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Electromagnetic BlackCrowSound

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Electromagnetic BlackCrowSound

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Futuristic Interfaces

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  • Foley Sound Effects Pickups and Small Item Sounds Play Track 280 sounds included, 7 mins total $4.16

    Great Audio is Essential

    Essential Audio Pickups and Small Item Sounds contains 280 Foley sounds designed specifically for Video Game Sound Designers who need the usual Pick-Up sounds and SFX for common small items, including: Keys, Coins, Access Card, Pills/Health, Latches, Locks, Chains, Bags, and many many more!


    •  280 sounds
    • Bags
    • Coins
    • Keys
    • Pill Bottle
    • Cable Ties
    • Camera
    • Lighter
    • Access Card
    • Chains
    • Locks
    • Clips and Clasps
    • Computer Mouse
    • Boxes
    • Papers
    • Clicks and Ticks
    • Tools
    • Scissors
    • Wood Game Pieces
    • Zippers

    Number of Audio Waves: 280

    Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 16 bit

    75 %
  • Materials & Texture Sound Effects Glacier Ice Play Track 300+ sounds included $32

    Glacier Ice is a library containing over 300 high quality sounds of ice cracking, breaking, shattering in various sizes of blocks – recorded entirely in the Italian Alps over the course of two winters.

    The library contains sounds of all dimensions, from ice cubes being dropped in a drink to a designed iceberg collapsing.

    The majority of the material was recorded at 192 KHz with a Sanken CO100K and a stereo pair of Sennheiser MKH8040, making this library greatly flexible for pitch shifting and all sorts of heavy processing.

    A small section recorded at 96KHz features sounds recorded exclusively with contact microphones placed directly on the surface of a frozen water stream.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
    20 %
  • 67 %
  • Complete Wood Door SFX Library for Film, Television and Games

    This extensive SFX library includes 435 pristine detailed recordings of old wooden doors each with its own character. You’ll get recordings of multiple wood door types opening, closing, latching, squeaking, being knocked on, and more.

    Sourcing locations to capture the sound of these old wooden doors took over a year, many cups of tea, and carting around a kit of portable gear including a pair of Sennheiser Mkh8040s, a Rode NTG3, a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 and a Sony PCM D100. All stereo recordings, at 96 Khz 24 bit.

    This library is UCS compliant and includes rich metadata description.

    34 %
  • Electricity Sound Effects Polarity Play Track 975 sounds included $72

    Polarity delivers more than 950 sounds of electricity, science and technology – captured in several locations around the world, from electricity museums to science labs. About 50% of the library is all about electricity, with various types of Jacob’s Ladders, Tesla Coils, Ruhmkorff lamp and all sorts of impactful bursts of energy.

    Then we go through welders, plasma spheres, 3D printers, starting to cover a more broad technology theme – like old phones, telegraphs, dynamo wheels, rotary dials, whirling watchers, alarm, lab centrifuges, something scientists call a roller and a rocker, servo sounds, neon lights, a wimshurst machine and sparklers.

    Many sounds in this section were captured from vintage equipment, from a 1928’s tram to old telephone switchboards, high voltage levers and control surfaces.

    All content was recorded at 192KHz with a Sanken CO100K, a couple of Sennheiser 8040 and a Neumann 81i, translating into final assets that have plenty of ultrasonic content, ready for the most extreme manipulation.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
    20 %
  • Electricity Sound Effects A Fluorescent Bulb II Play Track 12+ sounds included, 37 mins total $25

    This library is a continuation of my first library A Fluorescent Bulb. This contains 6 more fluorescent light hums/buzzes with nice plinks and warming sounds. For each light there is at least 2 minutes up to 5 minutes of tone, and a second file with a manipulated light switch where you get multiple plinks and buzzes. The tone of this library is a bit higher pitch than the first 6 bulbs from the first library

    29 %
  • Ringtones and notifications for movies, games or TV production are tricky things.

    You just can’t use stock ringtones from smartphone manufacturers because of copyrights.

    Ringtones with strong harmony can clash with background music.

    Many ringtones from SFX libraries are just overused.

    There is a way out!

    This library consists of 423 files (1600+ sounds), which are divided into categories, such as: ringtones, alarms, notifications, UI,  lock-unlock and etc.

    You’ll also find Foley folder, which contains vibrations, mechanical buttons, tone dials and etc, recorded with four smartphones of different age.

    But that’s not all: every sound was re-recorded using stereo microphones from three different smartphones, ranging from vintage to modern, for instant worldizing and authentic cinematic feel.

    This library will strengthen up your sonic arsenal like heavy duty smartphone tempered glass!

    Main features:

    • 423 files/1600+ sounds
    • Copyright free
    • 96khz/24bit stereo
    • Handy smartphone (or any electronic phone) toolkit, consists of several categories, such as Ringtones, Alarms, UI, Notifications, Camera and etc.
    • Completely worldized (re-recorded in real world using stereo mics) with 3 different smartphones, ranging from vintage to modern
    • Foley folder with vibrations, mechanical buttons and etc
    • Extensive Soundminer and BWF metadata for search engines
    • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant

    Equipment used:  Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30, Sound Devices MixPre 6, Samsung s5830, Motorola MotoG 1st gen, Xiaomi MiMix2, Xiaomi Mi4

    30 %
    Ends 1715464800
  • Rock / Stone Sound Effects Rocks Momentum Play Track 1100+ sounds included $29.60

    The Rocks Momentum sound effects library gets you more than 1100 sounds of rocks, bricks, wood logs, stones, impacting on different surfaces, rolling, being scraped one against the other and so on. The library was recorded in the Italian alps, and in Inverness, Scotland. Defective construction materials were used for the recording of bricks, roofing tiles, cement blocks etc.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
    20 %
  • Looking for the ultimate collection of monster sounds for your video game development? Look no further than “Bestiary,” the ultimate bundle of monster sound effects from Khron Studio!

    SoundCloud playlist preview
    Monster Library Vol 1
    Monster Library Vol 2
    Monster Library Vol 3
    Monster Library Vol 4

    Featuring a total of 536 high-quality sound effects, this bundle includes four unique sound packs, each designed to bring your game to life with a variety of monstrous sounds. Here’s what you can expect from each pack:

    Monster Library Vol 1 features 141 organic monster sounds inspired by famous audiovisual products, including squawks, screams, attacks, and more. This pack is perfect for adding a touch of realism to your smaller and medium-sized monsters.

    Monster Library Vol 2 contains 107 sounds with a wide variety of monster characteristics, including breathing, different types of steps, eating, and more. This library is divided into categories such as attacks, deaths, growls, and more.

    Monster Library Vol 3 offers 168 sounds covering the most important actions of 5 types of monsters, including dragons, spiders, trolls, goblins, and orcs. With a large number of variations for each sound, this pack is perfect for making your monsters feel more alive than ever.

