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Hzandbits Sound Effects

Founded and run by Christian Hagelskjaer From in 2011, Hzandbits Sound Effects releases mostly small, but sharply focused sound effects downloads ranging from field recordings and full coverage of everyday objects – to more abstract and experimental sounds.

Recording wind is one of my specialties, and my wind sounds have found popularity among many sound designers.

All my libraries are UCS-compliant (Universal Category System).

  • User Interface sound effects galore: 96 minutes / 1.03 GB of mechanical and synthesized user interface sound effects.
    1719 sounds in 287 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    User Interface is a collection of mechanical and synthesized sounds for designing UI sounds. With over 1700 sounds in 287 files, there are tons of different sounds, with several takes or variations of each.

    The guiding principle behind the collection is to allow sound designers to combine these two types of sounds into something that has the edge from synthesis, and the authenticity or “body” of physical objects.

    About half the sounds come from an array of physical objects struck, scraped, and otherwise manipulated, in front of a Sennheiser MKH 40 microphone. Covered in these recordings are everything from simple clicks and clacks, to more complex scrapes, shakes and rattles. The various materials used ensured good timbral variation too, ranging from overtone-rich, to more dull tonal characteristics.

    The other half come from an analog modular synth, with a little bit of post-processing here and there. Many of these sounds have a slightly “retro” feel to them; they have a certain rawness of timbre. I feel this sets User Interface apart from the many polished or glossy sounding UI sound effects out there.

    Types of interface sounds

    During the design phase, another main principle was to produce sounds for a variety of user interactions. There are sounds for button presses and activations, for turning dials or moving faders. Additionally, there are also sounds to convey some sort of message to the user, such as alerts to errors or success.

    Then there are the sounds that signal data being transmitted or processed (the abstract version of audible read/write cycles on old mechanical drives, perhaps). Not very realistic nowadays, but you can’t transmit data in a film or game without cool sounds, right?

    Finally, and in the same vein, I also included a number of sounds in the “garbled audio communications” category. Nothing sets the scene for a tech-laden environment like unintelligible radio-voices!

    You get:

    • Mechanical & synthesized UI sound effects
    • Alerts, activations, clicks, buttons, dials, data-transmission
    • Searchable file names – UCS compatible
    • BWF Metadata embedded – with more included in CSV format.
  • Metal Springs is 444 MB of metal spring sound effects. 662 individual sounds in 78 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Metal Springs is a collection of spring sounds that don’t just go twang, but explores many other sounds that can be coaxed from these flexible steel wonders.

    I recorded a selection of small steel springs pulled from various mechanical and electronic devices, ending up with many sounds that could be used in a variety of sound designs. Whether you want to add some extra authenticity to button presses, operating small office machines, or add a little comedy to any kind of malfunctioning technology, you will find something useful here.

    Any time I use a machine or some piece of equipment, and hear a spring-like sound, I feel like I have gained a little more knowledge about the internal workings of that machine or equipment. Spring sounds, or their absence, can also be indicate quality and age of an object. You wouldn’t expect to hear them from a very high-tech console in a super-villains lair, but it wouldn’t be out of place in the movements of a worn down droid.

    With 662 sounds in 78 files, most sounds come in multiple variations or takes, adding some life and realism in those situations when you need to play a sound repeatedly.

  • Universal Category System (UCS) Wind Craft Play Track 93 sounds included, 96 mins total $38

    Wind Craft is 96 minutes / 1.8 GB of designed wind sound effects.
    93 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Wind Craft features artificially designed wind sound effects done the old way: crafted using mechanical contraptions, physical props and noise from analog synths.
    The goal was to explore wind sounds as something made-up and performed. Inspiration came from old cartoons, and from elements of the many recordings of real wind, I have made in the past. From noisy pitch-modulated whooshes, to whistles, moans and overtones – all of which sometimes occur naturally around objects and openings hit by wind.

