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Kpow Sounds

Kpow Sounds creates niche sound effects libraries for sound post professionals and game audio folk alike.

Our years creating game audio ensures we understand the level of quality required in a sound library, and have unique insight into what sounds are useful to the sound professional.

  • Electromagnetic sensors recording in stereo a range of soundfields from static, shimmering electric fields to pulsing, bass-heavy drones, and extreme ultrasonic incandescents, fully UCS metatagged and filenamed.

  • Epic Swishes and Whooshes includes natural sounding weapon whooshes, cloth whooshes for fights, flame whooshes, and designed whooshes of all types, scifi, fantasy, mega, subtle, effected and extreme. All your swish and whoosh needs are covered!

  • Industrial Ambiences – perfect for realistic industrial settings, adjacent to factories, dockyards, warehouses. Subtle intricate backgrounds, eerie man-made areas and horror ambiences. All files at least four minutes in length.

    Industrial Disquiet highlights:

    โ€ข 53 Tracks Total (25 Day time Tracks, 28ย Night time Tracks)
    โ€ข High Resolution Photographs of Recording Locations Included
    โ€ข Thorough UCS compatible metadata included in all files
    โ€ข All tracks recorded and edited at 24bit, 96kHz
    โ€ข Each Track around 4 Minutes in Length
    โ€ข 6.9 GB compressed download, 7.5 GB uncompressed

  • You get 1,074 individual sounds, in 14 separate soundpacks containing variations on all the sounds.

    Included are all commonly required sounds needed for a comprehensive UI experience.

  • This library consists of hundreds of performances (581 files total) of toy whistles, clown and bicycle horns, slide whistles, melody pops, party blowers and squeeze toys most with distant and near recording variations.

    UCS compatible Metadata has been meticulously redone ensuring searches are no longer bloated with unnecessary results, and the amount of fun is instantly forefronted in your searches.

    Toots & Sqeaks highlights:

    โ€ข 581 broadcast wave files
    โ€ข All at 24 bit, 96kHz
    โ€ข 4.81 uncompressed gigabytes of audio data
    โ€ข Most takes include stereo, mono and distant microphone perspectives
    โ€ข Metadata carefully added to each audio file ready for efficient searching

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