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The Hand


The Hand library gets you sounds of the hand on the body.

Features actions such as rub, scratch, pat, catch, hit, snap, clap, slap, punch, finger, hand check, and hand release.

Actions on the hand, the head, the face, the chest, the wrist, the arm, the back, and the shoulder.

A great collection for close combat for example. All sound are very natural and could be easily post processed for your needs.

Gear used:
Avalon VT 737 • Tube Tech CL1B • MD 441 Sennheiser • Neuman U87 • Sanken Co 100K

Licensor: The Red Libraries
Categories: , .
Type: Hand sound effects / recordings
Specs: 78 files • 200+ sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 884 MB • Includes metadata
Approx. 28 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.RL The-Hand Rub Arm (0:31)
2.RL The-Hand Rub Face (0:27)
3.RL The-Hand Rub Quickly (0:14)
4.RL The-Hand Rub Slowly (0:13)
5.RL The-Hand Rubbing 2Fingers (0:27)
6.RL The-Hand Rubbing Fingers (0:38)
7.RL The-Hand Scratch Ear (0:31)
8.RL The-Hand Scratch Head (0:47)
9.RL The-Hand Scratch Head Shampoo (0:42)
10.RL The-Hand Scratch Quickly Arm No-Hair (0:13)
11.RL The-Hand Scratch Quickly Arm With-Hair (0:12)
12.RL The-Hand Scratch Quickly Chest (0:10)
13.RL The-Hand Scratch Quickly Face No-Beard (0:31)
14.RL The-Hand Scratch Quickly Face With-Beard (0:15)
15.RL The-Hand Scratch Slowly Arm No-Hair (0:12)
16.RL The-Hand Scratch Slowly Arm With-Hair (0:14)
17.RL The-Hand Scratch Slowly Chest (0:14)
18.RL The-Hand Scratch Slowly Face No-Beard (0:15)
19.RL The-Hand Scratch Slowly Face With-Beard (0:16)
20.RL The-Hand Single Snap (0:22)
21.RL The-Hand Slap Hard (0:07)
22.RL The-Hand Slap Head Hard (0:21)
23.RL The-Hand Slap Head Soft (0:21)
24.RL The-Hand Slap Med cheeks (0:34)
25.RL The-Hand Slap Med Face WeakUp (0:08)
26.RL The-Hand Slap Soft (0:08)
27.RL The-Hand Slap Soft Face WeakUp (0:05)
28.RL The-Hand Slow Friction (0:09)
29.RL The-Hand Tapping 1Finger (0:18)
30.RL The-Hand Tapping 2Fingers (0:14)
31.RL The-Hand Check Hard (0:21)
32.RL The-Hand Check Soft (0:19)
33.RL The-Hand Chest Massage (0:53)
34.RL The-Hand Clap Hard (0:13)
35.RL The-Hand Clap Serie Hard (0:29)
36.RL The-Hand Clap Serie Soft (0:15)
37.RL The-Hand Clap Soft (0:13)
38.RL The-Hand Clean Arm (1:06)
39.RL The-Hand Cross Fingers (0:25)
40.RL The-Hand Double Snap (0:07)
41.RL The-Hand Double Snap Unisson (0:10)
42.RL The-Hand Double-Check (0:26)
43.RL The-Hand Face Massage (0:29)
44.RL The-Hand Fast Friction (0:14)
45.RL The-Hand Finger Grab Arm (0:26)
46.RL The-Hand Finger-On-Arm (0:29)
47.RL The-Hand Finger-On-Chest-(like a doctor) (0:34)
48.RL The-Hand Finger-On-Lips (0:14)
49.RL The-Hand Fingers-On-Fingers (0:43)
50.RL The-Hand Friction Whoosh (0:35)
51.RL The-Hand Grab Face (0:16)
52.RL The-Hand Grab Noze (0:13)
53.RL The-Hand Grab Wrist (0:32)
54.RL The-Hand Grab-Skin Massage (0:19)
55.RL The-Hand Pat Chest (0:34)
56.RL The-Hand Pat Grab-Arm (0:20)
57.RL The-Hand Pat On-Back (0:24)
58.RL The-Hand Pat On-Stomach (0:16)
59.RL The-Hand Punch Chest (0:28)
60.RL The-Hand Punch Face-Layer-1 (0:20)
61.RL The-Hand Punch Face-Layer-2 (0:15)
62.RL The-Hand Punch Face-Layer-3 (0:14)
63.RL The-Hand Release Fingers (0:19)
64.RL The-Hand Release Hand (0:23)
65.RL The-Hand Brush-Hair (0:35)
66.RL The-Hand Catch Fingers (0:21)
67.RL The-Hand Catch Hand (0:37)
68.RL The-Hand Check Fist Front (0:18)
69.RL The-Hand Check Fist Up&Down (0:24)


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Red Libraries is a French studio formed by sound designers and field recordists from game and film industries, based at Big Wheels studio Paris.