bits falling completely random. This made each recording unique and natural sounding.

    Microphones used: DPA4060ยดs, Sennheiser Mkh416, Sennheiser Mkh8020ยดs.
    Recorders used: Sounddevices 702 and Mixpre6
    All sounds have been mastered in Pro tools and made UCS metadata ready in Soundminer.

  • Niger Sahara Desert, ambiences and sound effects library By Iben Haahr Andersen

    Back in 2004 Iben Haahr Andersen travelled to Niger on an amazing journey into the Sahara desert.

    Her job was to follow a large group of nomads, travelling on camels back for 10 days to the desert town of Agadez to purchase sweet dates, which they would later sell to make a living.

    Through 10 days of extreme heat and hard labour, Iben recorded everything from the most beautiful and quiet starry nights, to daily life and struggle of the nomad people, sandstorms and desert wind, an interior mountain well, and grunts and cries from nomads precious desert animals, the camels.

    Iben came back to Denmark with a huge amount of DAT tapes, which now have been mastered in Protools, spectral repaired in Izotope RX, and with great help from Tim Nielsen & Michal Fojcik made UCS-Compliant in Soundminer, for a very special set of audio recordings!

    117 stereo tracks recorded on to a portable DAT recorder @ 48khz 16 bit. Set is about 4gb big when unzipped.

    Mics used, Sennheiser Mkh416 with an ATE 208 Emesser on top.

    Sounds included are:

    • Agadez chaotic traffic scenes
    • Rain and distant thunder
    • Native nomad walla from children and adults
    • Nomads working and socialising
    • Close up and isolated prayers, talks and the cursing of a thief from a local priest
    • Quiet ambiences
    • Birds and a few bugs
    • Spitting, snorting and bleating goats
    • Donkey brays
    • Camel grunts, gurgles and cries
    • Sandstorms and wind through tent camp
    • Interior mountain well with the most beautiful reverberation
    • Footsteps of humans and camel caravan passing on sand
  • Digital Dust delivers 128 tracks of pure digital bit-crushing distortion, deep atmospheric drones, and ear-piercing interface sounds.
    Digital Dust is not your usual clean and modern computer command sound effects library. All sounds have been designed from real world electrical or organic recorded sounds.

    Granulated, stretched, pitched and mangled in endless chains of plugins and hardware, for very different and almost apocalyptic kinds of rogue computer command sounds. The samples can easily be stretched or processed even more, for even weirder sound fx.

    The library contains:

    26 Drones/atmospheric beds. All are minimum 1 minute long, and are easily loopable.
    61 Glitchy, bitcrushing FX.
    41 Otherworldly signal FX.
  • Bird Sound Effects Crows Play Track 30+ sounds included $45

    The Crows library includes 30 stereo tracks of nothing but crow sound effects, perfect for single isolated effects, but also for ambience track layering.

    Every sound is recorded inside forests, and close to crows’ nests with younger birds being fed and calling out, and next to natural habitats where bigger flocks gather in trees. It also has a variety of up-close caw sounds from the only tame albino crow in Scandinavia, recorded in a bird’s zoo.

    The crow has quite a large vocabulary, and the classic calling usually is a little different from bird to bird. Some are more round when sounding out, while others are just plain hoarse and rusty-sounding.

    The library includes both untreated tracks, and noise reduction-processed tracks in two separate folders. Noise reduction-processed tracks have been cleaned up with a CEDAR NR system.

    Equipment used: Telinga Stereo Microphone and Flexible dish, and Sound devices 702 Recorder.

    All tracks are 96K/24 bit apx. 1 Gb big when unzipped. All meta data tagged.

  • Several years in the making, and packed with 62 unusual sounding tracks, this sfx library includes very different sounds, captured with contact microphones and a hydrophone:

    Sources include:

    • Water flow and rushes
    • Aquarium pipes and pumps (industrial size)
    • Sewers
    • Underwater bubbles
    • A Ship’s hull
    • Underwater busy harbour life, ferry propeller passes
    • Micro film machine playing, rewinding and fast forward
    • Radiator bubbles and water flow
    • Model train passes and drones
    • Dishwasher doing the dishes

    Included are both 48K and 96K samples. Many long takes of most of the tracks included, and a lot of diversity. Perfect for stretching and for adding a weird tone to your tracks. 2.8 GB, with all tracks metadata-tagged and named.