    Monster Library Vol 4 includes 120 sounds covering the most important actions of 5 types of monsters, including behemoths, insects, skeletons, aberrations, and specters. Like the previous pack, this library also offers a large number of variations for each sound.

    With “Bestiary,” you’ll have everything you need to create a truly immersive and terrifying experience for your players. Whether you’re creating an action-packed game or a spooky horror adventure, this bundle is a must-have for any game developer looking to take their sound effects to the next level.

    So what are you waiting for? Add “Bestiary Monster Bundle” to your audio library today and watch your game come alive with the sounds of monstrous beasts!

    More about the pack
    • Intuitive file naming
    • All you’ll ever need regarding magical elemental sounds [Use them again & again]
    • Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    • Totally mono compatibility
    • All sounds have several variations.
    • Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for a creature other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.
    • For any questions or problems:
    • 536 unique monster sounds
    • Number of Audio Waves: 536
    • Format: 44-48-96KHz / 16-24 bits
    • Do Sound FX loop: Some
    • Minutes of audio provided: 14 minutes & 57 seconds

    Monster Library Vol 1
    Monster Library Vol 2
    Monster Library Vol 3
    Monster Library Vol 4
    License Agreement

    30 %
  • Discover the Creaky Rope Tension Sound Library, featuring 290+ high-quality mono recordings of rope tension from various angles and speeds. Perfect for filmmakers, game designers, and sound engineers, these pristine 192kHz/24bit recordings offer versatile creative possibilities, making them ideal for ships, swings, sweeteners,and a wide range of other rope and wood related activities.

    12 %
  • Prepare for combat!

    With our fighting sound library, you’ll have 192 high-quality sound effects at your disposal so you can create the ultimate fighting experience in your video games, movies, or audio projects. Each of our sound effects has been carefully designed and categorized to cover all possible situations of a fight scene.

    Sound categories include: Punch, Bone Break, Blood, Punch Whoosh, Hit Protection, Break Bone, Sword, Knife…

    Furthermore, all of our sound effects have been recorded at a 96KHz & 24-bit, which means that each one of them has exceptionally high sound quality and stunning clarity. These sound effects are also highly customizable, which means you can adjust them to perfectly suit your creative needs.
    If you’re looking for a fight sound library that will really make an impact on your project, look no further! Our fighting sounds library will provide you with all the sound effects you need to create the most exciting and realistic fight you’ve ever imagined.
    Download now and start creating!

    Youtube soon…

    Movements include:
    – Blood
    – Body Falls
    – Break Bone
    – Cloth Whoosh
    – Grab Body Cloth
    – Knife
    – Metal tube
    – Punch Breaking Bones
    – Punch Protection
    – Punch Whoosh
    – Strong Generic Punch
    – Sword

    More about the pack
    – Intuitive file naming
    – All you’ll ever need regarding magical elemental sounds [Use them again & again
    – Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties.
    – Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    – Totally mono compatibility
    – All sounds have several variations.
    – Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for a creature other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.
    – For any questions or problems:

    – 192 unique fight sounds
    – Number of Audio Waves: 192
    – Format: 96 Hz / 24 bits
    – Do Sound FX loop: Some
    – Minutes of audio provided: 3 minutes and 13 second

    License Agreement

    20 %
  • Hum, Buzz & Glitch Sound Effects A Fluorescent Bulb Play Track 30+ sounds included, 17 mins total $25

    I have recorded 6 different fluorescent bulb lamps in an industrial warehouse with two close mic'd dpa 4060 in each that I then edited into 30 stereo files (about 5 takes of each with different lengths). Excellent for all of your warehouse, slum, industrial sound and ambience needs. Check out the video, or email before buying if you feel like it! Enjoy.

    29 %
  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Cracks Play Track 800+ sounds included, 200 mins total $43

    CRACKS is a large exploration of different cracking sound sources – cracking, crunching, breaking and creaking.
    I have recorded a number of different materials, designed and processed to create some more aggressive, powerful and ready-to-use destruction sounds.
    Bread, Cardboard, Celery, Ceramic, Chips, Glass, Ice, Icy vegetables, Leather, Paper, Pasta, Plastic, Polystyrene, Rocks, Snow, Wood.
    The library contains over 444 sound files – around 2,5 hours of sounds included in total.
    Originally recorded at 192 kHz with two Sennheiser MKH8040 and a Sound devices 702.

    Each sound file has been carefully named and tagged for easy search in Soundminer and is Universal Category System (UCS) compliant.

    (see the full track list below).

    Update 3 – New sounds added to the library:
    Cracks has been updated with 71 new recordings, and completely renamed and tagged in UCS .
    A total of 2 GB of free additional content, bringing the total library size to over 7 GB in 515 files.
    Update 4 – New sounds added to the library:
    Cracks has just been updated with 73 new files, more rock, ice and wood cracks.
    A total of 1,8 GB of free additional content, bringing the total library size to over 8,5 GB in 586 files.
    22 %
  • Adds a lot of sounds of fantasy magic weapons

    With this package you will get sounds of swords and magical bows, where you can find everything from elemental magic for each weapon, to impacts, impacts are blood, etc… These sounds are divided into 173 High-Quality sounds:

    Magic Sword
    Elemental Sword
    Elemental Bow
    Elemental buffs
    Elemental Whoosh


    More about the pack

    Some sounds have variations with reverb and without reverb.
    You can find extended versions of some attacks so you just have to drag and drop.
    Intuitive file naming.
    The sounds can be used for different weapons (not only swords and bows, you choose).
    All you’ll ever need regarding magical weapons sounds.


    173 Unique magic elemental spells
    Number of Audio Waves: 173
    Format:  44.000 Hz / 16 bit
    Do Sound FX loop: Yes
    Minutes of audio provided: 4 minutes and 19 seconds

    20 %
  • Ethno Instruments Singing Bowls Play Track 550 sounds included, 280 mins total $27.30

    Singing bowl is a type of metal or glass/crystal bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Also known as Himalayan or Tibetan, singing bowls are used in meditation and yoga practice.

    Singing bells are very useful in sound design and music production, because of rich and slowly evolving tones and textures.

    For this library I recorded metal and crystal singing bowls in many different sizes.

    Also, several polyphonic performances, played by trained yoga-master, are included as a bonus.

    30 %
    Ends 1715464800
  • Foley Sound Effects Real Outdoor Footsteps Play Track 13500 sounds included, 184 mins total From: $59 From: $49

    REAL OUTDOOR FOOTSTEPS is part of our successful “Foleyart Collection” series. With an additional 13,500 externally recorded footsteps, this library offers unprecedented content!

    Sometimes there are problems with mixing when the Foleystage is too present. Outdoor recordings are difficult, so we have recorded at up to 2500m altitude in very quiet places of the Sierra Nevada in Spain and the Swiss Alps.