    The star of the collection is a replica of the type of wind machine used in theaters and in old cartoons: a hand-cranked cylinder fitted with wooden slats, rotating against a piece of canvas. It is a very recognizable sound, but it took some trial and error getting the construction, the canvas, and the performance right. Gave me even more respect for the sound designers of Olde.

    Further explorations in the possibilities of friction were done with mattresses, carpet tiles, metal springs and various types of cloth. All yielded quite interesting material.

    Other sounds were performed by blowing through organ pipes and flutes, as well as other props that would cause interesting turbulence.

    Finally, I experimented with the noise sources of analog synths, filtering them by hand, as well as by side-chaining cutoff and resonance to the envelopes of real wind recordings.

    Some of these sounds come close to something realistic, but most take several artistic freedoms to what wind could sound like.

  • City Life Sound Effects Rome Play Track 48 sounds included, 102 mins total $38

    Rome is 102 minutes/3.3 Gb of ambiance recordings from the Italian capital. 48 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Rome was recorded during Easter 2018, and features ambiance recordings of people & places in central Rome. Included are recordings from St Peters Basilica; the Pantheon; various piazza’s (plaza’s), streets and cafés. Many of the locations are famous tourist haunts, and it is certainly audible in some of the recordings, but there are also recordings containing mostly Italian language chatter.

    The traffic recordings are typical; with the specific mix of mopeds, scooters, cars & trucks generally seen in the streets of Rome, and the street surfaces are mostly cobblestone. I stayed in Via Milano in the part of Rome called Monti, and recorded that street quite a bit. You will find a couple of long, generic sounding takes, along with a number of smaller snippets containing elements from those same takes, but with more interesting content. That way, you can build the street ambiance you like.

    There is also a set of recordings of the old elevator in the building I was staying in; clunky buttons, steel doors and an old-fashioned elevator bell.

  • Environments & Ambiences Northern Italy Play Track 22 sounds included, 90 mins total $29

    Northern Italy is 90 minutes/2.9 Gb of ambiance recordings of rural Northern Italy. 22 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Northern Italy was recorded in July 2019 (pre-Covid), and features ambiance recordings from just outside the small village of Entratico, near Bergamo, Italy. This is hill-country, with meandering gravel-roads, small farms, sheep-bells and lots of crickets. In fact, in this terrain, insects seem to be the only sound sources which are always near. Everything else, from dogs and roosters, to church-bells and airplanes, seems always to be distant. Lots of laid-back rural atmosphere here.

    Crickets are quite a dominant feature in these recordings, and there are several variations recorded both day & night. Some are quite loud (the ones with “LOUD” in the file names), so be careful with playback.

  • City Life Sound Effects Sri Lanka Ambiances 1 Play Track 62 sounds included, 171 mins total $61

    Sri Lanka Ambiances 1 is 171 minutes/5.51 Gb of lively ambiances recorded in Sri Lanka in July 2017.
    62 separate files
    – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using Primo EM172 microphones in a spaced A-B setup. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    This collection features a variety of locations in and around the small tourist town of Unawatuna, on the southern-most end of the island. The area is mix of small boutique hotels and private guest-houses, low-rise residential housing and small shops. Traffic is dominated by old busses and trucks, as well as mopeds and Tuk-tuks (basically a three-wheeled motorized rickshaw).

    Animals heard include different birds, monkeys, dogs and squirrels during the day; and cicadas and frogs at night.

    Most locations are covered with different angles/takes, to provide enough variation of the material to build a scene around. Included are several drive-bys of various vehicles.

  • City Life Sound Effects Sri Lanka Ambiances II Play Track 32 sounds included, 133 mins total $47
    Sri Lanka Ambiances II is 133 minutes/4.40 Gb of ambiance recordings from Sri Lanka.
    32 separate files
    – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Sri Lanka Ambiances II was recorded in 2017 on the same trip that resulted in Sri Lanka Ambiances 1. This collection takes us inland, to the mountain town of Ella, and the larger city of Kandy.

