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Scoring Mallets


Cinematic Marimba, Xylophone and Vibraphone
Recorded in a beautiful large scoring room, its primary use is for scoring applications, however, using its full-featured mixer and proper microphone balance it excels in virtually every musical style! Scoring Mallets offers an abundance of features all targeting seamless Composition and idiomatic writing that compliments modern scoring. The robust 38,000+ samples along with up to 5 microphone perspectives translate to ultra authentic and playable instruments. Additional powerful features such as the Acoustic Positioner™ and numerous intuitive playing techniques extend this library to boast unparalleled quality.

Using this library requires a full version of Native Instruments’ “Kontakt”!

Please notice: This library can not be played with the free “Kontakt Player”! To use this “Open Kontakt” format, you need a full version of “Kontakt”, which is included in products such as Komplete or Komplete Ultimate.

Licensor: HandHeldSound
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• Premium Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone – Recorded in a beautiful Scoring room and includes multi velocities, extreme dynamic range, round robin and release samples for ultra realistic playback.

• Extremely Sampled – Features over 38,000 samples and up to 5 microphone perspectives – Tight, Center, Loose, Stage, and Wides/Surround. Custom scripts were designed to enhance each instrument with versatile articulations and enhanced playability.

• Effortless idiomatic writing – With Scoring Mallets you can elegantly play single notes, Trills, Rolls, Glissandi, and for the first time, have dedicated access to 4-Mallet playing techniques. These options allow complete freedom of idiomatic writing without the use of pre-recorded loops.

• Polyphonic Step Sequencer for Ostinati Generation – Design sequenced patterns and trigger them in realtime. Create up to 4-note polyphonic and polyrhythmic Ostinati with complete control over timing, tempo, and dynamics.

• Acoustic Positioner™ – Place the instrument anywhere on the stage with HandHeldSound’s innovative Acoustic Positioner™. Unlike other positioners that rely on convolution or panning mockups, our positioner uses no artificial processing. It uses dynamic phase / time relationships, calibrated to replicate an authentic and smooth spatial positioning with minimal CPU usage!

• Playability enhancements – Scoring Mallets includes a customized Logarithmic velocity control and extensive realtime performance, timing, and humanization options that ensure ultra realistic playback.

Here are some excerpts of what reviewer Geary Yelton in electronic Musician Magazine wrote:

“…nothing quite duplicated the live sound of the real thing until I
heard Scoring Mallets.”

“All three instruments are based on some of the most
lifelike samples I’ve ever heard.”

“…recordings made with Scoring Mallets are indistinguishable from
recordings made with Marimba, Vibraphone, and Xylophone.”

“Scoring Mallets not only sounds convincing, but it also allows you to perform using techniques that sound as if an accomplished Mallet Percussionist were playing.”


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Working with samples opens the door for realistic productions but it’s sometimes at the expense of a fluid compositional workflow. Dealing with many patches, key switches, and non realtime options can interfere with the natural creative process and composing turns into an editing job or worse yet, a stitching job. This is where HandHeldsound comes in!

When we design sampled instruments they must play and feel as close as possible to the real live experience. It’s more than just capturing ‘the sound‘…

It’s the ability to control musical gestures and timbres with ease, allowing you to transfer an instrument’s musicality to your productions using MIDI controllers. All without ever compromising the feeling of fluidity of playing a real instrument.

At HandHeldSound we produce virtual instruments from acoustic instruments with a design and approach that streamlines your process and give you freedom to perform and compose in your DAW!