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Various musical instruments

  • Hear the impact of 100 designed cinematic braams. Enhance your scenes, intros, outros, trailers and scores with rich elements. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


    What’s Inside

    Designed with various styles in mind, Cinematic Braams Pack has strong and impactful braams as well as airy, modulating and synthetic braams, all ready to use for your signature sound.

    100 stereo sound files in 96kHz – 24 bit format, 14 minutes duration, includes easy to navigate metadata.


    Designed delicately so that you have the right tone for your related projects and room for further sound manipulation. 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.



    Cinematic, movie, trailer, designed, sound effects, scifi, war, horns, whoosh, braam, impact, dramatic, synthesized, mood, action, horror, instrument, synth.


    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out Eeerie Drones and Textures Pack to create fear inducing and mysterious spheres with 71 textures that are dark, bright, noisy, clean, grainy, metallic.

    Cinematic Whooshes & Transitions Pack is another option with 294 unique audio files that will keep your audience on their toes. Includes transitions and whooshes of swipes, futuristic sci-fi sounds, tonal, pass by, power ups/ downs, movement, machine, and more.


    A fresh percussion instrument that takes its cues from the beat of the city. FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION combines snippets of organic sounds to generate refreshing and complicated, low-key rhythms and beats that work well in both cinematic, ambient, and experimental contexts alike.

    Capture the unpredictability of human nature with our deep randomization options, unlocking limitless variation to your rhythms. FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION makes it easy to determine new sequences or subtly fill in the gaps and make a tremendous cacophony of chaotic slaps, ticks, and kicks. And all the SONUSCORE way – with the turn of a knob.

  • FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION is an original percussion instrument that takes inspiration from everyday noises and non-traditional percussive sounds.
  • FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION’s intricate rhythms come from three sequencers linked to independent sound slots.
  • Make your cinematic and ambient compositions stand out using FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION .
  • FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION is a percussive instrument that captures the spirit of the post-postmodern day.

    FRAGMENTS – MODERN PERCUSSION is a percussion instrument built from sounds that aren’t typically found in your standard percussion library. Each sound was recorded in twelve round robins and up to five velocity layers, with an FX and randomization engine that gives the feeling of a truly human touch (literally, since we even used parts of the human body!).


  • Instruments Metal Tensions Play Track 99+ sounds included $29.99
  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Didgeridoo Play Track 175 sounds included, 17 mins total $39

    Hear the meditative and mystic sound of the didgeridoo. Invented by the Indigenous Australian people more than 1000 years ago, this vibrant instrument is also called “yiḏaki”, the voice.

    Played by vibrating lips and a special technique called circular breathing, didgeridoo’s sound imitates animals, nature and legends.

    Didgeridoo pack has 120 sound files in 192kHz – 24 bit format. It includes a collection of drones with various techniques; emu, kookaburra, dingo, dog and mythical Rainbow Serpent voices; rhythms, loops.

    There are 35 designed sounds created by using only the original recordings in this pack and showcase the flexibility of the sound of didgeridoo. The designed sounds include cinematic braams, transitions, whooshes, sci-fi ui sounds, alarms and more.

    120 high resolution files, 175 sounds, 18 minutes duration. All files are in stereo 192kHz 24 bit format. Includes detailed and easy-to-navigate metadata. Recorded with Sennheiser MKH 8040’s.

    Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


    Didgeridoo, Indigenous Australian, ancient, instrument, brass, voice, emu, kookaburra, dingo, dog, rainbow serpent, drone, vibrant, meditative, mystical, breath, circular breathing, musical, instrument, rhythm, designed, cinematic, braam, transition, whoosh, sci-fi, UI, sound, alarm.

  • This sound library was carefully recorded, processed and crafted to offer a unique toolset for your nightmarish design needs.

    Featuring creeping dread of bowed metal wires and strings, as well as menacing stabs and frantic hits. Double bass raw recordings and designed sound effects provide exciting opportunities for unique and twisted layering.

    Explore and manipulate meticulously edited source material, drag and drop designed sound effects for instant terror or add gritty details and raw power to music compositions.

    With plenty of experimentation and unique processing, this library introduces a fresh sound palette for horror sound design and music.

    This Sound Library is a part of the Slava Pogorelsky – Complete Bundle. Upgrade offer is available!


