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RAIN features various kind of RAIN AMBIENCES and EFFECTS from different parts of CITIES and FORESTS.
In the forests, you’ll find sounds of RAIN FALLING ON DIRT, LEAVES and more.
In addition to the sounds of CARS PASSING BY and RAINY TRAFFIC in cities, you’ll also find RAIN COMING OUT FROM PIPES, HITTING THE ASPHALT and various kinds of RAIN POURING ON ROOFS such as PORCHES and LARGE PARKING LOTS and more.

Recorded @ 24bit 96kHz with ortf, spaced omni, XY and carefully edited.

Licensor: Anti-Node Design
Categories: , , , .
Type: rain sound effects / recordings
Specs: 92 files • 54 sounds • 24bit / 96kHz • 8.99 GB • Includes metadata
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