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ktwAudio is Kurt Willoughby – a sound designer for video games, currently working with Running With Scissors.

After completing the MA Sound Production course at Edinburgh Napier University, a chance meeting lead to Kurt joining Running With Scissors near the beginning of their development for what became the POSTAL 2 DLC: Paradise Lost (released April 2015). Our work has since continued with the completion of a complete revamping of 1995’s POSTAL in the UE4 engine (released as POSTAL Redux in May 2016), and other projects that have yet to be announced.

  • Welcome to the sonic world of electromagnetic fields – sounds that are everywhere but rarely heard!

    This library consists of a collection of 82 sounds, with each sound ranging from 6 seconds in length up to almost 7 minutes, exploring the buzzing, clicking, and general weirdness that is found to be emitted in the electromagnetic fields of 21 devices. These include a washing machine, guitar effects pedal, Ford Focus, and a factory Security System.

    These recordings range from a variety of straight buzzes and hums to sounds the morph and change over time. They are be great for something as simple as adding a hum to a refrigerator, to creating more complex soundscapes for your sci-fi projects, or to use as samples for music. This collection has been put together using little-to-no processing so as to give you sounds that can be manipulated however you may need.

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