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Today is International Women’s Day, and for starters I’d like to celebrate three extremely talented women who are a cornerstone of A Sound Effect: Adriane Kuzminski, Jennifer Walden, and, recently, Anne-Sophie Mongeau.

Without their sharp writing, their passion for the sound community, and their outgoing and collaborative nature, A Sound Effect just wouldn’t be the same – and I’m extremely grateful for their invaluable contribution.

Story highlights from the past year:


In addition to the writing of the talented trio above, here are a few of my favorite stories from the past year, featuring women from the sound community:

• 10 Essential Tips for Game Audio Freelancers – With Rebecca Parnell
• Behind ‘Beep’ – the gigantic game audio history project – with Karen Collins
• The Sound of War: How Ana Monte captured sounds of humanity in a conflict zone
• Building a successful audio post studio – with Kate Finan and Jeff Shiffman

A few of my favorite stories that are a bit older:

• Creating the haunting, sinister sound of ‘Penny Dreadful’ – with Jane Tattersall
• This is how the fantastical sound of Game Of Thrones is made – with Paula Fairfield

And finally, here’s a useful resource for finding many more women in sound:

• Check out the excellent profiles on Soundgirls.org right here

Women in Foley:

Check out these great videos featuring women in Foley:

The Magic of Making (Foley) Sound – Alyson Moore, Chris Moriana and mixer Mary Jo Lang:

Video Thumbnail

The Secret World of Foley – with Sue Harding, Pete Burgis and Glen Gathard:

Video Thumbnail
Notable organizations for women in sound:


I’m sure there are many more out there, but these are the ones I’ve noticed in particular:

Soundgirls.org: Web FacebookTwitter
Women’s Audio Mission: WebFacebookTwitter
Women in Film & Television UK: WebFacebookTwitter


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