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Powered by award-winning sound designers, SmartSound Effects provides professional audio libraries for video editors and game developers. Our extensive work experience in sound design goes back more than 20 years.

All SmartSound Effects products are royalty-free, meaning you get unlimited sync rights with every purchase.

  • When you’re ready to step up to the next level of sound effects or if your needs are limited but with a wide range—this is the pack for you. With high-quality content covering everything from ANIMALS and MECHANICALS, to EXPLOSIONS, MAGIC, WEAPONS and FOLEY, this is the perfect collection for aspiring video producers, and anyone starting out in sound design.

  • Foley Sound Effects Fight Play Track 642 sounds included $59

    Parry your way out of cinematic danger with this collection of bone-crunching combat sounds. From PUNCHES and WHOOSHES to BODY FALLS and GRUNTS, this body-slamming collection can be used as is or layered for even more combative depth.

  • Nothing but net and a whole lot of other sounds for sports. Build up the impact of those hits and swishes with this collection of SFX. Including sounds from BASKETBALL, BOXING, BMX, GYM, BADMINTON, and even DARTS. Sport scenes need the added power of pro sounds.

  • The impact of everyday sounds is often underestimated. Your project will come to life with this collection of common sounds around the house, from a flick of a LIGHT SWITCH, cutting PAPER, and a rumbling WASHING MACHINE, to squeaking and thudding FLOORS, humming VENDING MACHINES and squirting SOAP DISPENSERS.

  • Capture the life of rural Europe – humming TRACTORS and the busy sounds of FARM LIFE, peaceful VILLAGE SQUARES and the tolling of CHURCH BELLS, WIND rustling leaves and the RAIN drizzling in the forests. All the sound palettes needed for your countryside scenes, including one shots of CARRIAGES, WOOD CHOPS, and ANIMALS.

  • Water & Ocean Sounds Coastal Play Track 123 sounds included, 195 mins total $59

    Romantic seaside sunsets, lighthouse keepers on their outpost and spies discussing espionage at the waterfront all need their ambience. From WAVES and SURF at various settings and distances, to BIRDS crying overhead and wood creaking at the MARINA. Also including one shots of BIRDS, SLASHES, SEALS, and other coastal sounds.

  • Roomtones Room Ambiences Play Track 90 sounds included, 396 mins total From: $59

    Add realism to your interior scenes with this collection of real-world INDOOR AMBIANCES. Explore the sonic varieties of different houses and rooms, from the sonic atmospheres of BASEMENTS with various PIPING, to the crackling FIREPLACE of a LIVINGROOM and the whirling FAN of a BATHROOM, or stroll through OFFICES filled with HUMMING COMPUTERS, and WAREHOUSES with rattling VENTILATION. Bring your scenes to life with the right background to fill the silence.

    The library is available in stereo or ambisonics (incl. stereo version)
    Stereo Version: 86 stereo files + 4 mono files
    Ambisonics Version (incl. Stereo): 86 ambisonics (AmbiX) files + Stereo Version (86 stereo files + 4 mono files)


  • Build the suspense or sense of wonder with this pack of high-quality drones and pads. The sounds come in a large variety of styles, from DARK, mysterious metallic ringing or whirling vacuous spaces and mid-range NEUTRAL sounds like evolving hums and shimmering resonances to light, ethereal ahs and cosmic-inspired reverberations from outer space. The soundtrack of your production isn’t complete without these awe-inspiring soundscapes.

  • Unlock the key to the big reverberations of the silver screen. From heart-shaking IMPACTS and mind-crushing HITS to world-changing WHOOSHES, this quintessential sound design collection will be sure to complete your project with that magic, cinematic touch. Paired with Volume One, you’ll never again find yourself seeking out another transition or support effect.

  • Give your reels a powerful cinematic punch with XENON. This set of professionally recorded BOOMS, DROPS, HITS, RISERS, and WHOOSHES will take your project onto a whole new level of quality. Lacking great audio transitions or just the right sound to match the camera movements? This collection is your answer.


    This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

  • Tread lightly with our collection of high-quality footsteps. From SNEAKERS and LEATHER SHOES to BOOTS, HIGH HEELS, and BAREFOOT across a variety of surfaces, like CONCRETE, GRAVEL, WOOD, METAL, and even SAND, this collection is a must-have for any film or game studio.

  • Bundles The SmartsoundFX Bundle Play Track 9697 sounds included $1,382

    The SmartsoundFX Bundle by Smartsound

    A great sound collection, covering a wide range of needs.

