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Stormwave Audio



Stormwave Audio was established in 2010 with a single purpose – to bring your project to the next level with creative sound! We specialize in top quality sound design – creating professional sound effects, sample libraries, voice clips and music.



My Story


Iโ€™m Artur and my life has always revolved around audio and media.


I played in highly established bands, I was a DJ on an exotic island, but sound design, interactive audio, programming and games were always the perfect mix for me.


Whether I record sounds of foreign cities, manage to wiggle my way into a factory to capture industrial machinery or program a procedural futuristic sound effects creation software you can be assured of quality of the results.


Iโ€™m currently combining two of my passions โ€“ sound and travel. For the past few years I have been continuously living on the road, looking for the next best sound to record.



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  • Instruments The Hand Tank Drum Play Track 768 sounds included $14.99

    The Hand Tank Drum is a Kontakt library featuring a very unique acoustic tuned percussion instrument with an other-worldly tone!


    The instrument is one of a kind steel tongue drum crafted by an artisan from a propane tank.



    โ€“ Extended range C4-G5 โ€“ 768 samples recorded at 24bit/48kHz.

    โ€“ 4 velocity layers.

    โ€“ 3 random, no-repeat round robin variation for every sample.

    โ€“ 4 articulations covering mallet and finger playing, as well as semi-muted style for more precise tone, or open style for a natural, dissonant timbre.

    โ€“ Keyswitch for a fast and handy articulation change during the performance.

    โ€“ 2 microphone perspectives โ€“ top and bottom โ€“ with separate volume controls.

    โ€“ Effects section including delay, chorus, reverb, and rotary speaker/vibrato simulation.

    โ€“ Attack and Release envelope controls for further sound shaping possibilities.

    โ€“ Requires full version of Kontakt 5, free Kontakt Player is not supported.


    The Hand Tank Drum (Kontakt Instrument Library)

  • The Northern Light is a sound effects library of a one of a kind vintage schooner from Faroe Islands – Norรฐlรฝsiรฐ.

    The ship has been completed in 1945 and is still operational, serving as a tourist vessel. It is one of the most recognisable watercrafts on The Faroes.

    The library is organised into 9 folders:

    1. Engine
    2. Bridge Controls
    3. Equipment
    4. Doors and Hatches
    5. Furniture and Furnishings
    6. Footsteps
    7. Ropes and Chains
    8. Assorted Wooden Objects
    9. Ambiences


    The 315 sound effects included were recorded before the 2020 renovations of the ship and feature now replaced mechanical parts, equipment and wooden elements.

    This library also includes bonus sound effects of the ship’s dock elements, such as the gangway and harbour ambiences.


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