    Victor Mercader – AAA Sound Designer (Apex Legends)
    “I find myself continuously using Slava’s SFX libraries to blend it’s pristine and detailed sound designs into my own sounds. They always add that cutting edge I am missing and make my sound designs more unique and pristine.”

    Enos Desjardins – Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Black Mirror)
    “Slava has been creating some really cool libraries which I find myself using time and again. Really high quality recordings to start with but then the cool processing he has used for example in his cinematic whoosh libraries really stand out. They are not just your standard generic whoosh sounds but are loaded with character and have a unique feel to them that is really fresh and cuts through in the nicest of ways.”

    Bjørn Jacobsen – AAA Sound Designer (CyberPunk 2077, HITMAN, DARQ)
    “Slava has for several years made high quality sound effects for me to play with. I use his sound libraries across multiple projects as lego blocks of my creations.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “‘Evil Strings Tortured Wires’ is an all-scary affair with plenty of really good, nightmarish, imaginative sounds from authentic materials, like double bass, dulcimer strings and metal wires. Sound-wise, this sample pack is clean and carefully recorded. The editing and processing of sounds is top notch, with sound design techniques applied very professionally. Overall, very gritty and not for the faint of heart.”

    Yarron Katz – AAA Composer and Sound Designer
    “Slava makes some wonderful libraries. He’s relatively new on the scene and his libraries have come to critical acclaim. He takes some general ideas, like whooshes and he injects some extremely revolutionary and innovative ideas to them, so you’re not getting another whoosh library – you’re getting something very unique, very fresh. He brings some wonderful ideas to the table.”

  • Cinematic Tones & Textures is a complete collection of cinematic tones, dark drones, textures, friction squeals and rumbles with a distinctive industrial metallic feel.

  • Percussion Instruments Wind Chimes Play Track 16+ sounds included, 98 mins total $25

    Wind Chimes is a collection of meticulously captured wind chimes purposely recorded with a pair of high-end Barcus Berry 4000 (Planar Wave Piano and Harp Pickup System) contact microphones. By using this type of mic instead of traditional ones, the attack, sustain and decay of each tube struck by its clapper are experienced in ways unheard by the naked ear. Every tinkle and plink, every clang and rattle sound a bit more removed from its environment than normal. Harmonics are heard alongside fundamental frequencies. Every recording is unique to its moment in time. Each note is as random as the wind that plays it. These chimes are anything but showroom new. Some are weathered. Some are outwardly neglected. A few sound pretty, others not so much.

  • Cinematic Hits & Impacts is a comprehensive collection of cinematic trailer hits, booms, & designed impacts, with a distinctive industrial metallic feel.

  • Cinematic Creaks & Risers is a complete collection of cinematic risers, drones, textures, creaks, groans and wails, with a distinctive industrial metallic feel.


    Where words fail, music gains its power. The magical fairytale pulls of our Celtic harp transport the listener to magical worlds in heavenly places.

    A Celtic harp with a divinely inspired sound, CELESTIAL HARP has a unique tone that is warm and soft in its plucks, but lush and enveloping with its full strums. It is perfect to transport your listeners to fantasy worlds and ancient settings, especially when paired with the particle power of our Glow slider, which transmutes the sound into an incredible, soothing, and airy pad. Control the particle effect further by adjusting speed and dynamic range.

    Recorded with 5 round robins, it also includes the flageolet technique to create a Harmonic layer. The Natural and Harmonic layers can be balanced to your preference, adjusting between a natural pluck and one with more shimmer. The 10 presets included are crafted to take full advantage of both the natural harp tones and the full ethereal pad effect of the Glow slider.

    The Celtic harp is much smaller and more compact than a classical harp like HA•PI. Because of its size, it’s more commonly used in folk and traditional music, as well as in taverns and at Elven festivities.

    Available as a DOWNLOAD

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

  • Immerse yourself in cultures across the world with these inspiring pairs and create a musical journey for your listeners. Unlock the potential of these instruments that are often not found in the same musical spheres and let our pairs of arpeggiators bring true compositional power to your fingertips.

    The ORIGINS BUNDLE VOL. 6-10 features 10 beautifully recorded instruments combined into 5 intriguing sets, each powered by their own arpeggiator creating unique rhythms and patterns.