  • The Seagulls sfx library includes 28 tracks of both single, isolated seagull screams, and bigger flocks of nesting seagulls, calling out to each other and their chicks. There are plenty of classic call sounds, but also some weird throaty and raspy screaming, and what could sound like seagull laughing sounds.

    All tracks are recorded with the very useful zoom function of the Telinga microphone and dish.
    Library includes both untreated tracks, and noise reduction processed tracks in two separate folders. Noise reduction processed tracks have carefully been cleaned up with a CEDAR NR system.

    Though these birds are in an abundance around most harbours and industry around here, they are not always easy to record. You mostly hear them from a distance, or from places not easy to access. When you try to get close to them, they will usually fly away.

    Many hours have been spent on rooftops, gardens, backyards, a junkyard, and different harbours to get this material.

  • This Double Bass & Violin sound effects library not only includes weird low double bass bow strokes, stabs, vibrating strings, drones, harsh harmonics, string scrapes, bow stroke voices, and bright violin tones and screams. It also includes the opportunity to open up a whole new set of sonic adventures.

    Why? All double bass sounds have been recorded at 192K/24 bit, with an amazing stereo set of close up Sanken CO100K microphones, and a stereo set of Sennheiser Mkh 8020 microphones, capturing low end and room. All violin sounds have been recorded with a single Sanken CO100K microphone.

    Common for all Sanken files is that you're able to either extreme time stretch/time compress, or pitch up and down the files, and by this discover a whole new world of sounds – without adding nasty degenerating artifacts or muffling the sound. The ultra-high frequency range of the Sanken microphones does really make a great difference!

    Recordings these sounds was a pure blast. The amount of versatile organic material in the set is great. The bass instrument has been played in a very innovative way, using both regular bow on strings and bass body, but also finger cymbals attached to specific places for a vibrating ring or rattle noise, creating some really other-worldly sound effects, and almost vocal-like patterns.

    While the double bass material produces a massive low end without any further processing, the violin recordings really benefit from being stretched and pitched. This makes all the non-audible bright sounds captured by the Sanken microphones come through.

  • Bicycle Sound Effects Bicycles Studio Edition Play Track 126+ sounds included, 141 mins total $45

    You won't find any well-oiled, wind-tunnel-tested, aerodynamically perfect sounding bicycles in this library!

    This pack of sounds has been recorded to capture the extreme creaks and those “old, busted bike” kinds of sounds.

    3 bicycles, all with a special sonical personality to them, were recorded:

    2 SCO gentlemen's bicycles, from 1970-1980, and 1 home trainer, a little younger than the others.

    Recorded inside a studio with the bikes either being on a dynamo or suspended from the ceiling, all bikes had lavalier microphones mounted front and back, and a microphone overhead of the rider. Some takes has a contact microphone track to add to the misery.

    Includes interior recordings from 3 different bicycles:

    • Long rides, multiple tempos
    • Gears spinning
    • Extreme creaks from saddle and frame
    • Chain and chain guard noises
    • Pedal spins
    • Brakes
    • Kickstand
    • Bells
    • Shaking and kicking bicycle frame
    • Hometrainer riding

  • Recorded at the Technical University of Denmark and at a big Art Workshop in Copenhagen – in collaboration with sound designer and field recordist Rune Palving. This collection of sounds captures the crowds, both loud and more quiet, and the different rooms, halls, and hallway tones that are speciel to such places.

    The Technical University files are all surround files, recorded in double MS and mixed into 5.0 tracks. Recorded in very crowded places, like the dining area, and at the library, but also in more quiet places, like the auditorium wardrobes and in the rest rooms.
    The sounds recorded at the art workshop, focus more on the rooms and reverberation found here. The sounds also include, artists working in their own shops, cleaning, writing and painting. All sounds in this collection are stereo.

    The library includes:

    15 surround tracks, 5.0, 96/24 ranging from a few minutes to +7 minutes long. 8.8 GB

    10 stereo tracks, 96/24. From 3-10 minutes long. 2.1 GB

    Equipment used: Sounddevices 702, 744, Mixpre, Sennheiser Mkh8040/Mkh30/Mkh8040

  • The Mopeds SFX library delivers the sounds of no less than 7 different mopeds. Created in a collaboration between Sonicsalute, sound designer Rune Palving (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 1864, and Tordenskjold), and sound designer Peter Albrechtsen (Antichrist, The Queen of Versailles, and The Idealist).

