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Justin Jet Zorbas

  • The Drawers & Cupboards SFX library is an essential collection for professionals seeking high-quality sound effects for their projects. This library features 63 meticulously recorded sounds of opening, closing, and rummaging through cupboards and drawers, making it perfect for game developers, animators, and filmmakers.

    This library offers a diverse range of sounds, including:

    • Opening and closing cupboard doors
    • Picking up glass bottles
    • Rummaging through various materials (glass, mixed materials, containers, plastic)
    • Metal and wooden drawers opening and closing
  • The Alchemist’s Workshop audio library contains 287 High Quality sounds for creating your own unique potions. Gather your ingredients. Crush and grind them in a mortar and pestle. Add them to the cauldron. Then bottle them up, ready for consumption!

     Sounds include:

    • Cauldron Bubbling & Cooking sounds
    • Chopping Ingredients
    • Mortar & Pestle Sounds
    • Potion Bottle Foley
    • Drinking Sounds
    • Plant Harvesting Sounds
    • Liquids
    • Minerals
    • Seeds & Nuts
    • Herbs & Spices
    • Recipe Notebook Foley
    • Magical Potions
    • Magic Effects

    All of these sounds were recorded and designed with great detail to bring your potion crafting system to the next level.

  • The Gold Coins sound effects pack contains 26 high quality sounds of coins, with variations of coin rummaging, shaking, dropping, and more. Perfect for all things fantasy and RPG!

  • Glass Smashing & Breaking Sound Library

    Unleash the chaotic symphony of destruction with our Glass Smashing & Breaking Sound Library. Immerse yourself in 20 high-quality, meticulously recorded sound effects, perfect for professionals looking to add authentic audio to their projects.

    Whether it’s for a dramatic scene or to enhance an audio narrative, our Glass Smashing & Breaking Sound Library is your go-to resource for high-impact sounds.

    Explore the sound of destruction like never before. Add the Glass Smashing & Breaking Sound Library to your collection today. 

  • Ice Cracking & Breaking Sound Library

    Discover the captivating world of Ice Cracking & Breaking, a meticulously crafted sound library designed for professionals in film, video games, and multimedia projects. Experience the pristine and immersive quality of ice sounds in various textures and scenarios.

    This library offers a diverse range of ice sounds, from gentle cracking to the intense breaking of thick layers. Each sound is captured using state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the highest fidelity and usability in various post-production scenarios.

    Perfect for sound designers and audio professionals, this library adds a layer of realism to your scenes involving ice environments. Whether it’s for a documentary set in the polar regions, a suspenseful moment in a video game, or special effects for an animation, these sounds will elevate your production’s audio experience.

  • Snow & Ice Textures is a meticulously curated sound effects library designed for professionals in film, gaming, and multimedia production. This collection features 40 high-quality sound effects, capturing the essence of snow and ice environments with unparalleled realism and detail.

    It includes snowball impacts, footsteps, Icey crunches, crackling and other various snow/ice texture sounds.

  • Immerse yourself in the distinctive sounds of the Abandoned Trailer Foley, a meticulously curated sound effects library. Crafted for professionals in film, gaming, and multimedia, this collection captures the essence of an abandoned trailer with its rustic and eerie sounds.

    Bring a unique and authentic touch to your audio projects with the Abandoned Trailer Foley. Ideal for sound designers and audio professionals seeking to add depth and realism to their work.

  • Unleash the full potential of your audio production with the Tool Bag Foley Sound Effects Library. Meticulously recorded with precision, this library offers an expansive collection of sounds straight from the tool shed. Whether you’re in film, television, game development, or theatre, these sounds will enhance your soundscapes and bring your scenes to life.

  • Environments & Ambiences Natural Water Streams Play Track 10 sounds included, 30 mins total $20

    This meticulously crafted sound effects library is an essential tool for professionals in film, game development, and audio production who seek authentic and high-quality water soundscapes.

    Recorded using high-quality equipment such as Zoom H4N, H1, and H6, these sounds offer unparalleled clarity and realism. Whether you’re creating serene nature scenes or designing complex audio environments, ‘Natural Water Streams’ provides a versatile range of water sound effects.

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  • Unleash the full potential of auditory storytelling in your next project with RPG Weapons Ranged Combat Vol. 1.

    This meticulously designed sound effect library is the first instalment in a series dedicated to bringing your game, animation, or audiobook to life with the unmistakable sound of ranged combat. Featuring 5 distinct ranged weapons:

    • Throwing Knives
    • Longbow
    • Spear
    • Throwing Axe
    • Meteor Hammer

    This collection offers a versatile arsenal of audio that captures the essence of ranged weaponry.

  • Bring medieval fights to life with the Sword Fight SFX Pack. Featuring 40 High Quality Swings, Impacts and Sword Handling sounds. Perfect for games, animations and various other media.

    Discover the ‘Sword Fight’ sound effects library, a meticulously crafted collection designed for audio professionals in film, game development, and multimedia projects. This library brings the intense and dynamic world of medieval combat to life, with 40 premium-quality sound effects. Featuring a variety of sword swings, impacts, and handling noises to provide a complete auditory sword fighting experience.

    Equip your audio arsenal with the ‘Sword Fight’ sound effects library – your go-to resource for authentic and high-quality medieval combat sounds.

  • Enter the world of immersive audio with the Classic Dungeon Traps Sound Effects Library.

    This expertly curated collection features 15 high-quality, designed sound effects that will transport your audience into the heart of thrilling adventures. Perfect for game developers, filmmakers, and audio enthusiasts.

