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Hello, I’m Richard Alan Hannon, an audio field recordist based in northeast Ohio. I love searching out and recording unique high-quality soundscapes and sound effects near and far. As a former newspaper photojournalist who concentrated solely on visuals, I find myself smitten by sound in ways I never experienced before hitting the record button. Let me share my ear-opening passion with you.






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  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Wind and Metal Play Track 41 sounds included, 184 mins total $45

    Wind and Metal explores the awesome ways metal responds sonically under the influence of wind. Large objects like wind turbines, windmills, a geodesic dome, an overhead power line transmission tower, a fire tower, flag poles and a giant crucifix, were recorded under varying wind speeds from airy breezes to howling gusts. Each structure produces resonant tones unique to its design, location and weather affecting it. There’s the sound of wire fences too.

    Here you’ll find haunting, eerie low-end drones plus piercing and painful high-end squeaks. There’s animalistic groaning and scraping. Some serious banging and thumping. Plus rattles and rumbles, deep impacts and rhythmic whooshes.

    Create something soothing, eerie, impactful or in between by inserting Wind and Metal into your next project.

  • Car Sound Effects Oval Track Racing Play Track 65 sounds included, 141 mins total $50

    Cover your ears. It’s going to get loud, introducing, Oval Track Racing. This high-octane stock car racing library features cars of various makes, models and performance characteristics in nine divisions circling a quarter mile (.40 kilometer) oval ‘short’ track in Idaho. Pass-bys, overalls and on boards were captured from multiple perspectives inside, outside, and alongside the asphalt track with a variety of microphones and recorders.

    Oval Track Racing features plenty of pass-bys captured right next to concrete retaining walls on straightaways and through turns. To give you options, these pass bys are broken out two ways. Use the ‘one shot’ sound files consisting of just one quick pass by (thank you Paul V. for this suggestion). Or choose to use the overall race/practice session consisting of multiple laps.

    This meticulously crafted library also features a selection of overalls captured from high in the stands, inside the pits, from the center of the infield and outside the gates. For instance, I was able to capture 48 laps (11 minutes worth) of an 85-lap race featuring eight rumbling Big 5 Late Model cars, recorded clean and free of public address announcements, 250 feet (76 meters) outside the ‘bullring.’ The crowd cheers for the winner at the end. Onboard recordings feature the growling sounds of a Street Stock car (1975 Chevrolet Nova), both in the pits and on the track.

  • Animal Sound Effects Collections The Amish Play Track 85 sounds included, 203 mins total $65

    Evocative Sound and Visuals is pleased to announce its latest sound effects library entitled, The Amish. It is a rare collection of high-quality recordings featuring life among an Old Order Amish community in northeast Ohio.

    The library features these sounds and more:
    • The beginning of class in a one-room schoolhouse, including the morning bell captured from the outside and inside.

    • Early-morning barn chores captured inside, including cow milking and tending to stalls. Bonus sounds include cows peeing and pooping right next to the mics. This was not a pleasant experience for me, but one that elicited much snickering from the youngsters.

    • Hitched teams of large draft horses, snorting and whinnying as they plow a muddy field, with pass-bys and follow-behinds.

    • The relaxing sounds of rain and rolling thunder captured from inside an old metal-roofed barn on several occasions.

    • The peaceful sounds of clothes swaying on a line in an afternoon breeze.

    • The sound of cornstalks blowing in the wind in autumn and in winter, when they’re dry and brittle.

    • The tink, tink, tap, tap as a farrier putting new shoes on a horse.

    • Bringing in dry hay at the end of the growing season, plus putting it into a silo.

    • Interior and exterior perspectives of two working vintage sawmills.

    • Inside a leather shop, where an Amish farmer makes hand-made flyswatters with his children.

    • The rhythmic sounds of a squeaky old metal windmill spinning, along with water that gurgles from the pipe as it comes out of the ground.

    • Wagon and buggies (onboard and pass-by perspectives)

    Visit www.evocativesound.com to find out more!

  • Typewriters is a sound effects collection chock-full of vintage typewriters making sounds beyond the simple click-clack-clunk heard in so many TV shows and movies. I was curious if there was more to the sound of these old machines than meets the naked ear. Would recording them with high-end Barcus Berry contact microphones help bring out the best in them sonically? After recording 20 typewriters for this library, and performing a variety of keystrokes and actions on each in isolation, I can definitively say, yes.

    Included are standard, portable and ultraportable machines from the early 20th century to the mid-1970s. Each machine, metal or plastic, emits sounds that are almost musical in nature. These files can enhance your next sound design project in nuanced ways that exceed the usual clickity-clack-clunk-thwack-smack we associate with typewriters. You’ll get a variety of zips, rips, twangs, growls, bounces, snaps, zings, rings and dainty end-of-line warning bell dings.