    The included mopeds range from new and non-modified models, to many characteristic-sounding (old and wrecked) models – as well as one heavily-tuned moped.

    The Mopeds library contains:

    Onboard driving and maneuvering (long onboard drives) • Ambiences • Passbys • Circles • Incoming/aways • Start/stop • Revs • Horns • Fuel covers

  • Get the sounds of switches, buttons, knobs and handles – recorded inside an old, retired flight simulator donated to the Danish Technical Museum.

    This machine used to make aspiring pilots sweat in their seats, putting them through all sorts of mechanical failures, emergency landings, and just plain flying.

    There is basically a switch, button, knob or handle to start every single possible emergency situation a pilot and crew may encounter when flying.

    When the sound recording started, some of them were partly broken, and others missing, some did not turn or switch, but most of them were still there and worked beautifully. The variety is surprisingly great, and very different from today's modern switch sounds.

    91 tracks, recorded with a Sennheiser 416 onto a Sounddevices 702, all tracks Metadata tagged.

  • Need the sounds of small motors? The Motors SFX library is packed with recordings of gadgets, which can add some cool and unusual textured motor sounds to your sound design process.

    Sounds include antique, vintage and just plain old machines and motors, many of them half broken and busted, small plastic wind up toys, newer motors, tools, calculators, a 198x fax machine, a screaming Powerball, a massage tripod, and toys running, turning, getting stuck, lifting, driving and screwing.
    As a very unique set of tracks in this pack, one of the oldest Danish cars was recorded and put in here.

    The Hammel car was build back in 1888. It has 2.5 horsepower, and a top speed of 9 kilometers an hour. The startup process is done with matches and a lot of patience. Once this beast starts up, the sound is among one of the most funny and weird sounds ever. The library has a dual perspective recording of this car, and covers the entire startup, going (idling), and shutting down sequence.

  • City Life Sound Effects Backyards & Alleyways Play Track 35+ sounds included, 188 mins total $45

    Need ambiences from backyards and alleyways? This collection delivers more than 3 hours of atmospheric ambiences from places such as cementaries, gardens, churchyards, school yards, industrial alleyways, castles, apartment complexes, small cities and more.

  • If you're after the sound of construction sites, this library gets you interior and exterior recordings from construction work such as cobblestone pavers, concrete shredders, harbor cranes, forklifts, jackhammers, stonecutters, metal hammering, excavators and more. A total of more than 2 hours of construction work ambiences are included.

  • Environments & Ambiences Auto Workshop Play Track 72+ sounds included, 83 mins total $35

    Want the sounds of a garage / auto repair workshop? The Auto Workshop SFX library features lots of different tool sounds and general ambiences from automotive workshops (originally recorded for scenes in the Bulgarian feature Godless).

    The idea was to capture the sounds at both closeup and off-mic, to be able to fade easily between them. A mono microphone was placed close to the source, and a set of stereo microphones was set up further away, capturing more of the room and echo. The result is very usable, and the ability to fade between closeup and wide shot works very well.

  • The Drip delivers a comprehensive set of dripping sound effects that could be used in movies, video games etc. with both ambience sounds for backgrounds, and single sounds for spotting individual drops on various surfaces.

    A variety of microphones were used to capture the different sounds in this collection: Telinga Microphones for a real zoom perspective, Mkh8040+30 for ambiences, a Mkh416 & Emesser mic for certain sfx sounds, and a set of Mkh 8020 for the real quiet sound effects sources.

    The Drip features:

    • Rapid and slow, loud and quiet water dripping sounds, easily loopable
    • Water dripping sounds, from wet clothes and faucet, onto different materials (porcelain, plastic, metal, wood, paper, cups, bottles, bowls, stone)
    • Rain on roofs, tents, porches, grass, car windshields and car roof (interior and exterior perspective)
    • Exterior water/mud dripping sounds recorded with a Telinga Parabolic mic
    • Interior big hall water dripping sounds recorded with a Telinga Parabolic mic
    • Sewer water dripping sounds
    • Radiator water dripping sounds
    • House drain water dripping sounds

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