    These samples are also available as expansion for Edward Ultimate SUITE  and Edward Foleyart Instrument. In this case you need a full version of the instrument to use the expansion. Choose your desired package below!

    Key Features:
    • 13 500 outside recorded Foley sounds @ 24Bit, 96 kHZ
    • 25 combinations of shoes and surfaces
    • Different walking speeds and behaviors
    • WAV files are Meta ready (not included in EUS and EFI Expansion)

    Includes the following surfaces:
    Asphalt • Dirt • Deep Dirt • Grass Long • Grass Mud Mix • Grass Dry • Gravel Mix • Gravel Wet • Leaves • Rocks • Wood Mix • Wood Dry

    Includes the following shoes:
    Sneakers • Boots  • Sandals

    Extremely Slow Walk • Medium Slow Walk • Walk • Jog • Run • Stairs Slow • Stairs Fast • Stomp • Land • Scuff • Scrape 1 • Scrape 2 • Scrape 3

    Recording Equipment:
    Sennheiser MKH 416
    Neumann KMR 81i
    Rycote Windshield

    17 %
    20 %
    25 %
    20 %
  • Electricity Sound Effects Fridge Hums Bundle Play Track 45 sounds included, 90 mins total $18

    Over 90 minutes of fridge hums, buzzes, deep rumbles, tones, and clicks. Find all the fridge sounds you need with unlimited potential for sci-fi designed tones and other sonic manipulation.

    18 %
  • Punchy Transients is an organized toolbox that serves as a reliable source of ”layers of impact” which many, many sounds do require to be in their best fit. It is also a trusty stash for designers who need to save some time to focus on something else.

    The library content was made by recording a collection of hits on a punching bag using many techniques. Also, a dry version of each sample and a folder of bonus thumps are included.

    58 %
  • Introducing ‘Expressive Dogs,’ a canine sound effects library featuring 172 vocal expressions recorded at 96kHz/24 bit. Originating from a curated set of sounds recorded for a film project, where infusing character and emotion into the featured dog was paramount, these recordings have proven to be so versatile and impactful that we couldn’t resist sharing them with the world!

    This extensive collection captures a diverse spectrum of expressive dog noises, ranging from playful grunts and impatient whines to heartwarming breaths and gentle whimpers. Whether you’re working on film projects, animations, or games, these high-quality recordings offer a great toolset of emotionally charged dog sounds to enhance and bring life and personality to your dog based projects.

    As a side note rest assured that our beloved Session Dog, Paddy, was pampered and treated like the star he is during these recordings. It only takes a shake of his treat jar to get him singing – a testament to the joy and excitement behind each sound!

    25 %
  • Immerse yourself in the essence of your RPG game with our library “RPG Interface Essentials – Character & HUB“. With a total of 171 sounds in high quality audio format 192 kHz y 24 bits, this collection of sounds provides you with everything you need to bring your virtual world to life.


    Main Features:
    Key Categories: We’ve divided this library into three essential categories, each designed to enhance the player experience.
    Buttons: Explore a wide variety of button effects, from choosing rewards to closing windows. Button sounds are crucial to player interaction.
    Character: Add depth to your characters with sounds that range from adjusting stats to switching characters mid-game. Equip accessories, amulets, armor and weapons with realistic sounds.
    HUB: Dive into the core of the UI with sounds that accompany player actions such as leveling up, selecting skills, and exploring the HUB menu.
    – Wide variety: In total, we offer 171 sounds designed to enrich your game. From button effects to detailed stat adjustment sounds, each sound has been meticulously created to enhance immersion.
    High Quality Format: All sounds are presented in audio format 192 kHz y 24 bits, guaranteeing exceptional quality and clarity in every detail.

    Designed for the Player Experience:
    Intuitive Buttons: Button effects help players make decisions and navigate the game world with ease.
    Living Characters: Character stat and equipment adjustment sounds add an extra layer of realism to hero evolution.
    Smooth Navigation: HUB menu sounds offer an effortless and engaging user experience.

    Whether you’re creating an epic role-playing game or a unique adventure experience, “RPG Interface Essentials – Character & HUB” is designed to supercharge your projects.ects of games. We offer a range of sounds that will drive your game’s narrative and enhance player immersion. Don’t miss this essential collection for RPG game developers!

    More about the pack
    – Intuitive file naming
    – Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    – Totally mono compatibility
    – All sounds have several variations.
    – Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.
    – For any questions or problems:

    – 171 RPG Interface sounds
    – Number of Audio Waves: 171
    – Format: 192 Khz / 24 bits
    – Do Sound FX loop: No
    – Minutes of audio provided: 3 minutes and 4 second

    20 %
  • Game Audio Packs Warfare Sounds Play Track 2492 sounds included $28

    WARFARE SOUNDS is a massive collection of 2492 professionally recorded, edited and designed sound effects.  Including guns, bullet flybys, bullet impacts, silenced guns, explosions, footsteps, Foley, nature ambiances and more!

    WARFARE SOUNDS contains sounds from our other sound packages, including:

    Gun Sound Pack
    Bullet Impact Sounds
    Silenced Gun Sounds
    Explosion Sound Pack
    Footstep and Foley Sounds

    Plus additional content from Pro Sound Collection! This is the ultimate sound package for anyone working on a military type film or game.  Perfect for an FPS or any type of shooter.

    ALL sounds from WARFARE SOUNDS are already included in our full package Pro Sound Collection. So if you need more sounds. Be sure to check it out before purchase.

    28 %
  • This is a small collection of 180 easy-to-use futuristic interface sound effects.

    All sounds categorized by the most popular cases in production, such as Alarm, Beep, Button, Confirm, Deny, Telemetry, Text, Noise, and others.

    Also, it contains two main sub category: Simple (could be used as a layer in complex sound design) and Complex (which already consists of several layers).

    This library is a fast, easy, effective and extremely affordable way to complete your production tasks.

    Main features:

    • 180 ready-to-use sound effects with alterations

    • Futuristic computer interface sounds

    • Categorized as Simple and Complex

    • Most popular types of effects: Alarm, Beep, Button, Confirm, Deny and others

    • Contains metadata for search engines

    30 %
    Ends 1715464800
  • Fire Sound Effects Designed Fire Play Track 255 sounds included, 34 mins total $25

    Designed Fire features 255 cinematic fire sound effects, ambiences, swooshes, whooshes, fly-bys, drones, textures, glitches and more, that range from heavily designed to basic elements. It explores the further sonic realms of a powerful element.

