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Home Sound Effects Fourbit – Your Everyday Robot Voice

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Fourbit – Your Everyday Robot Voice

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Need a classic robot voice? You can build complete robot voice sentences with Fourbit, a typical small-size-robot voice with metallic resonances. It is very intelligible, you can use it for any robot that needs to talk a lot with the listener.

The Fourbit sound effect library contains more than THREE thousands words, chosen amongst the most common English ones. This allows you to build all the sentences you need for your project with this voice.

Fourbit comes with a custom audio browser html file to help you quickly locate, preview and drag & drop the files you need to construct complete sentences.

Licensor: LeeVaudio
Categories: , .
Type: Sci-fi robot voice sound effects / recordings
Specs: 9027 files • 9027 sounds • 24 bit / 44 kHz • 3.4 GB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

The Audio Browser Page:

The Fourbit library comes with a custom audio browser page to help you find words, preview words and construct sentences via drag&drop into your DAW or editor. Here’s what it looks like:

The audio browser for robot voicesThis html page allow you to quickly audit all the included files and find the needed ones. It is also possible to preview the different effects, to help you in choosing the right one.

Voices: sentence building using a DAW or audio editor

Let’s say you want to build the sentence “game over”, with a little reverb, using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation like Cubase, Logic, Live, Reaper, etc…) or an editor (like Audacity, SoundForge, etc)

Here’s how to do it:Editing robot voices in Audacity
1. open the audiobrowser html file. Find the “game___small_reverb.wav” and “over___small_reverb.wav” files.

2. import the files in the project (usually a simple drag&drop will just work)

3. time-align the two wave files in order to sound it right. You will need to set some overlap, so that the tail from the first word blends into the second one, and so on.

That’s it! If you need customizations or implementation help, contact Luigi at LeeVaudio here


Full sound effects list for Fourbit – Your Everyday Robot Voice:

View sound list

Download [440.09 KB]


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my name is Luigi and I am the guy behind LeevAudio.

I have been playing with  keyboards and digital audio workstation (DAW) systems since I was a child. My first DAW (on a budget!) was based on a Intel 486dx2 machine, equipped with a wopping 16 Mbytes of memory, a SoundBlaster32 and a Midi-to-Joystick cable for midi in/out! Maybe I still have some pieces of it somewhere…

Well, DAWs and sound design technology have evolved really a lot, and I have enjoyed all the steps. In my home studio I am currently running a few modern multi-core PCs, with several DAWs on them, high-quality low latency audio interfaces and quite a good number of hardware gear and software plugins.

I hope you enjoy these sounds as much as I do, and that they can improve your next game (console, mobile, PC, whatever) or your next song. Please CONTACT ME  directly if you need some change or some custom sound, and please, let me know where you are using these sounds!

PS: don’t miss the Free libraries, by the way!

I hope you a nice and inspiring day!