    Ella has some distinctive sounds; not least the train snaking it’s way slowly through the mountains, it’s whistle reverberating between them. I also recorded distant distant loudspeaker “chants” or recitals, which, as far as I could gather, was a part of the Poya-days – a Sri Lankan full moon holiday.

    Another personal highlight is the recording of an office clerk working an old-school mechanical typewriter behind the blinds of a small office in Kandy.

    All in all, here are plenty of general Sri Lankan ambiances featuring traffic, barking dogs, tweeting birds and buzzing insects, as well as bits and pieces of walla.

  • Tuk-Tuk Ride is 10 minutes/346Mb of Tuk-Tuk/auto rickshaw interior recordings from Sri Lanka.
    71 separate files
    – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Tuk-Tuk Ride features onboard recordings of a Piaggio APE 50 3-wheel scooter doing taxi-duty on the island of Sri Lanka. The 71 clips are categorized according to whether the vehicle is accelerating, deccelerating, cruising, etc. These are not ultra-clean military-precision clips, but come with audible traffic by’s and other environmental noises. There are a few bits of Sri Lankan spoken, but most clips would be suitable for use in non-Sri Lanka settings.

    Rather than the ultimate full-coverage of this particular vehicle, this is focused on the experience of riding the APE50 Tuk-Tuk.

  • Universal Category System (UCS) Rain Play Track 113 sounds included, 240 mins total $66

    Rain is 4 hours / 7.74Gb of rain on many surfaces.
    113 separate files
    – recorded in 24bit/96kHz. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Rain is a library of sounds collected since 2011. It features rain recorded as ambiances or beds and as specifics. For me, rain is the same as wind:
    if it sounds like white noise, it isn’t interesting. Just like my wind recordings, I have recorded rain where it hits something that makes a distinctive
    sound, something with a bit of character, rhythm or feeling.

    Over the years, I have recorded rain in M/S, A-B stereo and mono. I have used condensers and contact mics. All of that is represented
    in this collection.

    Some of the recordings exist in both original M/S versions, as well as the decoded results (XY). In this way, you can get ready-to-use stereo,
    or get more control of width (or just the mono signal) with M/S. A few of the sounds were only recorded in mono, and I have left them in as such. They are quite percussive and close-up anyway, so may be used as elements. You also get several seamless loops.

    You will find rain on man-made materials, as well as vegetation, and even a couple of rain recordings from Sri Lanka and Tokyo. These have been released previously in their own libraries, but I thought they were both interesting and generic enough to do some good here as well.

  • Roomtones Hospital Ambiance Play Track 24 sounds included, 59 mins total $33

    Hospital Ambiance is 59 minutes/1.80 Gb of ambiance recordings from an old hospital. 24 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Hospital Ambiance was recorded in the rooms and corridors of the old (now defunct) Aarhus County Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark. A prominent feature is the lack of acoustical treatment in corridors and hallways, giving a rather hard and reverberant sound, which is typical of Danish public building styles of the 1930’s and 40’s.

    Elevators and automatic doors are heavy and noisy; humming and clanking as patients and staff pass through them. Electric vehicles used to move patients and supplies around inside the complex are old and not exactly noiseless either. Finally, while I did not have access to operating rooms or the like, I did get into a couple of basement corridors, where there were less people and more Hvac noise (yay!).

    In some of the recordings, faint, muffled or smeared voices can be heard. While I have removed passages with distinctly Danish words (which might also be connected with specific, recognizable persons), there is still a certain tone and pitch to the Danish language, which may come through on occasion.
    All in all, this is the sound of a place that is no more, as this old hospital is being turned into expensive apartments or something to that effect.

