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Home Sound Effects BMP-1 tank

BMP-1 tank


This library features a Soviet tank BMP-1 with a 6 cylinder water cooled diesel engine. The recordings consist of 13 channels, 7 interior (front and rear), 2 exhaust, 1 track, 1 air intake and 2 from the turret pointing forward. It contains startups, stops, idling, blips, driving, as well as exterior surround drive aways, approaching and more. Add a little history to your sound design with this Eurasian AFV.

Licensor: Pole Position Production
Categories: , .
Type: Tank sound effects / recordings
Specs: 13 files • 13 sounds • 48 kHz / 24 bit • 1.8 GB
Approx. 21 minutes total
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Tank BMP-1 Interior L+Ext L (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Air intake (18:16)
Tank BMP-1 Exhaust+Ext C (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Exhaust+Ext Ls (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Interior mono+Ext Rs (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Interior R+Ext R (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Interior rear 1 (18:16)
Tank BMP-1 Interior L (18:16)
Tank BMP-1 Interior R (18:16)
Tank BMP-1 Interior rear 2 (18:16)
Tank BMP-1 Turret forward R+Ext Cs (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Tracks+Ext Top (20:56)
Tank BMP-1 Turret forward L+Ext LFE (20:56)


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