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Jeremy S Bloom Presents

The world’s soundscapes constantly respond to their surroundings and inhabitants.  Jeremy uses his experience as an Emmy-nominated sound designer to create high quality and unique sound libraries that that reflect the sonic world we live in and carefully suit the needs of working professionals. His sounds have been heard on projects at The Statue of Liberty, CNN Films, Netflix, WNYC, BBC Wales, Great Big Story, Magnolia Pictures, Radiolab, 2 Dope Queens,  James Taylor’s US National Tour, The History Channel, The Tenement Museum, and more.


“Perfectly calibrated sound design.” -The New Yorker

“Expert sound design…” -Lighting & Sound America


  • Foley Game of Go Play Track 64 sounds included $29

    Go (Baduk/Weiqi) is Asia's infamous and ancient strategy game. Incredibly popular in Japan, China, and Korea for over 2000 years, it rivals chess for the world's most challenging strategy board game. “Game of Go” presents the game's iconic sounds characterized by stone pieces clicking down on a thick wooden board for use in film, game development, and beyond.

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  • Mechanical Vintage Tape Machine Play Track 107 sounds included $35 $25

    Mechanical sounds from a classic vintage Studer A-80 reel-to-reel tape machine including switches, motor, magnetic tape, buttons, levers, metal and plastic spools, reels, spin-offs, and more.

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