  • Water & Ocean Sounds Sea & Surf Play Track 49 sounds included, 360 mins total $56

    Sea & Surf is nearly 6 hours / 11 GB of wave sound effects – some over 15 minutes long.
    49 separate files
    – recorded in 24bit/96kHz. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Sea & Surf represents a decade of collecting wave sound effects on Danish shores. With over 7000 km of coastline to record, there is a bit of everything here. From the shallow waters of Aarhus Bay, to the roaring North Sea at Hanstholm on the shoulder of Jutland, I recorded waves crashing, splashing, lapping and even clucking.

    I visited marinas, jetties, breakwaters, piers, a lake, and even the inside of a WW2-era concrete bunker. Here are close-ups from the waterline, from between the boulders of a breakwater and waves clucking quietly on the rocky coast of Bornholm.

    At the North Sea, I recorded in several positions, from right in the waterline, to behind large sand dunes. I made sure to set up my microphones at several elevations, to capture the variation in sound this affords. These are not squeaky-clean recordings, as some of the quieter ones do contain the odd bird sound here and there. You will also hear grasses and other vegetation rustled by the wind, but that all adds to the realism, of course!

    Recording waves is a bit like recording wind, by the way, in that it is basically white noise and can quickly be reduced to sounding like it – if you stand in the wrong place. This is probably the “soothing” quality, many people hear in wave sounds. However, there is a lot more to water waves than relaxation sounds, and so I’ve always attempted to capture the drama and the variation, along with the more obvious wave sounds.

    Recordings were made in A-B stereo as well as X/Y, with the M/S sources included in the download. This gives you more flexibility to widen or narrow the sounds in post-production. Microphones used were both Sennheiser MKH series and Primo EM172 omni electret capsules.

    Some recordings are focused on the distant perspective, while others zoom in on each wave impacting a surface, which is where M/S lets you choose how sharply you want to frame the sound.

  • Airports & Planes is 120 minutes/3.90 Gb of ambiance recordings from a variety of international airports around the world, as well as airplane interiors. 48 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible

    Airport & Planes was recorded between 2015-2018, in airports from Rome to Qatar, and in a variety of large capacity commercial passenger craft.
    It presents modern air travel from the passenger perspective, covering everything from airport shopping areas and security checks, to
    taxiing, takeoff, cruising and landing – with and without passenger walla, rummaging with luggage compartments and seat belt buckles.

    It was all recorded stealth style, but nevertheless delivers lots of different perspectives and variation. Room tones from airplane interiors
    come in different timbres (read: flavors of background noise), ranging from the tonally dry and flat, to rumbling and wheezing.

    You will also find spoken announcements in various languages from English to Japanese; in both airports and onboard planes.
    The characteristic bell or ping accompanying announcements in flight is also included, in two different versions:
    One was isolated from an actual recording, while the other was synthesized to match the first, but sounding cleaner.

    As a tasty little bonus, I’m throwing in a couple interiors from a bona-fide airliner lavatory.

    All in all, lots of suitcase wheels, rolling sidewalks and whooshy airplane tones.

  • City Life Sound Effects Berlin Ambiances II Play Track 32 sounds included, 115 mins total $27

    Berlin Ambiances II is 115 minutes / 3,7 GB of pure Berlin in 32 separate files – recorded in 24 Bit / 96 kHz A-B stereo, with Primo EM172 omni capsules. All files are UCS-compliant.

    This collection is focused on lively locations such as markets, museums, playgrounds and shops, and features several takes from each location (in most cases). I wanted the sound of Berliners more than anything else, so here are sounds from Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte. Whether it’s drunks on Alexander Platz or the lunch crowd in Markthalle 9, I tried to capture a good spectrum of public, everyday life in Berlin.

    As always, you get searchable file names and comprehensive metadata in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) format. This allows you to import the metadata into your favorite librarian software.