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

  • Cinematic/Trailer Instruments Elemental Mutation Play Track 1083 sounds included, 578 mins total $74

    Imagine the visceral sensation of particles shifting and evolving, the subtle textures of organic materials swirling and twirling, and the eerie sounds of supernatural change. With “Elemental Mutation,” you’ll have access to this unique collection of SFX loops that capture these experiences in intricate detail. Inside you’ll find over 1000+ designed and organic seamlessly loop-able morphing particles, evolving textures, and organic mutations sound effects perfect for creating soundscapes, ambiences, entropy, high detail or layers in a soundtrack. This comprehensive library captures the subtle nuances of growth and evolution, as well as the uncanny and unsettling sounds of unnatural transformation.

    • 1083 loops
    • 20 GB of audio samples
    • Over 9.5 hours of game audio
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav file format
    25 %
  • The ARP ODYSSEY’s mighty little sibling.

    ARP’s SOLUS synthesizer is a portable powerhouse synth that can produce some seriously beefy sounds that feel right at home in today’s music. Released in 1980, SOLUS was developed as a portable performance synthesizer, hence being constructed as a flight case, featuring a hardwired power cord poking out of the front panel and panel-mounted I/O. Featuring two oscillators with sync functionality, ring modulation, and a classic ARP filter, this synth boasts plenty of sonic potential.

    SØLUS features super beefy basses, searing leads, sturdy synths, and so much more. All ready to be used in your favorite DAW. As always, this synth was meticulously multi-sampled to preserve its original tonality while keeping noise to the absolute minimum.

    While ARP SOLUS is a synth often standing in the shadows of its legendary siblings ODYSSEY and 2600, it truly is an instrument worthy of Alan R. Pearlman‘s legacy. When it comes to cutting through a mix, it’s one tough synth to beat.

    As always, this synth was sampled using pristine converters, DI, and Rheingold cables to bring the instrument’s full sonic potential to your productions. Since ARP SOLUS only accepts a limited range of CV input (somehow you can’t feasibly play below C2 via regular CV), every single one of the included samples had to be hand-played and edited on top of being meticulously looped by hand for seamless infinite sustain.

    Pack contents

    • 63 multi-sampled patches in multiple formats (see below)
    • 1,129 individual samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 430 mb)

    Included formats

    • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler (10.5+), Alchemy, exs24 (legacy), and DecentSampler (via import)
    • .nki for Kontakt 4.1 and newer (not compatible with free Kontakt Player)
    • .adv for Ableton Live Sampler (10 Suite or newer)
    • MPC 2 Expansion with Keygroup instruments, pre-programmed inserts, and patch previews.
    • .sf2 SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), UVI Falcon, Kontakt 5 & older, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, Halion Sonic & others
    • Reason ReFill containing NN-XT sampler patches
    • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
    • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave

    SØLUS // a multi-sampled ARP SOLUS library!



    Multi-Sampler Software Revolutionized

    Interakt is a reinvented, game-changing standalone software

    Developed for the purpose of creating high quality sound effects that can be used in interactive media such as video games, animations, apps, films, music, and other multimedia productions. Get ahead of any production timeline by creating your own sound bank that will cover all your unique production needs.

    Designed with an easy-to-use interface, users can create limitless sounds combinations by melding preexisting SFX with sampling sections to blend into new and optimized sound effects. Achieve ultimate customization by altering sound precisely to your own unique production needs with Interakt.

    Interakt is an interactive sound library software that is compatible with midi keyboards and computer keys. Utilize batch exporting, real-time playback, and more streamlined functionality for a faster workflow that will accelerate any production time.

  • Fusing musical instruments and sound effects TO CREATE FASCINATING SCORES

    From the frozen reaches of the North, icy spirits reach out across the eternal expanse to seize the listener in their song. NORDIC SPHERES captures the frosty tone of the ancients, a transportive granular instrument that creates rough, pulsating atmospheres echoing through time and desolation.

    • NORDIC SPHERES features an unpolished, ambient sound perfect for creating ambiences as palpable as a thick fog
    • NORDIC SPHERES blends layers of musical spheres and sound effects together with easy but complex arpeggiators
    • With NORDIC SPHERES, freeze forlorn, mysterious scores in the tracks of modern cinematic music
    • NORDIC SPHERES seizes the essence of the beautiful Icelandic nature: from almost infinite icy fields to the fiery horrors of volcanic rage.
  • Music Reggaeton Pop Play Track 322+ sounds included $24
  • Introducing the Plonk Percussion Hits Collection, a UNIQUE percussion sample package with over 200 files! This collection features samples from the renowned Plonk physical modeling percussion synthesizer. These sounds are perfect for live performance, hardware samplers, or software samplers and drum plugins like Battery.

