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Silverplatter Audio

Using our vast experience with recording and mastering game audio, sound for film, and music production, we create and bring to sound designers around the world professional high quality sound effects libraries. We also focus on usability, convenience, and affordability for seamless integration of audio into games, film,ย TV, web, and more.


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Twitter : https://twitter.com/helpmespaudio

  • CRRRACK!!!

    Introducing “Wood Destruction” – a powerful sound library that brings the raw and intense sounds of wood breaking to your audio projects. This collection is designed to provide sound designers, filmmakers, and video professionals with an extensive range of wood destruction sounds. From small wooden objects to massive structures, every breaking sound is meticulously captured to deliver a sense of power and scale.

    The sounds in “Wood Destruction” are presented in a clean and isolated format, allowing for seamless integration into your projects without the need for extensive editing. Each sound is carefully labeled and categorized, making it easy to find the perfect wood destruction sound for your specific scene or sequence.

    From explosive demolition scenes to suspenseful moments of destruction, this library will be your ultimate resource for authentic and impactful wood destruction sound effects.

  • Nature and Urban Field Recordings From the Caribbean

    Immerse your audience in the rich and beautiful sounds of the coastal area of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

    Audio Explorer: Dominican Republic Sound Library brings you well over 2 hours of vibrant, detailed and deeply authentic sound recordings from various locations around the Dominican Republic, including lively and bustling city streets, the charming Independence Park and Umbrella Street areas, as well as various coastal and inland ambiences complete with wildlife, wind and vegetation.

    Going a little deeper into the content of this library, there are two different sound location approaches to cover all situations where the island’s life might need to be portrayed. On the one hand you get lively – or quieter – city and resort recordings, and on the other hand included are beach, inland and vegetation recordings at varying distances from water, groves, and dunes.

    In the more urban recordings, you’ll hear the sounds of everyday life, from the hustle and bustle of busy streets to the tranquil sounds of quiet alleys. You’ll hear the chatter of local life and in some recordings the sound of cars and motorbikes navigating the streets. In addition, the resort recordings offer a glimpse into the more peaceful side of Puerto Plata, with sounds of waves crashing on the beach, birds chirping, and the rustling of palm trees in the breeze.

  • Environments & Ambiences Epic Wind Play Track 35 sounds included, 103 mins total $29

    Like many of you, we found ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of different wind SFX libraries out there, yet somehow always a bit underwhelmed. At Silverplatter Audio we set out to change that. We wanted to create the ultimate wind library that we would actually want to use ourselves, and hopefully you’ll feel the same way!

    To accomplish this, we built a custom Jenklin Disc to create separation between our microphones, similar to how our head separates our ears. We then placed this specially designed Jenklin Disc inside a slightly modified Rode Blimp. The result was an incredibly natural-sounding wind recording that captured the true essence of the environment.

    The versatility of these wind sound effects is truly remarkable. This pack offers a wide range of recordings, capturing everything from gentle breezes to powerful storms. It’s perfect for recreating the immersive atmosphere of a raging tempest or simply adding a subtle touch of tranquility with a gentle gust of wind.

  • A massive haunted voices collection with fully 596 audio files and 2 hours of otherworldly audio to cover all of your haunted voice needs for film, games, television and interactive web.

    All files were carefully selected from hours upon hours of ultra high resolution recordings of talented vocal actors, then designed and processed using state of the art hardware and software audio manipulation tools.

    Performances include ghostly moans, growls, yells, casting spells, whispers, goblins, fairies, small creepy creatures, infants, breathing, seance sfx, screeches and more!

    The creepy eeriness of a soul’s voice penetrating through the borders of life and death to communicate with the living โ€“ bring your listeners into the terrors of boldly and tastefully designed otherworldly communication with… Voices From Beyond.