    The library encompasses a diverse range of sounds, from Swinging Axes, Pitfalls, Dart Traps and Flame Traps. Upgrade your sound collection with the Classic Dungeon Traps Sound Effects Library, a treasure trove of audio that will take your projects to new heights.

  • Unleash an auditory horror upon your games, animations, or audiobooks with RPG Monsters Vol. 1.

    This meticulously crafted sound effects library is filled with the terror and tension of 104 unique, high-quality monster sounds, perfect for professionals looking to add depth and horror to their projects.

    What’s Inside:

    From the bone-chilling gasps and groans of the undead to the unique vocalizations of goblins and the terrifying shrieks of wraiths, this collection spans a wide range of monstrous sounds. Highlights include:

    • Boneless Movements and Vocalizations
    • Gelatinous Cube Sounds, including victim dissolving
    • Ghostly Whispers, Breaths, and Moans
    • Goblin Chatter and Growls
    • Owlbear Growls, Breaths, and Shrieks
    • Skeleton Ambushes, Movements, and Teeth Chattering
    • Rat Swarm Echoes and Feeding Frenzies
    • Mimic Attacks and Growls
    • Wraith Growls, Shrieks, and Wailings
    • Zombie Growls and Moans

    Enhance your projects with RPG Monsters Vol. 1, the essential sound effect library for any professional seeking to add a layer of depth and horror to their audio work. Perfect for game developers, animators, and audiobook producers alike.

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  • Immerse your audience in the heart of fantasy battles with RPG Weapons Vol.1, the premier sound effects pack designed specifically for game developers, animators, and audiobook producers. This meticulously curated collection is your ultimate resource for bringing to life epic encounters and immersive fantasy worlds.

    Featuring a diverse array of designed weapon sound effects, RPG Weapons Vol.1 includes everything from the clashing of swords to the twang of bows, the stealthy swoosh of throwing knives, the devastating impact of a meteor hammer, and the bone-crushing force of a club. Each sound has been crafted with precision, ensuring the highest quality and versatility for your projects.

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  • The Inventory SFX Pack contains 44 sounds for Inventory/Backpack interactions, including Rummaging, Zip/Unzip, and general Inventory access sounds. Ideal for video game developers and animators.

  • Immerse your audience in a world of enchantment with the Fantasy Potions SFX Pack.

    Designed specifically for RPG and fantasy media creators, this sound library brings to life the mystical essence of potions and magical elixirs. Whether you’re developing a game, crafting an animated feature, or setting the scene in a table top adventure, these 12 high-quality, magical potion sounds offer the perfect auditory experience to enhance your project’s fantasy elements.

  • The Treasure & Loot sound effects pack contains 37 high quality sounds of treasure chests and bags of gold, perfect for RPG games, pirate adventures and general looting sounds for video games.

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  • 52 High Quality Blacksmith SFX perfect for medieval and fantasy settings


    Heavy Hits
    Medium Hits
    Small Hits
    Intricate Hits
    Blade, Axe & Knife Sharpening

  • Experience the crisp and immersive sounds of winter with The Ultimate Snow & Ice Bundle. This comprehensive sound effects library is an essential resource for professionals in film, gaming, and multimedia projects, seeking to create authentic winter soundscapes.

    This collection includes a vast array of high-quality sound effects:

    • Footsteps crunching on fresh snow and icy surfaces
    • The brittle cracking of ice
    • Impact sounds of snowballs
    • Various textures of snow and ice

    Recorded with high-quality gear, including Zoom H1N and Zoom H4, these sounds offer unparalleled clarity and realism. The library is perfect for professionals seeking to enrich their audio projects with detailed and atmospheric winter sound effects.

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  • Gear Equip features 34 sounds of equipping various clothes, with 3 types of material: Light, Medium, and heavy. These sounds are perfect for video games when your character is changing armour/clothes/gear.

  • Introducing RPG Weapons Melee Combat Vol. 1 – your ultimate sound effects library tailored for game developers, animators, and audiobook producers seeking to immerse their audiences in the visceral intensity of melee combat.

    This collection features 5 expertly designed Melee weapon SFX packs, each brimming with the clangs, clashes, and swishes essential for bringing your combat scenes to life.

    With 32 high-quality sound effects, you have access to a diverse arsenal of audio tools to enhance your project’s battle sequences. Whether you’re crafting the next hit RPG, animating a thrilling fight scene, or producing an audiobook that captures the imagination, these sound effects add depth to your melee combat scenarios.

  • Zip It contains 37 zipper sounds with variations of fast, slow, and stuck zips, perfect for adding Foley to items such as bags, jackets or purses!

  • Introducing Elemental Magic, a meticulously crafted sound effects library perfect for professionals in film, gaming, and multimedia projects. This collection brings the mystic elements to life through 20 vibrant and dynamic sound effects.

    Bring your creative vision to life with the enchanting sounds of Elemental Magic. Ideal for sound designers, film editors, and game developers looking for authentic and captivating audio experiences.

  • Embark on a dynamic auditory experience with the Generic Whooshes collection, meticulously curated for audio professionals. This sound effects library offers an array of versatile whoosh sounds, perfect for enhancing your productions and elevating the impact of your audio storytelling.

    Designed for seamless incorporation into film, TV, games, and beyond, this sound effects library is an indispensable tool for creative professionals. Whether it’s for cartoon antics, cinematic fights, or any scenario that demands high-impact sound, Generic Whooshes  delivers with performance-ready finesse.

    Explore the depths of sound with Generic Whooshes, your go-to sound effects library for professional-grade whooshes.

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