  • Instruments Cow Horn Play Track 36 sounds included $29

    Cow Horn is a traditional Finnish musical instrument constructed from the horn of cattle. In Finnish language it has many names, including sarvi, paimensarvi, lehmänsarvi, and sarvitrumpetti. Similar Nordic instruments include the Swedish kohorn and the Norwegian kuhorn.

    The recorded cow horn had two finger holes. Without covering any finger holes, we got a note C#. Covering one hole made a note D, and covering both finger holes made a note D#.

    We recorded long and short notes, and then expanded these to cover some lower and higher notes. Legato, portamento and vibrato was added via script.

    Cow Horn was recorded with two microphones, Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH 8040, and you can choose your preferred one. We captured 36 samples with 3 round robins.

    FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required

  • 100% bike sounds, 100% not what you think.

    So, this pack happened sort of on a whim. Armed with a new field recorder and eager to test its capabilities I recorded some sounds my bike makes. I quickly found that these little samples had a lot of potential and immediately started manipulating, layering, and mangling them into a fully fledged drum kit. This kit covers everything from seat-smacks turned 808s, spoke flicks turned snare drums, and freewheel hubs turned hi-hats.

    So here it is, “SPØKES”, a super off-the wall drum kit that is 100% original, 100% bike sounds, yet 100% musical at the same time. This kit was a blast to make and I hope you’ll be having just as much fun using it in your productions.

    What’s included?

    • 86 percussive one-shot samples @ 24 Bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files, 5mb total
      • 8x Kick
      • 13x Snare
      • 18x Hi-Hat
      • 4x 808
      • 43x Percussion

    Important: These are not the kind of bicycle sound effects you’d want if you’re looking add believable sound to a bike onscreen. This is a set of samples specifically targeted at music makers and as source for more experimental sound design.

  • An intensely creative groove box from Sweden.

    The charming & quirky digital sound of the OP-Z is now coming to the most popular DAWs and samplers. All 62 patches from my previous OP-Z patch dump MPC Expansions have been converted one-by-one into industry standard SoundFont files and other formats that are supported by a wide variety of samplers and DAWs.

    I’ve been going through the samples of the original expansions one by one, cleaning them up and finding the perfect loop points so that all of them (save for some percussive patches) now offer infinite sustain. All samples are completely free of noise, recorded at 24bit / 44.1 kHz and stored as simple WAV files which makes them easily usable outside of the pre-mapped patches.

    Compatible samplers include: exs24, Ableton Sampler, NN-XT, NN-19, Bitwig Studio, UVI Falcon, Sforzando, Halion Sonic.

    Pack contents

    • 62 OP-Z patches in multiple multisample formats
    • 932 individual, unprocessed samples in total (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 491 mb)

    Included formats

    • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler, Alchemy, EXS24 (legacy) and DecentSampler (via import)
    • .nki for Kontakt 4.1 and later (not compatible with Kontakt Player)
    • .adv for Ableton Live 10 Suite or newer (not compatible with Intro or Standard)
    • .sfz SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), Kontakt 5 & older, exs24, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, & others
    • Reason ReFill containing NN-XT patches
    • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
    • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave
  • Geophonic Instruments Vol. 5 is a set of mind-bending, sustained sounds with immense low end. Captured with the Lom Geofon and a range of sources such as Harmonicas, Drums and various stringed instruments, our Audio Craftsmen designed an eclectic range of sustained Drone, Rumbles & Risers perfect for epic trailers and nail biting horror.

    This collection features subsonic frequencies that drop as low as 10Hz, allowing you to inject some super weighty, speaker-shaking energy into your work.

    Use this library to intensify sci-fi, mystery, thriller and horror genres in your Fil, TV & Game projects.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 192kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease

    20 %
  • A Replica of ARP’s legendary Synth, multi-sampled.