    Voices From beyond - Paranormal Vocal Sound Effects

    20 %
  • Introducing the ultimate Timelapse Sound Effects sound library designed to meet the highest quality needs for sound designers, videographers, and filmmakers alike. With over 3Gb of sound data and 448 high-quality audio files, this library has everything you need to bring your scenes to life. Whether you’re working on timelapse, timewarp, hyperspace, slipspace, time travel, hyper fast cars, superheroes, and whatever else you may need in this sound category… this sound library has you covered.

    This library provides speedy transitions and hyperfast event clusters to equip sound designers and videographers with the sound sources needed to elevate any project. To help achieve your goals, this library features more than 30 different scenes, each carefully curated to cover a wide range of case scenarios. With bustling cityscapes, peaceful countryside ambiences, ocean depths, the roars of fires, from the static of data transmission to the crackle of radio interference, this library has it all packaged up in that zippy super fast Timelapse style.

    One Scene, Two Approaches: Longer files and Single Events for the same scene
    Each scene includes two unique “audio beds” crafted using a multitude of same-family soundgroups carefully manipulated and tweaked with utmost attention to detail. These audio beds provide a strong foundation for your audio work, and will undoubtedly serve as a solid backbone for your overall sound design. To complement the audio beds, each scene also includes a set of sound group-related passbys, adding even more flexibility and depth to your sound design intention.

    Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or just starting out, this library is an essential resource in achieving high-quality audio for your projects. So don’t wait, take your audio to the next level with this comprehensive sound library!

    Timelapse Sound Effect

    20 %
  • Complete Wood Door SFX Library for Film, Television and Games

    This extensive SFX library includes 435 pristine detailed recordings of old wooden doors each with its own character. You’ll get recordings of multiple wood door types opening, closing, latching, squeaking, being knocked on, and more.

    Sourcing locations to capture the sound of these old wooden doors took over a year, many cups of tea, and carting around a kit of portable gear including a pair of Sennheiser Mkh8040s, a Rode NTG3, a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 and a Sony PCM D100. All stereo recordings, at 96 Khz 24 bit.

    This library is UCS compliant and includes rich metadata description.

    34 %
  • Introducing a bold new take on Wood and Metal Creak SFX that will help you bring your project to the next level.

    As sound enthusiasts, we were keen to bring something new to the table for this category of sound…and so a novel recording approach was created to produce the sounds for this library. Due to the incredibly subtle (and not so subtle!) audio details embedded in creak sounds, a recording environment is required with particularly effective sound isolation. At the same time, a high level of control over the variety of surface type and performances of the creaks themselves is needed. Our MacGyver recording engineer Phil found a solution that produced a setup within which we had isolation, control, and variety… the “Creak Box”.

    The Creak Box is able to capture the most detailed essence of most resonant surface types, and has multiple stages of tension with which the performer of the creaks can play with. Happy with the source sounds that were being created – which is always the most important stage from beginning to end – we found that a multi mic rig was needed. To really get the depth and detail of these creaks we found that the best results were achieved by using a spatially tweaked-up microphone setup using the contact mic LOM Geophon, a pair of cardioid Sennheiser Mkh8040s, and a shotgun Rode NTG3. The best recordings always come from testing multiple mic positions, and experimenting with input levels and mic positions; this sound library brings you only our best takes.

    As sound designers, we always need new, better, varied material. We want to feel excited by and connected to the sounds we use – enjoy and make it yours!

    Wood: Old wood stairs, doors, floors, ships, houses, twisting and bending wood, chairs, tables, fences, and more.

    Metal: Big and small doors, small squeaks, huge resonant duct and convector surfaces, chairs, benches, wires, bedsprings, and more.

    (The video bellow contains added room tone to show some of the sounds in context.)

  • Two Typewriters. Protectograph. Adding Machine. Sewing Machine. Vintage Cigarette Machine.

    The sound enthusiast in you will love to know that we scoured around the city/internet to collect a bunch of antique mechanistic objects for this sound collection. We even scored an old classic adding machine and a working antique pedal sewing machine! The gears and mechanisms in this odd assortment of old machines is from a beautiful and rich bygone era of manual movement, of strange and fascinating ideas from inventors creating moving parts that are simply unproducible in modern day gadgets.