    Designed Fire highlights:

    255 24bit / 96kHz WAV files / Meta-tagged (Soundminer)
    89 Swooshes / Wooshes
    75 Short elements
    29 Impacts
    28 Winds
    34 Textures

    17 %
  • Firearms Sound Effects Sci-Fi Weapons (Principle Sound) Play Track 2626 sounds included $50

    The Sci-Fi Weapons library delivers more than 2600 futuristic weapon shots, charges, ricochets and other related sounds.

    All of them were designed using exclusively recorded Foley sounds, synthetic layers, various sound manipulation and morphing techniques.

    Single shots and automatic fire, reloading ammo, energy blasts, impacts and explosions, surface hits – it’s all there, ready to be used in your sci-fi projects!

    Version 1.5 is out:
    In v1.5 update we add 11 new weapons and two new reloads/ricochets packs. The total number of sounds in the library comes up to 2626.

    50 %
  • Magic & Fantasy Sound Effects Phantom Magic Play Track 545 sounds included, 31 minutes mins total $29

    Now you can harness supernatural powers in sound design and bring peak levels of mesmerizing magic to your next project. Phantoms in the night, mischievous wizards, sorcerers conjuring black magic, supernatural creatures and telekinetic objects all come to life in fantastic 96k/24bit sound with Phantom Magic. The library delivers game trinkets, spells and sparkles, casts and conjures, potions and power-ups, shields and revives, lightning impacts, transitions, whooshes, and more.

    41 %
  • User Interface (UI) Sound Effects Interactive Play Track 3917 sounds included, 225 mins total $119.99

    Introducing ‘INTERACTIVE’ by Rock The Speakerbox: Your ultimate organic Game UI Sound Design Toolkit. Elevate your UI sound design with a comprehensive sound effects library crafted to meet the exacting demands of modern game development. ‘INTERACTIVE’ is a massive toolset designed to empower you with a diverse range of components for creating immersive, dynamic and organic sounding UI.

    Structured into three packages:

    Construction Kit (3151 Sounds):
    Unlock a world of possibilities with a massive set of generic components like clicks, whooshes, pops, and textures, alongside elaborate recordings for specific contextual needs such as coins, paper, medieval weapons and many more. Explore elemental textures like water, wood, stone, etc for added depth and a comprehensive arsenal of percussive and tonal instruments.

    Building Blocks (606 Sounds):
    Streamline your workflow with pre-designed sounds of basic UI components, including impacts, clicks, whooshes, specific contextual actions and textures (clattering coins, rustling paper, igniting fires, alchemical reactions, growing vegetation) plus tonal and musical feedback for different moods (positive, negative, rewarding, warning, triumphal, holy)

    Designed (160 Sounds):
    Choose from four sets of ready-to-use sounds tailored for the most common UI actions in different game styles (Casual, Dark, Medieval, Modern).

    Each of the four sets gives you following UI sounds:
    • Confirm
    • Select
    • Notification
    • Purchase
    • Open Menu
    • Back/Close Menu
    • Positive Light
    • Positive Heavy
    • Negative Light
    • Negative Heavy

    With 699 sound files, each offering more than 5 variations in average, ‘INTERACTIVE’ delivers a total of over 3900 sounds – ensuring that you’ll never run out of options to bring your creative vision to life. This library gives you everything you need to captivate your audience and create immersive UI soundscapes that truly resonate.

    20 %
    Ends 1713391199
  • Bundles Monster & Magic Bundle Play Track 512 sounds included, 18 mins total $35

    Global Information
    A lot of monsters are appearing and to defeat them you will need a lot of magic and spells. With this pack you can be on the side of the monsters or get the power of magic and fight against them.
    Bring your video game to life with 512 monster and magic sounds, categorized in an intuitive and easy way.

    Includes 4 libraries in total:
    Elemental Spells Vol 1: Defined for elemental magic of all types.
    Fantasy Magic Weapons Vol 1: Geared towards magical swords and bows
    Monster Library Vol 1: Small and medium sized monsters set in many famous games.
    Monster Library Vol 2: Oversized Monsters

    • 521 Monster And Magics sounds Effects
    • Number of Audio Waves: 512
    • Number of Audio Cues: 512
    • Sample rate / bit rate: 48.000 Hz & 44.100 Hz / 16 Bit
    • Do Sound FX loop: Yes
    • Minutes of audio provided: 18 minutes and 38 seconds
    • Supported Development Platforms: All

    • – Jorge Guillén

    • For custom sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to:
    {{All sound files are royalty free, enjoy them}}

    30 %
  • Fire Sound Effects Fire: Campfire, Bonfire Play Track 42 sounds included, 68 mins total $25

    Fire: Campfire, Bonfire FX sound library 

    Very detailed sounds of fire burning, including:

    burning, crackling, sizzling,…big fire, small fire, gentle fire, embers-coals sizzling, dropping fuel-oil, water, branches in the fire, paper in the fire, starting fire-putting out fire, flames…etc.

    Many different perspectives and mic positions. Just listen to the sound preview. 

    The 42 RAW files without any dynamic manipulation (compressors/limiters etc.). Maximum peak level is around -5 dBFS. Silent background.

    Recorded in MS stereo, NOS stereo, XY stereo, various perspectives and distance from fire. Check the sound list for additional info.

    Equipment used: Sennheiser MKHs mics, Rode NT1a mics (matched), LOM Usi Sound Devices recorder/mixer (for every file in metadata chunk there is description ).

    Metadata tagged with list of equipment and microphone technique/stereo setup used.

    17 %
  • Travel & Transportation Wooden Ship Ambiences Play Track 50 sounds included, 85 mins total $129

    Ahoy Mateys! Step aboard the finest sailing ship sound effects library in the land.

    Whether you’re working on an exciting Pirates of the Caribbean style video game or a relaxing sea-faring romance, the hours of exceptional background loops and additional cutting edge ship sounds contained within this sound pack will set your project on a course to excellence!


    Whether your adventure takes place in the MAIN DECK, CABIN, BELOW DECK, atop the CROWS NEST, in a MEDIEVAL PORT, or on a DISTANT SHIP in the HIGH SEAS we’ve got you covered! Each ambience contains MULTIPLE VARIATIONS, ALL-WEATHER CONDITIONS, and MULTIPLE INTENSITIES to cover every part of the ship, on the rough and calm seas, this sound effects library is perfect for every situation you need.


    Our expert team of sound designers has meticulously crafted each ambience into CONTINUOUS, NON-REPETITIVE, DRAG AND DROP-READY LOOPS that will serve as perfect background audio for your game, film, animation, live event, or even as relaxing background audio! We have even included FULL and SIMPLIFIED MIXES, ISOLATED WEATHER, OCEAN and WOOD CRACKING versions, SHORT and LONG non-repetitive variants, and numerous other options for your convenience!


