Soundly 2 is here Asbjoern Andersen

I’m incredibly excited about Soundly: It’s like a Swiss army knife for sound, allowing you to drag & drop sounds from the cloud straight into your projectsin real-time. It also offers a huge built-in sound effects library, lets you manage and search your sound effects collection, edit metadata and easily access your sound library, wherever you are.

And now the Soundly team are taking things to the next level with 100+ new features & improvements in version 2 – highlights include the new Soundly Cloud for collaboration, a great new design, a reinvented store, lots of workflow improvements such as spot to Pro Tools, networked databases, and lots more!

If you want to take Soundly 2 for a spin straight away, download it for free
for Windows here, and Mac here.
Soundly 2 launch video:

Peder and Christian from Soundly have put together a new presentation video for the launch – and, as you can tell, they’re really excited about it too:

Video Thumbnail
Soundly 2.0 Highlights:

Say hello to the Soundly Cloud: In V2, every Soundly subscriber receives 10 GB of collaboration space in the Soundly Cloud! Users can share personally created sound effects with colleagues and friends. Perfect for feeding picture editorial with SFX for rough cuts and sketches, shared sounds can be used in projects as easily as a sound from the Soundly Library.

New beautiful design: Using even clearer and more concise menus and graphical elements, the interface has been given a major overhaul.

A reinvented store: This one I’m particularly excited about, as the store is now vastly improved, allowing you to buy and access a growing number of libraries supplied by A Sound Effect and the indie community – directly within Soundly!

Even more sounds: The core Soundly PRO library just continues to grow, and it now stands at 10.000+ premium sound effects for Soundly subscribers. Free users get 300+ sound effects free.

Shared network database: One of the most requested features is finally here! Now groups and companies can share a local soundly library with ease.

Spot to Pro Tools: The spotting functionality is greatly improved, with handles and options for spotting multiple files. Spotting now brings Pro Tools to the foreground.

Workflow improvements: Many more shortcuts + improved search makes it easier to navigate between results and find the sounds you need

Download Soundly 2 for free for Windows here, and Mac here.

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