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Space Battle – Artillery


Introducing “Space Battle – Artillery” by Red Libraries, a groundbreaking, immersive sound collection conceived in collaboration with the acclaimed Thibault Csukonyi (Robotic Lifeforms 2, WATER, Sinematic 2) and Frederic Devanlay (Future Weapons, Matter Mayhem). Welcome to a trailblazing series of sound libraries that encapsulate the resonant fury of interstellar conflict. Unleash the thunderous cacophony of warfare with this innovative audio palette, which features a vast array of armaments custom-designed for otherworldly warfare settings. This library is brimming with the deep-throated roars of spaceship cannons, the high-frequency shrieks of laser beams, the rumbling churn of robotic gun turrets, and the explosive blast of rocket launchers.

Artillery fuses elements of both Sci-Fi and Steampunk aesthetics to create a sonic landscape that transcends genres. Whether you’re constructing soundscapes for sprawling cosmic epics or intimate cyberpunk settings, this product will be your aural Swiss Army knife.
The library offers: • 20 meticulously designed weapons in the form of single shots and bursts. • Synchronized layers of each weapon’s separate components, granting you creative control to interchange different layers, spawning limitless unique configurations. • A comprehensive toolbox packed with textures, servos, mechanisms, impacts and more, perfect for adding depth and dimension to your sonic architecture.

Space Battle Artillery is crafted using high-end equipment and software like Kyma, Reaktor, Synths, and Nuendo 10. The gear used includes Avalon VT 737, Tube Tech CL1B, Apollo 8p, Sound device 744T, Contact Mic Barkus Berry, and Sanken Co 100K.

Welcome to the audiosphere of the future. This is Space Battle – Artillery, where the sonic blasts of galactic warfare become your instrument for awe-inspiring soundscapes.

Licensor: : SoundMorph Categories: , .
Type: Battlemech sound effects / recordings
Specs: 400+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 5.2 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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