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New Sound Lab

New Sound Lab

Founded by:

Tor Johnson
New Sound Lab is an independent sound library download site for sound designers, created by Tor Johnson. The site offers high resolution (up to 192khz) sound effects for film, music, games and other multimedia applications.

Browse our sound libraries below:
  • This collection features an assortment of mechanical button and switch sounds, sourced from various equipment: power supplies, light switches, tv remotes, analog recording gear, guitars, foot pedals and others. A variety of clicks, ticks and toggle sounds are included from metallic, plastic, and rubber materials. Whether youโ€™re creating sound design for interactive elements, or the boot-up sequence for an aircraft, these sounds will enhance your project.

    27 %
  • This library features 145 sound recordings of assorted small electric motors, sourced from appliances like vacuum cleaners, power drills, air dusters, and other DC motors.

    We also harnessed the Koma Elektronik Field Kit system which gives the ability to fine control the speed of the motors, allowing for a one-of-a-kind sonic palette. These sounds range from glitchy static noise and hums to electromechanical motor sounds.

    All content was captured with induction coil pickups and contact mics, into the Elektronik Field Kit and finally into a Sound Devices 702 recorder.

  • This release features 91 recordings of a pressurized steam cleaner. The sounds range from steam bursts and blasts, to hisses and sizzles.

    All content was captured with an Sanken CSS-5 shotgun microphone into a Sound Devices 702 recorder.

  • This release features 150 underwater hydrophone recordings capturing a wide range of sounds, from bubbles, splashes, waves, impacts, to flows, all from the underwater perspective.ย 

    These sounds fill any type of submerged-in-liquid sound effect needs.ย They pack a punch in the mid to low frequency range, so they would layer well with other water sound effects to add more depth.ย 

    All content was captured with an Aquarian H2a hydrophone into a Sound Devices 702 recorder.

  • This release features 110 recordings of a high-end, hand-built Italian espresso machine and commercial-grade coffee grinder. All functions of the machines were recorded including brewing coffee, steaming milk, steam/hot water wands, water boiler, pump, grinder and other coffee prep accessories.

    The library is great for traditional coffee prep/cafe ambience, and also easy to turn into experimental steam punk mechanical type sounds.

    All content was captured with a Sanken CSS-5 Stereo Shotgun mic in both mono and 120 degree stereo mode. The microphone was mounted in a full Rycote windshield kit and connected to a Sound Devices 702 recorder.

  • This library features recordings of sounds that were dubbed to 25 year old cassette tapes and then played back using a unique cassette manipulation device. The cassette tape reels are controlled manually by hand via a turning knob, allowing for speeding up/slowing down the pitch and speed while also controlling the rhythm, much like scratching vinyl. The existing sounds recorded to tape combined with the wow and flutter of the worn out tape, and manual speed playback create unique new sounds, including glitched tones, gritty blips, scratching, and percussive hits.

  • Environments & Ambiences (NSL) Water Bundle Play Track 382+ sounds included, 180 mins total $84

    The NSL Nature Bundle includes 4 New Sound Lab sound libraries.

    382 high resolution WAV files – 180 minutes – 9 GB

    21 %
  • Bundles (NSL) Technology Bundle Play Track 1674+ sounds included $119

    The NSL Technology Bundle includes 5ย New Sound Lab sound libraries. 705 high resolution WAV files – 10 GB

    36 %
  • Bundles (NSL) Analog FX Bundle Play Track 731+ sounds included $64

    The NSL FX Bundle includes 4ย New Sound Lab sound libraries.ย 731 high resolution WAV files – 6 GB

    33 %
  • Bundles (NSL) Transit Bundle Play Track 204+ sounds included, 180 mins total $79

    The NSL Transit Bundle includes 3 New Sound Lab sound libraries.ย 204 high resolution WAV files – 180 minutes – 9 GB

    26 %
  • Bundles New Sound Lab Complete Bundle Play Track 2656+ sounds included, 985 mins total $399

    The NSL Complete Bundle includes all 20 New Sound Lab sound libraries. 2,656 high resolution WAV files – 985 minutes – 41 GB

    36 %
  • This SFX library features 217 sounds processed by a mint condition Chorus Echo RE-501, including metal impacts, church bells, chainsaws, voices, and water. In addition, self-oscillation sounds from the RE-501 are included. The combination of the 192khz high resolution sample rate and the tape saturation/warmth from the Chorus Echo make these samples sound great when pitch shifted and/or time stretched, even at extreme settings.