    Your ears spring to life as you listen through, one by one through these highly detailed and engrossing audio recordings that capture brilliantly the foreground and midground layers of the small moving parts. Perfect for older weapon Foley, for steam-punk machines, period piece machines, industrial era machinery, and on and on. A small vintage gear crank, that special metallic rich clickety-clack of a dusty old mechanism, the ribbon typewriter scrolling…

    To get the most out of this collection of old mechanisms, we used a multipositional close mic-ing approach for these in order to get all those tiny moving details. Of course, they required that they be captured in our smallest studio used for precisely these low-noise environment sort of recordings – key in bringing the detailed three dimentional quality of these mechanisms to life.

    As sound designers, we always need new, better, varied material. We want to feel excited by and connected to the sounds we use – enjoy and make it yours!

    Antique Mechanisms Sound Effects


  • A massive 496 Audio Files of detailed and balanced recordings of handwriting performances. Scribbles, erasing, check marks, blackouts, colouring, circles and crosshatches for each writing tool are in this complete Foley library.

    You get mechanical pen and pencil clicks, cap pop-offs and snap-ons, squeaky pens and thick markers, crayons, ball point pens, felt pens, erasers, highlighters and sharpies.

    Capturing the detail of the subtle sound with zero background noise is an art in itself! For these recordings, we found that the best results were achieved using an LCR configuration. A tightly positioned Rode NTG3 shotgun mic for the centre was used, along with a pair of slightly pulled back Sennheiser MKH 8040s to provide a gentle stereo image. The environment we used was our “dead room”, completely silent and reverb-free for this type of recording (this neat little room approaches a mini anechoic chamber) Reliably transparent and highly recommended, a Sound Devices Mix-Pre-6 was used to capture the final recordings.


    Add a whole other level of realism to your scene with our collection of breaking clay pots. Each file has been meticulously recorded in a well treated studio, edited and individually mastered to fulfill the quality needs of any project. This library was recorded with a matched pair of Sennheiser 8040s to a Sound Devices Mixpre 6. Besides sounding gorgeous, these microphones have a very low noise floor and are able to withstand harsh sharp transients.

  • Weather Sound Effects Urban Rain Play Track 44 sounds included, 62 mins total $29


    Recorded over years in different cities, this highly detailed and very usable library will satisfy your rain and stormy weather needs for urban settings for years to come. High frequency range and meticulous recording techniques makes this a must have for city rain scenes in various media formats, from film to television to games.

    Contains various city rain intensities on various surfaces. Wet traffic pass-bys. Drainage systems. In-vehicle rain… and more. Check the video below!

  • Loaded with true organic whooshes that were recorded in an isolated, dead silent and well treated studio, Natural Whooshes delivers what you can expect from Silverplatter Audio: a highly usable collection of high quality whooshes, swooshes and swishes. Perfect for transitions, combat, speed sweeteners, and so much more.

    As sound designers, when we need “those whoosh sound effects”, we always need more than a handful. With this library, you’ll get plenty. With 388 sounds recorded with 20 different props, this collection brings you a wide range of tones and articulations, from deep and large Whooshes to fast moving Swishes.

    Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair through a Sound Devices MixPre 6.

  • How many times have you needed to create a small mechanical movement, a gadget click and lock, high-tech tiny gears, or metallic Foley weapon handling?

    Sound design is about thinking outside the box – or sometimes deep into the box.ย  Micro Mechanisms is a masterful collection that delivers the world of micro mechanical movement into your toolkit. Think about watch rotation, combination padlock, cryptex, clock ticking, tiny latches, ratchet or even a vintage toy sewing machine.

    Recorded at 24 bits 96 kHz on a Sound Devices Mixpre-3 with a pair of MKH 8040, these sounds can easily be pitched down without any quality loss.

