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Hello, I’m Dmitry Chernov, the founder of LARX Audio. I’ve been working in film sound as a Supervising sound editor and a Sound re-recording mixer for 20 years. This experience, multiplied by the most sophisticated recording equipment and surround mixing studio, is now invested into creating sound libraries, which are necessary in everyday work, but feature hardly accessible locations and objects, especially uninhabited nature environments and animals. The recordings are meticulously edited, mastered and curated to produce the sounds that are a pleasure to work with and are just ready to be spotted into your project.





  • Animal Sound Effects Guinea Pigs Ultrasonic Plus Play Track 500+ sounds included, 143 mins total $76

    A comprehensive anthology of Guinea pigs’ vocalisations and other characteristic sound effects. Single pigs: male, female, little ones, duets, trios and in groups of up to 9. Full spectrum of emotions from lively chatter to aggressive fast teeth clicking (yes, they click teeth!) and synchronous hysterical whining and scared ear-piercing squeals. Recorded simultaneously in EXTREME CLOSE UP with Nevaton and Sanken CO-100K microphones for full coverage from deep bass to rich ultrasonic content (and a mix of these two microphones is also provided for your convenience), as well as general CLOSE UP with Nevaton for more natural perspective. Guinea pigs are very social and vocal, but the sounds they make are so unexpected and weird, that they can greatly work not only for rodents, but for extraterrestrials or robots. Lots of ultrasonic content makes a perfect basis for speed and pitch manipulations.ย 10% of the library’s revenue goes to nature preserves and wild animal shelters.

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  • Metal Sound Effects Echo of Bells Ambisonic and Surround Play Track 426 sounds included, 45 mins total From: $29

    Closeup and distant synchronous recordings of cowbells and other typical bells used on animals, in the natural acoustics of a field, surrounded by forests, but without any environmental sounds at all. This type of recording is unique and very difficult to achieve, there is no competing product at the market. Clean direct sound, beautiful early reflections and reverberation in pure silence. Perfect for diegetic animal bells, subtle atmospheric mood elements, scene punctuation elements, abstract metal sound design elements or for game UI sound design. UCS compliant and deeply implemented.

    10% of the libraryโ€™s revenue goes to nature preserves and wild animal shelters.

  • Wild Animals Sound Effects Wolves Play Track 500+ sounds included, 78 mins total $149

    The highest quality vocal sounds of the members of a wolves pack in their social interaction. Howls solo and in groups from 2 to 9, fierce growls, extremely bassy grumblings, barks, snorts, whines, yapping. All the raw material was collected using the method of passive week-long observation with minimal intrusion, nothing was staged or provoked. A large part of the library is made of unintentional recordings of the accidental territorial quarrel between a polar wolf SEVER and an alpha male HORT: very aggressive growls, teeth clacking and other fight sounds. Luckily, despite the terrifying sonic impression, no one was injured. About 60 hours of raw recordings were edited into 1 hour 18 minutes, 151 files with 500+ individual sounds. Wolves are very emotional, expressive and surprisingly musical. So, these sounds can be equally useful for films and games representing wolves, as well as for creature and monster sound design. Some of the recordings sound very humanlike.

    10% of this library revenue goes to the shelter for wolves.

  • 71 quad surround ambiences of virgin nature around lakes and brooks bring you to the hot summer at the national park in Karelia, North-Western Russia. Carrying you away into the land of Mother Nature, untouched with technogenic and anthropogenic sounds. Busy morning of birds and insect in a marsh, streams in forests and a beaverโ€™s dam, a rapid roaring river in a canyon. Mystically whispering and aggressively chattering winds through reed. A swallow feeding their nestlings in front of the microphone. Still evening over lakes with echoing voices of a Hobby falcon, Arctic Loon calls and splashy takeoff runs. Otherworldly silent night with Longhorn beetle larvae creaking communications in the trees at the shore, a bat at 30 kHz and a large beetle cruising around the mic like a helicopter with rumble down to infrasound.

    10 % of the library’s revenue goes to nature preserves and animal shelters.

  • 61 HD quad surround ambiences of the wild North European nature. They were recorded during a two-week recording trip on foot and by rowing boat in the hot July of 2018 at the heart of the national park in Karelia, North-Western Russia. Spacious, transparent, immersive and absolutely free from any technogenic and anthropogenic sounds. Still air and wind through grass or trees. Birds and insects from single and sparse at the cloudy morning to dense and busy at the hot sunny noon, a mosquito chorus at dawn and ear-piercing grasshoppers at sunset. Distant thunder rolls and disturbed Arctic Loon, huge old trees creaking and grumbling in the wind.

    10 % of the library’s revenue goes to nature preserves and animal shelters.

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