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Stone Ear Sound

Stone Ear Sound is the sound library shop of Eske Nรธrholm who is a sound recordist and sound designer. Work include series, documentary, commercials, installations and television.

  • Car Sound Effects Car Pass By Interior Play Track 940 sounds included, 354 mins total $60


    Car Pass By Interior features a diverse set of recordings of cars passing by heard from the interior of a car.

    Recordings have been edited into wet and dry, single pass bys, groups of cars, windows up and down, close and distant pass bys. All easy to search with the UCS standard naming and meta data. With this library you should be able to cover a wide range of scenarios.

    The cars recorded are misc compact to large combustion cars driving at city speeds.

    Key features:ย 

    โ€ข Flexible use with various mic setups

    โ€ข Wet and Dry conditions

    โ€ข Windows up and down

    โ€ข From clear close up pass bys to muffled distant pass bys

    โ€ข Realistic traffic

    Gear Setups:

    โ€ข Sound Devices 10 MKII

    โ€ข A DPA 4017 mono

    โ€ข B DPA 4060 Mono

    โ€ข C LOM Usi Stereo set with a LOM Geophone mounted on the metal door frame to catch the car wobbling.

    โ€ข D Rรธde NT1-A Stereo set with a LOM Geophone mounted on the metal door frame.

    โ€ข DPA 4017 and DPA 4060 mics are production sound mixers favorites. The 4060 presents the pass bys more soft and 4017 more dramaticly, cars feel faster, both has nice low frequencies.

    ย Notes:

    โ€ข Recording was done from a Toyota Yaris 2013, a small car that wobbles with cars passing close by. It also has a dampened car interior, that isnโ€™t too roomy like cars with glass roofs, the recordings can be used with many car interiors.

    โ€ข The library is ideal for sfx editors, sound designers, editors looking for realistic car interior ambiences and pass bys to sync to picture. Because of the wobbling of the car it can be great source material for designing whooshes.

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