    With FREE UPDATES, FOREVER! and FREE BONUS AMBIENCES: MEDIEVAL PORT and isolated, SEA, SAILS, and FLAG FLAPPING, Ship’s BELL RINGING, WEATHER, and WOOD CRACKING SOUNDS, all supplied in industry-standard Hi-Rez WAV and Hi-Quality MP3 formats, there’s no better time to set sail on the high seas with this ONE OF A KIND sound pack!

    So what are you waiting for? Take command of this UNIQUE library and begin your journey on the high seas today!


    • Huge variety of Old Wooden Ship Interior and Exterior Ambiences, All Weather Conditions and Additional Useful BONUS Sound Effects for every scene or situation.
    • Multiple variants and intensities for your convenience and additional edit options (lengths, looping versions, stingers, etc.).
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, High-Quality WAV and High-Quality MP3 formats
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    14 %
  • Magic & Fantasy Sound Effects Magic and Spell Sounds Play Track 682 sounds included, 29 mins total $19

    Magic and Spell Sounds is a custom designed sound library covering many types of magic and spells. From shining in the light to bringing darkness.

    Elements: electricity, energy, fireballs, ice, vines, rock, wind and water. Covering actions such as: blasts, casting, conjuring, impacts, healing and more.

    682 total sounds (422 magic and spell sounds, 260 bonus sounds from Pro Sound Collection).

    ALL sounds from this library Magic and Spell Sounds are included in our full sound library Pro Sound Collection. So if you need more sounds be sure to check it out before purchase.

    24 %
  • Materials & Texture Sound Effects Water Volumes Play Track 335+ sounds included, 74 mins total $32

    The Water Volumes SFX library gets you over 300 sounds of natural hot-springs, bubbles, and liquids of various densities boiling under the effect of dry ice.

    A large amount of content was recorded during two weeks spent in the city of Furnas, Azores, where volcanic hot-springs of all kinds are active. Other recordings were gathered with the use of dry ice.
    Most recordings will contain energy up to 96 KHz as they were recorded with a Sanken CO-100K at a 192KHz sample rate. Others were gathered with the use of an Acquarian H2A, Sennheiser MKH8040, 416, a Sony D100 and a Tascam DR-05.

    The collection was recorded over a trip to Sao Miguel, Azores, and several other recording sessions in the UK.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
    20 %
  • Cinematic & Trailer Sound Effects Metal Groans and Slams Play Track 346 sounds included $29.60

    An audio library for which metal was kicked, hammered, bowed and… induced to vibrate through feedback loops?! The collection features 346 unique sounds recorded through field trips in US, UK and Italy.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
    20 %
  • Authentic Forest Footsteps 

    Explore a collection of genuine forest footsteps, recorded in various forests through different seasons. Our goal was to capture a wide range of textures, from the moisture-rich swampy forest to the distinct crunch of leaves in a dry, woodland setting.

    Each file is recorded using the Sennheiser MKH 8040 and Sound Devices mixers. Whether you’re working on a film, a game, or any multimedia project, these sound effects add a touch of realism to your audio landscape.

    13 %
    Ends 1713477599
  • Insect Sound Effects Ultrasonic Insects Bundle Play Track 2000+ sounds included, 131 mins total $129

    Want to get brand new sound material from nature? Get all the sounds from Ultrasonic Insects Volume 1 and Ultrasonic Insects Volume 2 at a special price.

    Recorded over two years, Ultrasonic Insects Bundle contains more than 80 insect songs and flights, recorded with precision, patience and love. All insects were recorded in quiet environments or studio with close-miking for unparalleled quality.


    • Over 40 species of grasshoppers, crickets, bush-crickets and cicadas
    • Rare death’s head hawk-moth vocalisations
    • 2 species of Madagascar hissing cockroaches
    • 7 species of flying insects
    • Solo insects recorded with Sanken CO-100K
    • 10 bonus stereo ambiances recorded with MKH 8040


    • 192 KHz/24 bit
    • Metadata UCS-compliant
    • Each species is identified with scientific name, common name and picture
    • No insects were harmed while recording this library (except a few mosquitos!)

    16 %
    Ends 1730415599
  • “The Sound of Survival” is a comprehensive sound library designed for survival games, inspired by the most iconic titles in the genre. It consists of 598 fully categorized sound effects, recorded at the highest possible quality in 24 bits, and available in two sampling frequencies, 192Khz and 96Khz. This extensive sound collection has been meticulously crafted with the needs of those who want practically all the sounds of a survival game in one package in mind, offering an immersive and realistic auditory experience for your game project.

    Youtube soon...

    Sound categories include:
    – Character: Encompasses a wide variety of sounds related to the actions and expressions of the playable character, from drinking and eating to exertion and attacks, adding depth and realism to the character.
    Construction: Contains sound effects related to the construction and demolition of objects in the game, such as building structures and destroying objects.
    Crafting: Includes sounds of crafting and object creation, from crafting neutral materials to creating food and items made of metal, stone, and wood.
    Environment: Offers sounds that immerse players in the game environment, from lighting a bonfire to the crash of a falling tree, creating an immersive experience in the game world.
    House: Includes sounds related to interactions in indoor spaces, such as opening/closing doors and drawers, contributing to the sense of exploration and inhabiting interior spaces.
    Inventory/Bag: Comprises sounds of manipulating the character’s inventory, from picking up items to moving tools and various items in the player’s bag.
    – Tools/Items: Contains sounds related to various tools and items, such as lighting and extinguishing torches, repairing objects, and using tools in the game.
    Weapons: Includes sounds related to weapons and attacks, from the swish of a spear to the impact of arrows, adding realism to combat sequences.
    Pick-Up Materials: Encompasses sounds when picking up various materials, such as wood, stone, metal, and other essential resources for crafting and survival.

    This library provides a complete range of sound effects to enhance immersion in survival games, from in-game action to the subtle sounds of the environment. With “The Sound of Survival,” game creators can take the survival experience to a new level.

    More about the pack
    – Sample rate available at 192khz and 96khz.
    – Intuitive file naming
    – All you’ll ever need regarding survival sounds [Use them again & again
    – Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    – Totally mono compatibility
    – All sounds have several variations.
    – Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.
    – For any questions or problems:

    22 %
  • Welcome to the world of tomorrow
    This massive library of futuristic interface sounds has been made by studying all the sounds you will need for your video game or audiovisual product.
    We have considered integrating robotic voices, soundscapes, beeps of different tones, sounds to start your game, etc… All these sounds can be used for different options, whether for machines with hundreds of buttons, touch screens, command centers , sound environments for computer rooms… All these sounds will help your product feel alive and get a professional result.

