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Home Sound Effects Alchemy of Guns – Serum Layers for Weapon Crafting

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Alchemy of Guns – Serum Layers for Weapon Crafting

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Alchemy of Guns is a comprehensive weapon laboratory of single sounds made to be mixed, assembled and fit with each other.
We built the library as an array of modular layers, each one bound to a specific alchemical element, each one made with a specific Xfer Serum setup, and since we enjoyed finding ourselves sketching on paper combinations of elements according to the combinations of the samples, we kept this general structure.

Licensor: : Hex Archive Categories: , , , .
Type: Weapon sound effects / recordings
Specs: 1489 sounds • 1536 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 2.47 GB • Not metatagged
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Sound Design with AoG - Complete Designing Walkthrough - Daniele Galante

We included a collection of Serum presets that we’ve programmed while working on this library, along with a video playlist showcasing many possible designing paths involving this pack.

Sound Design with AoG - Informal Library Preset Scrolling

To complement and fit this weird weapon laboratory we also included a big stash full of charge sounds.

Sound Design with AoG - Complete Designing Walkthrough - Enrico Scatto
Sound Design with AoG - Working with a Single Sample - Marco Furlanetto
Sound Design with AoG - Assembling Multiple Layers of Samples (2) - Marco Furlanetto


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1 review

  1. cooperkeeganmusic

    Really precious construction kit. I recommend this one if you looking for something really stunning for cinema and games works.

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Hex Archive is an italian audio production studio based in Venice and Turin, whose goal is to establish a custom and unique generative process around each production we face, always starting from scratch.

Through a series of partnerships with other trusted companies and contractors weโ€™ve built a modular structure that allows us to shape ourselves around each scope and size.


Audio Production Studio founded by Riccardo Salin and Enrico Scatto.