  • Metal friction recordings shine when using a rosined cello bow on a thin sheet of metal or a drum cymbal. Dragging a heavy metal cabinet across a floor creates a wild ronk; pulling a gritty old wheelbarrow over concrete is a hell of a sound; and pulling a rusty metal drawer through an uncooperative space is pure gold.

    With this massive metal friction SFX library, you’ll be able to either design your own unique material using the included raw source sounds of scrapes, deep bows, slicers and grinders, or start by grabbing ready-to-go designed metallic sounds that are perfect for trailers, horror, games, and more.

    This library contains 132 detailed recordings of various source metal friction + 29 designed cinematic metallic textures. All recordings captured on a Sound Devices MixPre 6 using a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair.

  • We freely confess: we love the idea of the magical sound of glitter. We love it when it sparkles, shines and shimmers. But no other sound libraries seem to get itย right.

    So we madeย Glitterย to offer a huge range of designed and source sparkling magic sound effects to your arsenal. Whether you need to complement particles effects, magical spells or any other fabulous wizardry, you can count on this minty fresh library to deliver dazzling audio, over and over again.


    The Glitter sound library is built in two distinct sections: Source and Designed. The Designed section offers rich and inspiring sounds ready to be dropped in your project. The source folder includes various recordings used to create this library, should you want to wander down the path of creating your own glittering adventures.

    Created with crackling passion by our fairy own sound designers, this masterful curated library will be sure to bring your project to a sparkling new level of awe-inspiring wonderment.

    34 %
  • Fully over 6 tons of metal was pummelled during the making of this sound library. Prepare for some serious metal impact recordings with this massive SFX collection that will be the go-to for game sound design, trailers, and film. Recorded over several months with precision recording techniques and discerning ears, this hard-hitting, vast library will serve any serious sound designer well for years to come.

    Capturing Intense Metal Impacts

    After recording a few dozen metal impact sounds with a standard close-mic recording setup, we were just not getting the next-level quality we wanted for this library. The recordings had an overbearing proximity feel and the sharpness of the transients was fatiguing our ears. With time, experimentation and a lot of listening we found a formula which changed the game completely. We want to share some of our findings with you!

    Microphone Setup Positioning 1

    Using a stereo pair of Sennheiser mkh 8040s feeding into a Mix Pre 6, the first step was to change up the mic positions into some balanced but unusually placed, more distanced configurations. For the sound pressure levels (SPL) that the impacts were throwing out, mid-distance recording positions were providing a broader frequency, more balanced overall feel. It might be obvious, but taking the time to position the mics and find where the nodes of sound waves are most interesting is key. At this point in our setup, the captures of the old metal cabinet we were pounding already started producing some very interesting results.

    Microphone Setup Positioning 2

    Getting within striking distance of the quality target, we still found that the recordings were not celebrating that resonant bass personality that is particular to metal objects and surfaces. To address this, we brought in a LOM Geophon contact mic which we do recommend to pick up low end frequencies beautifully. Positioning the Geophon at different nodal points on the metal surface – which was entirely different for each surface used – we started getting some well balanced low end into the recordings. The captures were really starting to get to where they needed to be; the bass was there, the frequency range was there, and above all, the complex personality of the metal impacts was really pouring through the headsets. Almost there, some truly fantastic audio captures.

    Microphone Setup Positioning 3

    The final touch was added to the recording setup when a fourth microphone, a shotgun Rode NTG2, was added to the mix. The shotgun mic was pointed directly at the source of the impact with mid-low input gain to bring in a present but balanced transient into the impact recordings. Absolute magic – the quality target was achieved and even surpassed. For recordings like these we can definitely recommend multiple microphone positions, and a high quality contact mic is essential. For each object and surface used in this Metal Impacts SFX Library, either one of the recording formula described above was used to capture the best sounding metal impacts, shakes, resonances, rattles and rings you will ever own.

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