    You will be able to enjoy a total of 574 High Quality sound effects divided into:
    • Acces Denied
    • Acces Confirm
    • Hologram
    • Get Object
    • Question Beep
    • Whoosh
    • Open Menu
    • Computer Beep
    • Low Beep
    • Tiny Beep
    • Denied Button
    • Start Game
    • Progress Beep Loop
    • Computer Room Background Sequence Beep Loop
    • Text Loop
    • Alarm Loop
    • Mecanic System Movement
    • Rejection Pop-Up Notice
    • Scan Progress
    • Vocalizing Robot H3R2
    • Vocalizing Robot H2R2
    • Talking Robot Type A
    • Talking Robot Type F
    • Talking Robot Type Z
    • Machine Room Background Loop

    More about the pack
    – It includes metadata integrated in the audio itself, and also in an excel file you will obtain all the additional information of the files.
    Intuitive file naming.
    – You’ll get all the individual sounds so you can easily adjust them to your project.
    – Mix the samples together, you can be creative.
    – The names of the files are indicative, so you can use any sounds for another function.
    – Everything you will need regarding interface sounds, soundscapes and voices for any game or audiovisual product.
    – Totally monocompatible sounds.
    – Use the sound effects over and over again, in any of your projects or productions, forever with no additional fees or royalties.
    – Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need it, as much as you want.
    – Jorge Guillén (
    • 574 Sound effects of Futuristic Interface , soundscapes and voices.
    • Number of Audio Waves: 574
    • Sample rate / bit rate: 48.000 Hz / 16 Bit
    • Do Sound FX loop: Yes
    • Minutes of audio provided: 16 minutes and 16 seconds
    • Supported Development Platforms: All

    20 %
  • Game Audio Packs JRPG Games Core Play Track 270 sounds included $21.99

    jrpg games core refers to a large number of japanese classic rpg sounds, a unique product! it contains a lot of magical sound effects, and has undergone professional sound processing, making it sound different from any other product on the market. if you want to get some special sounds, please choose jrpg games core! all these magic sounds are specially designed, edited, and meta-tagged to be modular and ready-to-use. use each sound standalone or as a building block to craft your unique spells!

    27 %
    Ends 1722463199
  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects SlipStream Play Track 425 sounds included, 34 mins total $80

    Welcome to SlipStream

    SlipStream is a trailblazing science fiction elements and energy SFX library from Brin Sound. Its sounds will take you out of this world and into a detailed universe of science fiction, technomancy, extraterrestrial, and cyberpunk. This designed, UCS compliant, library will ignite your creativity with cutting edge elements for your show-stopping cinematic moments, or layer with your hard FX for the ultimate flavor crystal library. Designed scenes, events, whooshes, and impacts will bring your library to the cutting edge.

    My career designing sound for games, film, and television has me on the hunt for the next great sounds. But no matter how many terabytes of sfx libraries I accumulate, creative weak spots emerge. SlipStream represents a ten month journey to create the library I needed most for my arsenal – an intricately abstract set of hybrid organic/synthetic modern sounds with fluidity, edge, flow, and tonality. I can’t wait to hear what you create with SlipStream!
    ~Brian Johnson

    30 %
    Ends 1713823199
  • Electricity Sound Effects Radio Nomad Play Track 75 sounds included, 78 mins total $7

    This is an extended and re-mastered source part of more advanced Radiomorph library.

    Shortwave radio is a strange, noisy and constantly changing soundscape, but it can pick up lots of interesting things: whine, fading stations, atmospheric noises, heterodyne, voices in foreign languages from distant broadcasts.

    Time of day, location, weather, solar activity, ionosphere – all these things have huge impact to what receiver can pick up.

    This affordable library is a great way to add unique, squelchy, noisy, unpredictable LoFi sounds to your arsenal!

    Equipment used: Evaton RF Nomad eurorack module, Sound Devices MixPre 6


    – 75 sound effects made from eurorack shortwave radio receiver module

    – 96khz/24bit quality

    – Perfect source of dark, gritty and noisy radio textures for SFX production

    – Universal Catalog System (UCS) compliant

    – Contains BWF metadata for search engines

    30 %
    Ends 1715464800
  • Household Sound Effects Take A Seat Play Track 605 sounds included $22.50

    The Decal Audio team are all too familiar with fast turn around jobs where a full foley session is sadly just not an option. We need quality, practical sounds that can be called on in a flash and dropped in with minimal editing required.

    The Take a seat library from Decal Audio is here to assist and brings you over 600 individual chair, sofa and bed sounds. The library is fully organised into actions covering, pick ups, put downs, sits, stands, scrapes and sweeteners, covering multiple chairs and multiple surfaces, providing a construction kit to allow for the tracklay of any number of different seating scenarios.

    We have also included some designed elements created utilising the sounds found in the library.
    All audio was captured in mono, 48kHz/24bit using a Rode NTG 3 directly into focusrite preamps or a Sound Devices MixPre.
    25 %
  • Game Audio Packs Mobile Game Play Track 578 sounds included, 30 mins total $42

    Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game – a truly fun and genuinely gameplay inspired sound effects library. Filled with a thorough selection of popular game ready audio assets, Mobile Game gives you sounds that you can quickly implement inside any game to give it a familiar “hit app” game feel.

    • Includes 578 files
    • All files in .Wav 96k 24bit
    • Plus game ready mp3 files
    • Inspired by today’s best App Games
    • Includes Soundminer metadata
    • 891.9 MB of samples

    Mobile Game features sounds such as:

    Bubbles • Building • Coins • Crafting • Mechanisms and Contraptions • Musical Stabs • Objective Completes • Pick Ups • Potions • Tonal Designed Organic fx • UI/Menu • Upgrades

    14 %
  • Foley Sound Effects Footsteps Bundle Play Track 3800+ sounds included $36

    The ‘Footsteps Bundle’ combines ‘Footsteps One‘ and ‘Footsteps Two‘ libraries together and brings you over 3800+ high quality footstep sounds on 19 unique surfaces to enrich the audio of your next project.

    Surfaces included:

    Dirt • Dry Sand • Dry Swamp • Forest Plain • Forest Plain II • Frozen Stairs • Grass • Grass Long • Grass Short • Gravel • Pine Needle Ground • Snow Deep • Snow Packed • Snow Scrape • Water Deep • Water Shallow • Wet Swamp • Wood Scrap • Wooden Stairs

    You get the sounds in two formats: 96 KHz 24 bit and in 44.1 KHz 16 bit, for more convenient ways of utilizing the sounds in games and other media.

    20 %
  • Blast off into a dark sci-fi world teeming with creatures and unknown wonders. Introducing the heart-pounding warfare and general FPS & Sci-fi game audio SFX pack filled with the intensity you need to start your first-person shooter game. Welcome to “Sci-Fi Shooter Game” – a game audio sound effects library featuring over 1100+ designed SFX, tailored specifically for game developers and sound designers seeking a solid foundation for their game audio. Build alien atmospheres, futuristic battlefields, UI sequences, gizmos, gadgets, doors, mechs, robots & more. Sci-fi Shooter Game covers almost all your needs, whether it’s a dark synth-wave loading screen music loop, the realistic clanks of robotic mechanical footsteps, the futuristic hum of UI elements, or the thunderous blast of weapons; every sound is expertly crafted for maximum impact and intensity. With over 78 minutes of finely tuned audio and a solid foundation of almost everything needed to complete a sci-fi shooter game, you’re in for an action-packed adventure.