    Musical transitions, action scenes, home videos, cinematic fiction… you name it! If “just good” isn’t good enough, make it awesome!
    – with The SmartsoundFX Bundle.

    Includes all 24 SmartsoundFX Packs

    SOUNDS 9697
    SIZE 62.1 GB



  • Dog Sound Effects Dogs Play Track 302 sounds included $79

    Big dogs, small dogs, relaxed dogs, crazy dogs, dirty dogs, this collection has every dog you could ever need. From the haughty GROWLS of fierce Chihuahuas to the sad WHINES of a German Shephard when their beloved owner has left the room. DOGS will have your paws full of sounds from humankind’s best friends.

  • The loud din of an OLD TOWN SQUARE, the quiet of a tree-lined street in a RESIDENTIAL AREA and the gentle rumbling of a PLANE flying by overhead while sitting in a secret garden. Including distant fog horns at the HARBOR, trickling FOUNTAINS, and cars stuck in TRAFFIC, this collection without a doubt encapsulates all the auditory wealth of the modern urban setting.

  • There are no sounds like home sounds. Everything from slamming BOOKS and turning pages to sweeping BROOMS, humming DISHWASHERS, and the tinkling of CUTLERY, our EVERYDAY LIFE collection will have your listeners thinking the sounds are coming from the next room.


  • Bring your animations to life with this collection of HORNS, WHOOSHES, WOBBLES, BOINGS, and MORE! Not only are these silly sounds great for cartoons, but they also include many must-have FX for podcasts, videos, on-line teachers, and anyone else who wants to bring some slapstick to their information broadcast.

    This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

  • The acoustic beauty of the savanna has been revealed in this voyage across the African continent’s southern climes. Travel through soundscapes from the BUSH to the COAST, with an array of natural ambiences including WATERFALLS, WEATHER, and more. Your viewers will be fully immersed using these effects from mother nature.

  • Characters speak and so do the items they use. USER INTERFACE will bring the small to life with this collection of clicks, notifications, buttons, and swooshes.

    Included are: Buttons, Clicks, Jingles, Notifications, Organics, Slides, Swishes

  • Walk down the boulevard, jump onto the metro, and catch the last train with this collection of soundscapes and transitions. Transport your listener to a cafe, the seaside, or the streets, or let their senses take flight as a plane passes by. When you need your audience to come onto the scene, then our pack of city and travel filmmaker sounds will be sure to bring it all to life.

    This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

    Included are Ambiences (Airport, Train Station, Restaurant, City, Highway, Ocean, Weather) Vehicles (Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, Train) Musical Ambiences, Transitions.

  • Enjoy the pristine sound of varied ambiences recorded across Asia. Dive into the vast sonic landscapes featuring FORESTS, INSECTS, LAKESHORES, VILLAGES, BIRDS, WATER, RAIN, THUNDER, WIND and more. While many base sounds can be used in any setting, others will take your audience to characteristic places – control the mood, setting and even temperature to your liking!

  • Your search for the one outstanding cinematic sound FX pack is complete with KRYPTON. This set of high-end FX can turn a homemade reel to a professional Hollywood cut. DARK AND LIGHT ATMOSPHERES, HITS, BRAAMS, RISERS, GLITCHES, DRONES, BOOMS, WHOOSHES and more are just a click and drag away from setting your work above the competition.

    This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

  • This curated package of sound effects is from another planet. If you ever wondered how to make your audience experience the extraterrestrial, this compilation of handpicked sounds is the “go-to” compilation for your Sci-Fi projects.

    Included are Ambiences, Weapons, Electronics, Objects, Spaceships, Alarms, UI, Devices

  • Featuring over 100 high-quality drones and pads, this sound library evokes unsettling and gloomy feelings – perfect to create spooky atmospheres and tension building soundscapes for your project.

    This package contains layers of mallets, strings, metals, glasses, synthetic and bass sounds, giving your audience the creeps.


    The Library includes:

    Drones & Pads  – Creepy, Spooky, Horror, Mysterious

  • This collection delivers a vast variety of Impacts, Hits & Whooshes that are commonly used in contemporary trailers and big screen productions.

    Refine your scene with Impacts, Hits & Whooshes to give it that extra oomph.


    The Library includes:

    Impacts, Hits & Whooshes  – Air, Transition, Bass, Dark, Explosion, Fire, Flutter, Glass, Magic, Metal, Percussion, Synthesized, Transition, Water, Wood

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