    The ARP Odyssey is nothing short of a legendary synthesizer. Released in 1972 as a direct answer to the famous MiniMoog, the Odyssey became one of ARP’s most beloved synths and has been used on too many hit records to count. Stevie Wonder, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Devo, Abba… The list of famous Odyssey users reads like a top ten list of the most influential artists in the history of recorded music. The Odyssey is, in essence, a minimalist take on the ARP 2600 – simplified into a straightforward and immensely capable performance synth that is as sonically powerful as it is accessible. Its dual oscillators with sync functionality, FM, ring modulation, white/pink noise generator and dual EGs allow it to produce a great variety of sounds that are as universally useful as they are distinctly ARP.

    The year 2022 marks the Odyssey’s 50th anniversary, an event I knew I had to celebrate with you! To celebrate this legend’s birthday, I created a library of tastefully gnarly basses, searing leads, versatile synths, and a whole load of plucks for you to bring into your productions.

    In 2015, equally legendary instrument manufacturer KORG took it upon themselves to release a faithful replica of the classic duophonic Odyssey that encompasses the character of all three Odyssey revisions ARP produced. This is achieved by allowing the player to switch between the three different filter circuits used in the MKI, MKII, and MKIII respectively. The added analog “drive” circuitry of the KORG Odyssey adds a tasteful amount of saturation which I heavily exploited to make the sounds of this sample library extra juicy. This instrument was captured using high-end converters and cables to create ØDYSSEUS.

    Pack contents

    • 49 multi-sampled patches in multiple formats (see below)
      • 14x basses
      • 8x leads
      • 15x plucks
      • 12x synths
    • 2,341 individual samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 856 mb)

    Included formats

    • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler (10.5+), Alchemy, exs24 (legacy), and DecentSampler (via import)
    • .nki for Kontakt 4.1 and newer (not compatible with free Kontakt Player)
    • .adv for Ableton Live Sampler (10 Suite or newer)
    • MPC 2 Expansion with Keygroup instruments, pre-programmed inserts, and patch previews.
    • .sfz SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), UVI Falcon, Kontakt 5 & older, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, Halion Sonic & others
    • Reason ReFill containing NN-XT sampler patches
    • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
    • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave

    ØDYSSEUS - the sound of the ARP ODYSSEY // a sample library by BØLT

    50 years of ARP ODYSSEY celebrated with a big sample library! #shorts

  • In this library you will find a dark ambience sounds.
    These sounds are perfect to use in movies, trailers, games, documentaries, etc.

    These sounds were all created by me on virtual synthesizers.

    After working these sounds in post-production, this library comes with 5 dark ambiences.

  • A classic ARP mono-synth, meticulously multi-sampled.

    As a minimalist monophonic synthesizer from the 70s, the ARP AXXE is as straightforward as it gets: Single oscillator, one envelope generator, a simple low-pass filter, white noise generator, pwm… However, it still manages to achieve that delightfully gnarly ARP sound that’s so unique to everything this little New England-based synth manufacturer put together.

    This pack of carefully multi-sampled AXXE patches is a tribute to this simple synth’s greatness and contains tons of musical and useful sounds that are just as relevant today as they were back when this little synth hit store shelves. From solid basses to quirky plucks, from noise crashes to surprisingly competent synth drums – this pack is sure to inspire you.

    No corners were cut during the sampling process and every single patch was recorded one semitone at a time for consistent timbre and maximum authenticity. Additionally, each note was tuned individually to make sure this pack can work along all your other instruments and samples.

    Recorded with Rheingold music cables and high-end Antelope Audio converters, these samples are pristine and endlessly tweakable. To make sure that this pack is useful for everyone, I’m offering you these patches in a whole load of different formats so that you can bring them into your favorite sampler. Even hardware workstations are accounted for with a full MPC Expansion and files for various KORG machines.

    Pack contents

    • 34 multi-sampled patches in multiple formats (see below)
      • 2,160 individual samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 500 ≈ 900 mb)
    • 60 one shot samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 12 mb)

    Included formats

    • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler (10.5+), Alchemy, exs24 (legacy), and DecentSampler (via import)
    • .nki for Kontakt (not compatible with free Kontakt Player)
    • .adv for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 Suite or newer)
    • MPC 2 Expansion with Keygroup instruments, pre-programmed inserts, patch previews, and a drum kit with all one-shots.
    • .sfz SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), UVI Falcon, Kontakt 5 & older, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, Halion Sonic & others
    • Reason ReFill containing NN-XT sampler patches
    • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
    • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave

    BØLT - AXXE | a meticulously multisampled classic ARP synth.

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