  • Environments & Ambiences Pacific Ocean Play Track 55 sounds included, 65 mins total $19

    This SFX library features recordings of the Pacific Ocean at various locations along the beach within Refugio State Park. The incoming waves collide with large rock formations, creating great wave impacts and rushing water through small channels and hollow rocks. A variety of mic placements at various distances from the ocean were used, from directly over the water to larger distances, recording ambience behind massive rock walls and inside natural beach caves. In addition, a hydrophone captured underwater currents from waves splashing into small tide pools on the rocks.

  • This library features recordings of a Moog analog synthesizer. The sounds range from raw lo-fi zaps, buzzes and glitches, to more futuristic high-tech robot movements, morphs, vocalizations and drones.

    Both source recordings, and designed sound effects are included for further sound manipulation.

  • Get the sounds of a Printrbot 3D printer – with four NEMA 14 stepper motors -, in this interesting SFX library by New Sound Lab.

    The high torque motors connected to a pulley system control the X-Y-Z movements of the aluminum extruder and metal print bed. When printing three-dimensional objects, these fast and precise movements result in a unique barrage of percussive and rhythmic mechanical noise.

    These sounds were captured using three different recording setups: Barcus Berry contact mics, RF coils, and combined contact mic / RF coil into a Sound Devices 702 recorder.

    The resulting sounds are a mix of grainy, gritty atonal patterns, robotic percussive bleeps, glitchy digital beeps/clicks, low fidelity drones, and chaotic noise. Both raw recordings, and processed elements are included and ready for further sound manipulation.

  • The Wheels & Gears SFX library features a collection of bicycle tire, freewheel, gear and chain recordings. Two bike models were recorded: A Specialized Carve Expert (mountain bike) and a Bianchi Campione (city/road bike).

    A wide range of sounds were recorded, from conventional bike sounds (such as freewheel clicks, gear shifting and chain movements, acceleration with various speeds, coasting, and disc brake movements) to more experimental sounds, creating unique sound effects using various found objects on the tires and spokes (such as cardboard, wooden sticks, fabric, shoe soles, guitar picks, and paper).

    Recordings were captured with a Sanken CSS-5 Shotgun mic. The shotgun microphone was mounted in a full Rycote windshield kit and connected to a Sound Devices 702 recording at 192khz. The contact mic recordings were captured with the Barcus Berry 4000 Planar Wave system.

  • Environments & Ambiences San Antonio Creek Play Track 32+ sounds included, 33 mins total $19

    This SFX library gets you the sounds of the remote San Antonio creek located in the Angeles National Forest – 32 recordings in total. The creek morphs from almost a trickle at 8,000 feet to a large waterfall below, allowing for a wide range of moving water sounds to be captured.

  • The Hybrid Electric Car SFX library features a collection of exterior and interior sounds from a 2007 Toyota Prius. A majority of the recording was conducted at El Mirage Lake, a six mile long dry lake bed in the Mojave Desert, 90 miles north of Los Angeles.

    This barren landscape, unique for its miles of completely flat terrain, is a popular filming location for automobile commercials and feature films. The recording sessions took place late in the evening and early in the morning, when the surroundings were completely silent.

    An ample collection of exterior pass bys, starts, and stop recordings on pavement, gravel, and dry lake bed are included. Speeds range from 5MPH to 80MPH from only running on the electric motor/battery pack, to pushing the Prius’ gas engine towards its max. Other sounds such as washer/wipers, electric motor and gas engine idling complete the collection.

