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Home Sound Effects Brutality – Gore and Combat FX Toolkit

Brutality – Gore and Combat FX Toolkit

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Brutality is a gore, combat, and weapon FX toolkit packed with the most gruesome and hard hitting effects that are guaranteed to make all audiences squirm. This library includes 638 carefully designed and 1,743 meticulously recorded source sound effects. This enables you to jump into any bloody fight and start chopping away, or craft all new sounds that are only limited by your imagination; the horrific possibilities are endless.

Licensor: : Audio Shade Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Gore sound effects / recordings
Specs: 2,381 sounds • 300 files • 24 Bit / 96 -192kHz • 5.14 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 144 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Audio Shade Presents: BRUTALITY

What’s Included:

15 Unique Designed Weapons (Includes Full, Gore Only, and No Gore Versions):

-Brass Knuckles Impacts
-Broadsword Slashes and Stabs
-Bullet Flesh Impacts
-Candlestick Impacts
-Chefs Knife Slashes and Stabs
-Fist Impacts
-Flamethrower Melt Flesh
-Glass Bottle Cracks
-Hatchet Throws
-Lead Pipe Impacts
-Meat Cleaver Chops
-Morning Star Bashes
-Pistol/Rifle Whips
-Screwdriver Stabs
-Wood Plank 2×4 Plonks

15 Unique Gore Sources (Impacts, Rips, Squishes, Splatters, Burns, Bone Breaks & More)

-Bell Pepper
-Butternut Squash
-Burrito (devoured by a human)
-Frozen Celery
-Motorized Milk Frother (teeth/bone grinding)
-Water (blood spills and splatters)
-Wet sponge (blood spills)
-Wet towel (fruit juice and chunks)

Over 30 High-Impact Combat and Weapon Sources:
-Baseball Bat
-Cloth (3 types) Movement and Flaps
-Dadao Sword
-Flute Bys
-Glass Wine Bottle
-Glass Mason Jar
-Horse Shoe
-Knife: Chefs Blade
-Knife: Meat Cleaver
-Knife: Pizza Cutter
-Leather Belt (Whip Cracks)
-Leather Jacket Impacts
-Metal Flask
-Metal Pipe
-Metal Spoon Caddy (Meat Cleaver Cheat)
-Punch and Slap Human Body
-Punching Bag Impacts
-Swishes (6 types: Duster, Frisbee, Metal Pole, Wood Pole, Wood Dowel, Rope)
-Synthesized Subharmonic Impact Sweeteners
-Wood Plank 2X4
-Wooden Table Weapon Pick Up Set Downs (Near and Distant Perspectives, All Velocities)

Great care was taken to remove all extraneous noise, cut out the bloat, and organize takes in an evenly spaced manner for easy manipulation in your DAW or sampler of choice. The gore source sounds were given a tasteful amount of compression and limiting in certain instances to bring out the juice and crunch (without overdoing it). This enables you to add extra compression to your liking to craft even bigger and bloodier gore effects for when you want to make audiences squirm. Weapon sounds were typically left untouched except in a few instances like punches and belt cracks.

Fully Fleshed Out Metadata:
Metadata has been thoroughly fleshed out for all files which makes searching for sounds a breeze. This library is proudly UCS (Universal Category System) compliant, with proper catID, category, and subcategory assignments for all files. Description and keyword fields are thorough yet concise.

Gear Used:ย Sennheiser MKH40/30 in MS setup, Sennheiser MKH60, Sound Devices 744t, SD 422, Sony PCM-D100


Full sound effects list for Brutality - Gore and Combat FX Toolkit:

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1 review

  1. Kai

    I’d give this an easy buy if you’re in the market for gore.

    The collection of sounds is comprehensive and organized really well by content. The thing that always gets me in SFX libraries like this is terminology not being consistant, but Audio Shade did a great job keeping words like “compress” “drop” “squish” consistant prop to prop, so you know what you’re getting as you move to the next sound.

    Additionally use of inline markers on the sound files for source recordings help sort out performances of props without having to look through multiple files to find the right performance on the same prop you’re looking at. I really appreciated the workflow he chose for this library.

    FInally, the design section is beefy and does a great job capturing hyper real gore and combat. Ala walking dead.

    Overall I give this a 5/5, and is definitely worth the purchase.

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Audio Shade is run by Michael O’Connor, a sound editor and designer for tv and film.
These sound effects are meticulously recorded, edited, and embedded with rich metadata.
Approaching each library with the sound designer in mind, there is always a wide variety of coverage and takes to choose from.