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A collection of premium quality ambient recordings from the islands of Malta and Gozo.

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Licensor: Fleeting Sound
Categories: , , .
Type: Ambient sound effects / recordings
Specs: 32 files • 32 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 7.25 GB (5.0 Version) • Includes metadata
Approx. 81 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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The third library from Fleeting Sound marks a detour into environments shaped and populated predominantly by a single species – homo sapiens, and featuring the sounds of its voices and machines.

This is the sound of Malta and its inhabitants. From the markets of old fishing village Marsaxlokk to the hip, urban streets of Valletta, you’ll find plenty to give your project an authentic Maltese flavour.

Key Features

  • 32 ambient recordings in a choice of stereo or surround
  • featuring Maltese walla and the iconic sounds of Maltese cars and sparrow roosts
  • detailed Soundminer and BWAV metadata

Recording Characteristics

  • Ultra low-noise and high 96kHz resolution
  • Carefully mastered to remove any unwanted artefacts whilst preserving low-frequency energy
  • Spatially balanced to ensure a coherent and immersive stereo or surround image appropriate to the recording.

All sounds recorded by Nicholas Allan, a BAFTA-nominated sound editor who has worked on the soundtracks for countless TV dramas and documentaries and feature films for National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Animal Planet, Netflix and others.
Special thanks to: Jolanta Brdej-Allan and Tommy Allan.


Additional information


Stereo, 5.0 Surround


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Fleeting Sound is a premium collection of sound effect libraries based on the regions and elements of the natural world.


The name is a reference to both the transient nature of environmental sound – heard as it is only in that moment – and the relatively brief period of time we live in known as the Holocene, where life on earth has reached an incredible peak of diversity that we came to know and is now being rapidly depleted by human activities as we move into a new geological age: the Anthropocene.


The aim for Fleeting Sound is to produce accurate renderings of the sound of the natural world which feature very little anthropogenic noise. Where the recording is meant to reflect a strongly human-influenced location, or where a landscape features humans or it’s livestock, it may however feature human-originated sound.


An aspect unique to Fleeting Sound is the categorising of sound regions. Rather than following political state boundaries (which nature does not!) it records and categorises locations by ecoregion and libraries often borrow their names from the ecoregion and biome in which they are recorded.


Fleeting Sound is recorded by UK-based Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and BAFTA award-nominated sound editor/designer and recordist Nicholas Allan, who along with his team in Bristol has recorded the ambient sound and provided sound design and editing for countless hours of wildlife/natural history television documentaries and dramas for BBC, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Netflix and more, as well as many award-winning independent films.