    • 1173 files / 484 glued files
    • 6.69 GB of game audio assets
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav
    • Includes over 78 minutes of audio
    22 %
  • Footsteps Sound Effects Designed Game Footsteps Play Track 5442 sounds included, 578 mins total $79

    Designed Game Footsteps is a game footstep sound library featuring 5442 footstep sound effects, 325+ sound sets across 25+ surface types, and shoe aesthetics. This focused sound library gives you a hybrid mix of realistic and imaginative sound sets for common and abstract characters like game creatures, robots, NPC’s, dinosaurs, giants, monsters and humanoid characters running and walking. With game developers and sound designers in mind, we carefully handcrafted these game ready audio assets so that you can have a multitude of options. This library will cover all your bases and needs in regards to pacing, footstep speeds, surfaces, all delivered as neatly organized completed sound sets.

    * 5442 footstep sound effects
    * 325+ sound sets
    * 326 glued files
    * 20 GB of sounds
    * All in 96k 24bit .wavDesigned Game FootstepsDesigned Game FootstepsDesigned Game Footsteps

    20 %
  • Other Instruments Church Bells Play Track 32+ sounds included, 50 mins total $20

    Church bells from Middle Ages to early 20th century. European traditional bells made in bronze. Various churches, bells and sound perspectives. From near field recordings recorded in church towers to far field recordings – soundscapes of bells in countryside/city, small town, villages…
    Maritime bells included (old sailing/steamships from the 19th century). Recorded in the Museum of Maritime History.
    Finest equipment used like: AKG, Sennheiser,…mics, Sound Devices recorder/mixer. (Few recording captured in mono with dynamic mic-high sound pressure/level)
    Metadata tagged with list of equipment and approximate age of bells.
    Check the sound list for further info.

    20 %
  • We freely confess: we love the idea of the magical sound of glitter. We love it when it sparkles, shines and shimmers. But no other sound libraries seem to get it right.

    So we made Glitter to offer a huge range of designed and source sparkling magic sound effects to your arsenal. Whether you need to complement particles effects, magical spells or any other fabulous wizardry, you can count on this minty fresh library to deliver dazzling audio, over and over again.


    The Glitter sound library is built in two distinct sections: Source and Designed. The Designed section offers rich and inspiring sounds ready to be dropped in your project. The source folder includes various recordings used to create this library, should you want to wander down the path of creating your own glittering adventures.

    Created with crackling passion by our fairy own sound designers, this masterful curated library will be sure to bring your project to a sparkling new level of awe-inspiring wonderment.

    34 %
  • This pack contains a selection of kinetic whooshes and growls designed to be used to underline and characterize every weapon motion sound you could be working on.

    Every sample is carefully synthesized to bring a specific feedback and tone, but there’s also room for a lot of customization.

    Massive 1.4.2 patches [with macros] are also included for further customization on the direct source.

    67 %
  • Here is the complete ultimate Magic bundle!
    In this bundle, you get both volumes of the acclaimed Magic Elements library:
    Magic Element vol.1
    + Magic Elements vol.2.

    Tune Up your wizardry with top-notch sound from and for the next-gen sound designers!

    DESIGNED: (1,098 sounds)
    the bundle comprises a total of 11 designed elements:
    Earth, Ice, Fire, Air, Black, Energy, Liquid, Foliage, White, Cartoon/Anime, and Generic

    SOURCE: (1,110‬ sounds)
    The source folder is packed with useful sounds that cover a large spectrum; thoroughly edited and meta-tagged. They will support your creativity with materials such as choirs, dissonant metal, creatures, papers, debris, drones, cracks, textures, friction, LFE sub sweeteners,…

    Choose how you want your sounds!

    • GLUED (Multiple variations of the same sound glued in one file)

    • SEPARATED (Each variations of sound are separated in different files)

    20 %
  • Bundles The Complete Collection Play Track 1582+ sounds included, 521 mins total $70

    The Complete Collection contains 1582+ sound effects from every sound library that we have released so far. It features Sci-Fi, Fire, Ice, Mecha, Rocks, and Plastic sound effects and field recordings, including ambiences, drones, textures, swooshes / wooshes, impacts, glitches, sequences, and more. Royalty-free.

    Included libraries: 

    • Designed Sci-Fi – 546 files / 3.06 GB
    • Designed Fire – 255 files /  1.17 GB
    • Designed Circuits – 272 files / 1.58 GB
    • Designed Mecha – 47 files / 190 MB
    • Designed Ice – 47 files / 236 MB
    • Designed Rocks – 60 files / 309 MB
    • Designed Plastic – 146 files / 490 MB
    • Designed Atmospheres – 82 files / 4.47 GB
    • Designed Glitch Scenes – I – 30 files / 745 MB
    • Designed Statics – 53 files / 1.07 GB
    • City Ambiences: Berlin – 44 files / 5.9 GB
    • 9+ Hours in total
    30 %
  • Car Sound Effects Cars In Motion – Wet Asphalt Play Track 126 sounds included, 150 mins total $45

    Cars In Motion Wet Asphalt sound library is a go to pack for any scene with vehicles driving on snowy / wet roads – featuring a total of 126 files & 150 minutes of audio.

    Inside you’ll find single sound effects with different passes on wet and snowy / slushy asphalt roads.

    In addition to that there are stereo ambience recordings from different high speed roads with intense and low traffic recorded from normal perspective, and from the ground to capture more tyres friction sound.

    Additionally there are recordings of the roads from car interior perspective. Most of the files are stereo recordings.

    Sounds included:
    • 55 files with slush passes
    • 50 files with wet asphalt passes
    • 21 files with ambient location recordings

    10 %
  • Edward brings real recorded and natural randomized Foley Artist footsteps to every audio production studio – and offers high end quality and parameters to adjust distance and environment based on Native Instruments Kontakt engine.
    Edward Foleyart Instrument supports the free NI Kontakt 6 Player!

    This means you don’t need to own a full version of Kontakt to run this instrument!

    Includes the following surfaces: Asphalt • Carpet • Concrete • Diamond • Dirt • Grass • Dry Grass • Gravel • Hardwood • Leaves • Metal • Rocks • Timber

    Includes the following shoes: Sneaker • Boot • Business • Heel • Slipper • Barefoot

    Key Features:
    • 35.600 real Foley sounds in HD quality @ 24Bit, 96 kHz
    • 43 combinations of shoes and surfaces
    • Unique recording setup to easily change footstep distance
    • FULL NKS support
    • Different walking speeds and behaviors
    • Automatic left/right-foot diversion
    • EdV3rb IRs inside the instrument
    • Requires the Free or Full Version of NI Kontakt Version 5.5.2 or higher.

