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Home Sound Effects

Rei Elbaz

The Featured Libraries Has Been Recorded In 24 Bit 48/96 Khz

Using High Quality Gear Such As Sound Devices Recorders, Senheisser Mkh 8040 St, Rode Nt4, Sennheisr Ambeo And More.

All The Files Have Name Tags And Metadata Descriptions, And Are Edited Cleaned And Mastered And Ready For Use.


  • World Sounds Ukrainian Ambiances Play Track 54 sounds included, 141 mins total
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    A collection of ambiances and street sounds recorded in ukraine between 2015-2018. With these recordings I tried to grasp the unique character of Ukraine. The distinct traffic sounds, the wonderful nature and the lively language.

    You will find recordings of airport and train station with p.a announcements, street sounds with Russian walla and voices, quiet residential ambiances, Ukrainian village ambiances, supermarkets and markets, schoolyard, school corridor, parade, street traffic, trains, conversations in Russian, prayers, street player talking, pedestrian areas, and more.

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