  • The Floppy Drives sound effects library features recordings of seven computer disk drives: two 3.5″ floppy drives, one 5.25″ floppy drive, three Zip drives, and one SuperDisk drive.

    All drives were taken apart to access and manipulate the stepper/eject motors to create unique sounds. These range from electronic percussive bleeps and glitchy noises, to electromechanical motor movements.

    An Arduino UNO microcontroller board was connected to one of the 3.5″ floppy drives, allowing precise control of the drive’s stepper motor via custom software code. A midi keyboard was interfaced to the system, giving the ability to control the back-and-forth movement of the read/write heads via notes on the keyboard. This essentially turned the drive into an instrument, producing a new set of sounds not existing in the drive’s normal functions.

  • The LAX Aircraft library features descending aircraft flyovers at Los Angeles International Airport. One advantage of LAX is that it’s nestled in the city, making it easy to stand directly under very low flying airplanes to capture a great sound.

    A range of aircraft was recorded for this release, including the Airbus A330, Boeing 737, 747, and Bombardier 800.

    Two different microphone positions were used: One facing the oncoming aircraft, and the other pointing in the opposite direction to capture the flyover and further decent as the aircraft lands.

  • Get the sounds of the classic 1970’s era Roland Space Echo RE-201 – captured in high resolution audio.

    75 samples are included in this library, featuring a wide range of sounds emitted from a mint condition RE-201. The samples are collected from the space echo self oscillation, as well the triggered delay from various sound sources. Use these samples for the classic Space Echo sound or chop up and manipulate them for new sound creation/design.

  • This library features recordings created using a “Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer”, a boutique spring reverb effects unit where three reverb springs are exposed, allowing them to be hit, played, and manipulated in real time.

    The unit also includes a multi-mode analog filter, and when combined with the playability of the springs, opens up many sound creation options.

    The result is a unique sound effect library of massive metallic hits, clangs, scrapes, plucks, bounces, and rattles. The springs were played like a percussion instrument, using a collection of found objects, such as hammers, mallets, allen wrenches, forks, and plastic / metal rods. The springs were also stretched to alter the pitch, and objects were placed on the springs, much like a prepared piano, to alter the sound.

    No other effects were applied other than the built-in multimode filter (high pass, low pass, band pass, and resonance) on certain sounds. These include sub-sonic hits, sweeping filtered metallic scrapes, and drones that round out the collection.

  • Traffic Sound Effects L.A. Freeways Play Track 60 sounds included, 180 mins total $39

    Los Angeles is well-known for having some of the largest and most traveled freeways in the United States.

    The L.A. Freeways sound effects library captures the traffic ambience on the massive freeways that run through the Greater L.A. area – 3 hours of recordings in total!

    Multiple perspectives were recorded, from close vehicle pass bys to distant traffic ambience captured from city parks, surrounding hillsides, tunnels and underpasses. Traffic types range from fast pass bys, to slow and congested traffic.

    Freeways included:

    โ€ข US-101 (Hollywood Freeway)
    โ€ข I-405 (San Diego Freeway)
    โ€ข I-5 (Golden State Freeway)
    โ€ข I-10 (Santa Monica Freeway)
    โ€ข I-110 (Harbor Freeway)
    โ€ข SR-134 (Ventura Freeway)
    โ€ข (Glendale Freeway)

  • The Rock Slides sound effects library includes 57 recordings of various small rock, pebble, and other debris slides.

    There were multiple microphone positions used, but the two most common were a stereo microphone placed on the middle of the slope, capturing the slides from left – center – right as they slid down the mountain.

    The other was the stereo microphone placed at the bottom of the slope as the rocks traveled down the slope towards the microphone. This captured more of a crescendo with the sound of rocks growing louder as they travel closer to the microphone.

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