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Home Sound Effects RPG Magic SFX Pack 3 – Elemental

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RPG Magic SFX Pack 3 – Elemental


777 Magic Sound Effects

Great for JRPGs, Asian and Western MMORPGs, Battle Arena games, Animes, and more!

Feature No.1 โ†’ 9 Magic Elements:

Each magic element comes with a variety of spells ranging from basic to epic: buff, cast, debuffs, projectiles, whooshes, impacts with variations in pitch, intensity, and speed. All these magic sounds are specially designed, edited, and meta-tagged to be modular and ready-to-use. Use each sound standalone or as a building block to craft your unique spells!

Elemental RPG Magic Sound Effect: Dark, Light, Plasma, & more | Anime-style MMORPG | WOW Sound

Licensor: : WOW Sound Categories: , , .
Type: Magic sound effects / recordings
Specs: 777 sounds • 777 files • 695 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Feature No.2 โ†’ Critical & Missed Attack Sounds
Each element comes with critical impact sounds for that extra punch and excitement, while missed attack sounds add another level of realism to any project.

Short Video Demo

Magical Sound Effects Vol.3 | Elemental magic: Fire, Electric, Ice, Plasma and more by WOW Sound

Behind the Scenes

Elemental RPG Magic Sound Effect: Behind the Scenes / Sound Design Process | WOW Sound

Whatโ€™s inside the pack?

  • Dark Magic (85)
  • Electric Magic (80)
  • Fire Magic (82)
  • Generic Magic and Impacts (96)
  • Ice Magic (70)
  • Light Magic (79)
  • Plasma Magic (86)
  • UI, Pads, Enchantments, and Misc (42)
  • Water Magic (84)
  • Wind Magic (73)

[Source Recording]

If you are interested in getting the recording of Gamelan textures in 192khz, 32 bit, do check out this link.


Full sound effects list for RPG Magic SFX Pack 3 - Elemental:

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