    Existing Edward user?
    • Send a message here with info about what version you currently have for a special upgrade price



    20 %
  • Foley Sound Effects Unusual Footsteps & Movements Play Track 200+ sounds included, 94 mins total $10

    A collection of footsteps and movements not usually found in sound libraries: Featuring stagger, struggle, fighting, drunken steps, sudden quick movements on unusual surfaces like plastic sheet, plastic floor mat and other surfaces.

    33 %

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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Car Sound Effects Extreme Drift Play Track 360 sounds included, 220 mins total $49

    The Extreme Drift SFX library includes 360 HQ (24bit/96kHz) close and distant range perspective, auto racing recordings. Audio material of vehicles, drifting and maneuvering around race tracks at various speeds and densities taking corners and speeding on long straightaways.

    You will find idle engine sounds, powerful engine revs, slow and fast starts, crazy accelerations and wild breaking, roaring overtakings, tandem battles, tire screeches and skids echoing beautifully in the air. The audio found in our library is not limited to startups, shutdowns and gear shifts, but also offers ambiences of pit lane and working team crews.

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Old Engines Grab Bag Play Track 486 sounds included, 265 mins total $129

    “Old Engines Grab Bag” is a pack of numerous old, unique and characterful engines from early 1900s. It’s a massive collection of 56GB multitrack 192kHz recordings of old tractors and stationary engines, both diesel and gasoline fueled.

    The intention wasn’t to cover vehicles driving, but to get isolated and very closely recorded mechanical elements of engines and exhaust pipes as a source material for sound design. There are many starts, idles, revs, offs, RPMs variations, backfires etc. Some are heavy and large sounding, some are small and funny. Tractors were captured EXT and most of stationary engines INT, but since they are very closely recorded there is just a little amount of reverb on most of them.

    Most of engines are 1 or 2 cylinders and low horse power and their RPMs are also low. Thanks to this, many of those sounds aren’t tonal and can easily be used as additional layer with other design elements. They work great for adding vintage character, designing junky or funny vehicles, crazy huge steampunk machines or engines malfunction.

    Sounds were recorded using multi-mic setup: Sanken CO-100k (most of the time pointing mechanical parts), Sennheiser MKH-8060 (mainly for isolated exhaust pipe), Schoeps CMC6XT mk41/mk8 (general image) and part also with Trance Audio Inducer contact mics (adding unique mechanical perspective).

    The library is delivered as multitrack 192kHz files, as well as stereo mix of all microphones. Thanks to using microphones with extended frequency range, drastic pitch changes can be applied.
    All files have extensive metadata created in Soundminer, including leg picker with microphone labels.

    Demo files include pitched sounds, which are not delivered with library.

  • This pack includes 13 magic sounds, including fireball, water, lightning, curse and healing spells. Elevate your game’s enchanting atmosphere instantly with this expertly crafted sound collection.

    30 %
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Latest sound effects libraries:
  • User Interface (UI) Sound Effects Casual UI Play Track 3345 sounds included From: $129 From: $103.20


    Capture the attention with our expertly created UI sound effects, designed to delight and engage. Crafted for menu navigation, gameplay, rewards, and more to cover the core aspects of any casual game, video, or mobile experience. This collection is set to be go-to pool of sounds and will make your user interface sound design quick and easy. Drag, drop, and finish!

    CASUAL UI | Sound Effects | Trailer

    Upgrade your UI

    CASUAL UI covers a wide spectrum of sounds specifically designed for every aspect of a user interface and brings a playful dose of life into every tap, swipe, and click. With 15 categories, these high-quality, diverse sounds are created to be your UI sound foundation, providing you with the immediate flexibility you need to create an engaging auditory landscape.

    Feedback sounds

    Gaming and interactive content rely on sound to give feedback for actions and information. This casual games sound effects library was curated to give everything you need to build a positive and easy-going sonic base for your UI. From the excitement of discovering new game levels to achieving major milestones, these sounds transform user interactions into fun, memorable moments and keep audiences eager for more.

    From arcade to how-to
    With sounds that span from quirky and playful to neatly informative, CASUAL UI is a treasure trove designed to meet diverse creative needs – from positive videos to explainer content, and more – making it an indispensable tool in any content creator’s arsenal.


    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
  • Embark on an auditory journey into the heart of Asian gambling with our meticulously crafted collection of royalty-free music and sound effects. Immerse your players in a world of captivating audio that’ll leave them craving more!



    Delve into the authentic sounds of Asia with our comprehensive library, featuring a diverse array of audio assets meticulously tailored for the most beloved Asian gambling games, including:

    🀄 Mahjong: Experience the timeless allure of this classic game with custom tile sounds, winning effects, and atmospheric background music that perfectly captures the essence of traditional gameplay.

    🎰 Pachinko: Feel the electric buzz of the arcade with dynamic sound effects that bring the thrill of pachinko machines to life. From bouncing balls to jackpot celebrations, our library has it all!

    🃏 Baccarat: Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the casino floor with elegant card shuffling, dealing, and winning effects that add an extra layer of excitement to every hand.

    But wait, there’s more! Our library also includes audio assets perfect for other popular Asian gambling games such as SIC BO, TAI SAI, FAN-TAN, DRAGON TIGER, CHO-HAN, KENO, PAI GOW POKER, and many more. Plus, enjoy a selection of card, dice, and poker chip sounds, as well as win jingles and music loops – complimentary gifts from some of our related products!


    • 380 Audio Files (190 original sounds) in High-Quality WAV and MP3 formats
    • Sound Effects and Foley Recordings for every table and machine game mentioned
    • Background Environment Loops, short Music Jingles, and Loops included
    • Ready to use – no editing or splicing required
    • Categorized, organized, and individually labeled files for maximum efficiency
    • Unpacked Size: 161 MB | Total Run Time: 23m 48s
    • Drag and Drop Ready Files for seamless integration into your projects!
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    With over 1000 games worth of experience in audio production and a passion for gaming, we understand the importance of high-quality audio in creating immersive experiences. Our library is curated to ensure every sound is top-notch, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable games that keep players coming back for more.





    Need more card, dice, chip, and coin sounds? Looking for additional table game sounds or Asian casino music? Explore our related products below:

    👉 Cards, Chips, and Dice Sound Effects with Dealer Voiceovers
    👉 Scratch Card Sound Effects and Music
    👉 Roulette Sound Effects with Dealer Voiceovers
    👉 Slots of Asia: China and Japan
    👉 Progressive Slots and Classic Fruit Machines


    17 %