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Sonic Bat is a sound design studio created in late 2014 by Francisco Godinho, amidst the misty mountains of Sintra, Portugal. Beneath the cloudy landscapes, the Sonic Bat inhabits the realm of sound manipulation, ever hunting the perfect frequency for your project.

Sonic Bat knows that sound design is an essential part of any audiovisual piece. His ability to conjure up the necessary emotions and tone assist on the solidification of your core ideas, simultaneously improving them. For this reason, the message and goal of your developing work will be delivered effortlessly to the target audience, through the universal language that is sound.

An ever-growing field that quickly evolves, heading to new and exciting directions every day, it’s important to be up to date on this matter. The Sonic Bat provides the knowledge and technical know-how of this vast world, with the aid of the most modern tools and approaches available. Be it motion graphic design, 2D & 3D animation, film, videogame, website, advertisement, scenography & installation and soundtracking amongst others; the Sonic Bat is always at your disposal to reach the desired objectives, with original and forward thinking results.

Through creativity and innovation, the Sonic Bat will make sure your voice reaches the intended consumer with a pristine, distinguishable sound, linking the bridge between sound and image into one cohesive whole.

  • Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Interface Construction Kit Vol. I Play Track 592 sounds included, 204 mins total $50

    Sci-Fi Interface Construction Kit Vol. I introduces a wide array of clean-cut futuristic sound effects perfectly designed, edited and fine-tuned for your projects. Containing varied types of sounds, ranging from zaps, bleeps, wubs, small harmonies and more, you’re guaranteed to find on this library something that will bring your User Interfaces to life, be it on videogames, movies, TV shows, Apps and more.

    This Construction Kit was built with versatility in mind. Each of the 500 one-shot audio files are finely cut, with no background noise and with clear nomenclature, perfect for layering and adding external effects to mangle them as you please. There are multiple categories to find with varied frequency ranges, achieved by using various hard and soft synthesizers, amongst other experimental methods and tools.

    Also included are over 2 hours of electromagnetic recordings from various sources that will boost your retro-futuristic aspirations like a charm!

    But wait, there’s more! Over 1 hour of experimental frequency modulation atmospheres are present, ready to lift you off into the science-fiction realm of your dreams.

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