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Encore! Concert Audiences

(2 customer reviews)


Encore! Concert Audiences is packed with vibrant cheers, applause, and walla to bring your concert crowds to life. The variation from small lounges to outdoor music festivals allows you to cover a multitude of projects. We wanted to put you “in the audience” with this library, so we got nice and close to all the emotion emanating from these crowds. In addition, there are plenty of distant perspectives to give you more general sounding crowds.

The post process:
Great care was put into the editing phase of this library in order to maintain clean heads and tails for many of the recordings. We seamlessly sewed together multiple takes for those perfect sounding effects. We also took the time to edit out any and all extraneous noises such as stage sounds, distracting audience voices, offensive nearby claps, and more. In order to maintain the greatest dynamics, these sounds were all mastered at theatrical monitoring levels, giving you the most options in post. Metadata has been thoroughly fleshed out for this library which makes searching for these sounds quick and easy, allowing more time for your creative process.

Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH30/40 in MS setup, Sound Devices 744t, Sony PCM-D50, Tascam DR-100 mkII

Licensor: Audio Shade
Category: .
Type: Audience sound effects / recordings
Specs: 155 files • 155+ sounds • 24 bit / 48+96 kHz • 2.45 GB • Includes metadata
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2 reviews

  1. Kai Paquin

    This is frankly the best American crowds library I’ve come across. Unlike a lot of other libraries each take has the initial crowd swell, sustain, and tail on each take, so you don’t have to Frankenstein different files together to edit a crowd cue.

    To top it off, the crowd milling around is just amazing. I don’t think I have any other recordings like them. It’s perfect neutral conversation that could be used in all sorts of circumstances.

    This is a definite necessity for any editor

  2. battaglia.christopher

    I love these crowds! They’re great for big stadium cheers, smaller more intimate theater pieces, and for milling and wallahs. Extremely well recorded and versatile.

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Audio Shade provides evocative sound effects that are meticulously recorded, edited, and embedded with rich metadata.
Approaching each library with the sound editor/designer in mind, we provide a wide variety of coverage, perspectives, and performances.
We also “trim the fat”  from the recordings so your time can be focused on the creative process.