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Future Dystopia


The sounds of a dark tomorrow… are here!

Orbital Emitter is proud to present our first World Building Sound-Set, FUTURE DYSTOPIA!
Future Dystopia is a meticulously crafted collection of audio atmospheres and sonic elements that can be used in any film, tv or streaming show, music production, game development, YouTube content creation and more!
Future Dystopia embodies the dark yet intense world of cyberpunk sci-fi by providing everything you need to create vibrant environments, detailed locales and dynamic scenes.
But the best thing about this sound-set is that you can create these rich and imaginative scifi soundscapes in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods! There are no tricks, but our curated atmospheres and elements can be combined, dissected, and quickly customized so that you can achieve great results to rival any Hollywood production! And the diversity of our sounds means you can build audio scenes for urban districts, space stations, simple ambiences, industrial sites, abandoned locales, power stations, vehicles and more, FAST!
Simply drop a few of our audio files into any NLE or DAW and hear how quickly your scenes will come to life! And with our sound-sets, all of our sounds are organized, clearly titled and contains metadata for each audio file.

Future Dystopia – our World Building Sound-Set is made up of 626 sounds across 151 WAV audio files. There are 54 atmospheres, 67 Elements, 7 foundation sounds, 12 speech sets and 11 vehicle builds! And in all 626 sounds are the countless foundations of unlimited locales and environments for you to explore! We can’t wait to here what you create with our sounds!
Future Dystopia’s audio files are 24bit/96k stereo WAV files. Every sound in Future Dystopia is 100% original and designed to transport your audiences to other worlds!
Order now and receive our 19 page e-guide that explains how to get the most out of this sound-set absolutely FREE.

SPECIAL NOTE: To celebrate the release of this brand new sound-set, we are offering a discount for a limited time!
We hope you enjoy Future Dystopia our first world building sound-set!


Quick note about the download:

Please note that the Future Dystopia Sound-Set is 5.4GB when uncompressed. To make delivery more streamlined, we have compressed this file to the “.zip” format.
Because Windows users might have issues opening a “.zip” file over 4GB, we have included a “.rar” version of the file so Windows users can avoid any issues.

TLDR: If you are on a Mac computer, just open the “.zip” file and for Windows users, open the “.rar” file.


Licensor: : Orbital Emitter Categories: , .
Type: atmospheres sound effects / recordings
Specs: 626 sounds • 151 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 5.41GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 142 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Future Dystopia:

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Charlie Eisenhardt comes from a musical background and spent years twisting knobs and programming synthesizers at various recording studios in New York City. When he shifted to editing tv shows and :30 second tv spots, he incorporated his audio sensibilities into all his projects. After winning numerous industry awards (including his first sound design award in 2021!) Charlie is still going strong 25+ years on.
When Charlie was working on the promo campaign for Ronald D Moore’s Battlestar Galactica reboot, (Syfy Channel, NBCUniversal,) his interest in sci-fi sound became a reality. Charlie always loved sci-fi sound but when he was tasked to create some temporary promotional sound for scenes that were unfinished, that’s when he realized his affinity for sci-fi sound design.

Charlie bought a portable recorder and began recording sound… a lot of sound. Then, when he took inventory of what sci-fi sound effects were available on-line, he saw a niche for his robust and elaborate sound-design… Orbital Emitter was born!
Charlie is now able to produce unique, diverse and imaginative science fiction sound effect titles based on themes made popular in the sci-fi genre over the decades!

Orbital Emitter approaches its sound design around the simple premise that great sound supports great ideas -and they strive to make their sci-fi sounds feel real. All of our sounds are designed to seem like they were recorded in the future and brought back to the now -with all the grit and integrity of real world sounds!
Couple this with the fact that they make their sound-sets as flexible and easy to use as possible, and our goal becomes clear…
We want our sound-sets to help editors, sound-mixers and creative people teleport their audiences beyond the stars… and we want to get them there as quickly as possible!

We hope you will enjoy using our sounds in your productions and please watch for more titles to be released soon! Keep listening!