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Our friends over at Tonebenders have just released an excellent new interview on the sound design of Stranger Things season 4 - featuring Supervising Sound Editor Craig Henighan, and sound editors Lee Gilmore, Angelo Palazzo and Katie Halliday.

And to celebrate the excellent sound behind the series, we're glad to bring you this special feature on the sound of all 4 seasons:

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The Sound Design of Stranger Things Season 4:


Supervising Sound Editor Craig Henighan, and sound editors Lee Gilmore, Angelo Palazzo and Katie Halliday take us behind the iconic sounds in Season 4 of Stranger Things. We dive deep into the the grandfather clock, Yuri’s plane and helicopter, the voices of the Demobats and vines and lots, lots more.

Interview by Tonebenders

Craig Henighan on orchestrating creepy clocks and demogorgons:


Craig Henighan ('Stranger Things' sound design) on orchestrating creepy clocks and demogorgons

Interview by GoldDerby

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Behind the sound of Stranger Things Season 3:


Join the team behind the sound and music of Stranger Things 3 for a discussion about how the sound of the show has evolved and grown over three seasons, delivering cinema quality sound on an episodic schedule and budget, how to preserve that experience across all home platforms, the challenges of keeping creature sounds fresh and new, and finally, how the famous Neverending Story sequence came together.

Craig Henighan – Sound Supervisor • Mark Patterson – Dx and Music Mixer • David Klotz – Music Editor • Angelo Palazzo – SFX Editor • Katie Halliday – SFX Editor

Interview by Soundworks Collection


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Behind the sound of Stranger Things Season 2:


We’re very happy to welcome back Emmy-award winners Brad North and Craig Henighan as they take you behind the scenes on the sound for the 2nd season.
Here’s the story behind their creative work, sonic approaches and ideas for Stranger Things 2 – and how they cleverly designed the sounds for everything from pollywogs to Demodogs, and that menacing Shadow Monster.

Read the huge A Sound Effect interview:
Behind the thrilling sound of Stranger Things – Season 2

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Behind the sound of Stranger Things Season 1:


Stranger Things is a smash hit on Netflix, and it’s one of those shows that gets everybody talking. It perfectly captures that ’80s atmosphere and blends it with an irresistible cocktail of adventure, mystery and horror.
The sound on the show is done by supervising sound editor Brad North and sound designer Craig Henighan and the team at Technicolor. And below, they give you the full, in-depth story on how the Stranger Things sound is done. They cover everything from how they recreated the signature sound of the 80s, to designing strange(r), mysterious, otherworldly sounds – and some very clever sound effects tricks:

Read the huge A Sound Effect interview:
How the outstanding sound for ‘Stranger Things’ is made:

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