    Typewriters Recorded Plus Production Dates

  • Aztec 14 – 1963 
  • Corona 3 Folding – 1912 
  • Corona Standard – 1938 
  • Hammond – early 1900s 
  • IBM Selectric II – 1973
  • Oliver Number 5 – 1908 
  • Olympia Traveller – 1974 
  • Remington KMC – 1947 
  • Remington Standard Number 12 – 1922 
  • Royal Companion – 1941 
  • Royal Quiet DeLuxe – 1951 
  • Royal Safari II – early 1980s 
  • Smith Corona Galaxie – 1959 
  • Smith Corona Silent – 1953 
  • Smith Corona Skyriter – 1957 
  • Smith Corona Sterling – 1953 
  • Tower Quiet Tabulator – 1956 
  • Underwood Olivetti Lettera 22 – 1953 
  • Underwood Rhythm Touch – 1949 
  • Underwood Standard Number 5 – early 1920s
  • Percussion Instruments Wind Chimes Play Track 16+ sounds included, 98 mins total $25

    Wind Chimes is a collection of meticulously captured wind chimes purposely recorded with a pair of high-end Barcus Berry 4000 (Planar Wave Piano and Harp Pickup System) contact microphones. By using this type of mic instead of traditional ones, the attack, sustain and decay of each tube struck by its clapper are experienced in ways unheard by the naked ear. Every tinkle and plink, every clang and rattle sound a bit more removed from its environment than normal. Harmonics are heard alongside fundamental frequencies. Every recording is unique to its moment in time. Each note is as random as the wind that plays it. These chimes are anything but showroom new. Some are weathered. Some are outwardly neglected. A few sound pretty, others not so much.

  • Commercial fireworks: Up Close and Loud is a collection of commercial-grade fireworks – the big stuff – shooting from mortar tubes not 20 feet from my microphones. Each thunderous burst is heard directly overhead. Many feature a long decay at the end. The result is an assemblage of sounds filled with power and punch. Every round leaving its tube gives off a solid gut-thumping boom. Only such nearby access can provide this perspective.

    If fireworks aren’t your thing, that’s cool. These files could have been used for any number of WWII movies I grew up watching and will put you right there on the battlefield again today.

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Irrigation Play Track 21+ sounds included, 73 mins total $35

    Irrigation is a collection of water flow ambiances captured in and around the Treasure Valley of southwestern Idaho, where the Payette, Boise, Weiser, Malheur, Owyhee and Burnt rivers drain into the Snake River. Follow the flow of crystal clear water as it travels from mountain-fed streams and rivers down into large reservoirs. Listen as water courses through the pipes and along the canals that carry it to sprinklers large and small. Finally, irrigated water fans out onto verdant golf courses, people’s front yards and farmland.

    Be inches away from the sweeping spray of center-pivot irrigators. These create acres and acres of green circles in an otherwise barren landscape, making agriculture here possible. As a sonic side benefit, they produce cadenced sounds that will lull you to sleep.

    Water allocation, i.e., who gets how much when there’s not enough to go around, is a huge, polarizing issue confronting residents, industries, politicians and wildlife in the western United States. Farmland is turning into subdivisions at an alarming rate.

    Use these recordings, captured in pristine 24-bit/96 kHz quality by field recordist Richard Alan Hannon, to illustrate subject matter that will be in the headlines for years to come. Seamless loops have been meticulously crafted from sounds that allow for it. Giving you more opportunities to utilize these sounds in your projects.

  • Environments & Ambiences Hydroelectric Power Play Track 28+ sounds included, 83 mins total $35

    In Hydroelectric Power, witness the power of water in this collection of recordings captured at historic hydropower plants and massive concrete dams in the United States.

    In the American West, water scarcity and allocation are hot topic issues. Gain access inside a working powerhouse along the Boise River as one of three generators, producing over 1,000–kilowatts of power, crank up from a cold start in advance of the irrigation season. Get hit in the face with spray from Shoshone Falls, a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls, during a high water event. Stand 100 yards downstream from the massive Bonneville Lock and Dam along the Columbia River in Oregon as 3,487 Kgal/sec rush past, generating 624 megawatts of power. Listen to the thunderous sound of Gorge Dam along the Cuyahoga River. Yes, the river that caught fire. This decommissioned 60-foot tall, 400-foot-wide dam has sat idle for over 50 years. Plans are in the works to remove it, thereby freeing up the flow of the snaking river from its headwaters to Lake Erie.

    Admittedly, waterfalls and dams recorded up close can sometimes sound a lot like white noise. Yet there are distinctions. In Hydroelectric Power, each sound takes on the character of its environment, making it unique to that space and time.

    These recordings, captured in pristine 24-bit/96 kHz quality by field recordist Richard Alan Hannon, will complement your documentary, film and game design needs until, unfortunately, the rivers run dry. Seamless loops have been meticulously crafted from sounds that allow for it. Providing more opportunities to utilize these sounds in your projects.



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