    You get:

    • Berliners in a variety of their favorite spaces!
    • Interiors and exteriors
    • UCS-compliant
    • BWAV metadata descriptions embedded, with even more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats
  • Static Space is a collection of 155 UCS-compliant space or Sci-Fi sound effects, focused on continuous, seamless loops. Instead of fly-by’s and accelerations, you get the sounds of space ships going at cruise speeds or idling. If you need motion, just add panning, fades and doppler as you like.

    Here are plenty of loops for designing alien environments, including engine rooms, general room tones, strange transmissions and more. Additionally, I have made sure to add plenty of variety; both in terms of moods, frequency content and tonality. Some of these are unmistakably space sound effects, while others are more ambiguous, and could be used for other high tech environments as well.

    You will find both low- and high end sweeteners, so when ever you see the words “rumble” or “low end” in a file name; watch that master fader! Furthermore, I went for a strong, almost musical tone, in some sounds, while others are much more noise-based and abrasive.

  • Spring Box is 13 minutes/453mb of shrieking, droning, scraping metallic sounds – made by bowing a steel spring bolted to an empty steel enclosure. 81 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using Primo EM172 and JrF contact microphones. All files are UCS-compliant.

    Here’s a collection of eerie sounds for your next horror/sci-fi/ambient project. Everything from low rumbling and rattling, to high pitched, harmonics-laden screams; long, drawn-out sounds and short dings and twangs. Of course they sound really good when pitched down, too (the last 3 sounds in the preview are shifted down to quarter speed)!

    The Spring Box is an old 19 inch rack enclosure, which I gutted and fitted with two springs from a genuine Luxo lamp (so you know it’s good). I have been having fun bowing and scraping this with a cello bow, as well as striking it with various other objects. Some sounds are recorded acoustically, while others were done with contact mics.

    You get:

    • Steel spring sounds.
    • Long and atmospheric, as well as short and succinct.
    • Great pitch-shifting material.
    • Searchable file names
  • Wind Elements – Interior is 75 minutes/2.43 Gb of howling, blasting and fluttering wind, recorded from inside various buildings. 90 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using Sennheiser MKH & Primo EM172 microphones, and mastered in X/Y stereo. All files are UCS-compliant.

    This collection is the bigger, badder sequel to bestseller Howling Winds – Interior, with more of everything: fresh recordings, more types of wind, more locations and just more variation.

    Everything from violent blasting and howling, to gentle, caressing wind. Some with sleet and rain, cracking and creaking of window frames and roof materials, others with faint sound of rustling leaves or urban buzz.

    You get both long ambiances from various locations, as well as plenty of short files to sweeten up your mix.
    Some sounds have been eq’ed aggressively to enhance the feeling of being indoors, but very little processing has been applied otherwise. You’ll hear a bit of hiss here and there; I left it in because I felt noise reduction would take away too much character in those specific cases.

    You get:

    • Indoor wind sounds
    • Howling, blasting, fluttering – a bit of sleet & rain too
    • Lots of variations of each sound
    • Searchable file names
    • BWF Metadata embedded – with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats


  • Microbes is 76 minutes/2.12 Gb of microscopic life forms skittering and scurrying about in their strange world. 326 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using various microphones. UCS-compliant.

    A construction kit of the sounds you need to design organisms on the microscopic level. Whether you’re making a medical animation, a nature documentary or something entirely fictional, Microbes delivers in skittering, fluttering and slithering sounds. Anything from single-cell organisms to complex insects is possible. Sounds are grouped in a variety of creature “species”, allowing you to create different voices with a good amount of nuance in performance. You also get a range of bubbling and swarming sounds, as well as wet and slimy elements. To complete your microscopic universe, there are a number of abstract and otherworldly ambiances.

    Sounds were created using various physical instruments and props, such as a hardware modular synth, bowed metal springs, a cactus and good fashioned old voice acting. No actual microbes were harmed (or even consulted) during production. You can read more about the creation of Microbes here.

    You get:
    •Designed sounds of microscopic life
    •Slither, skittering and fluttering creatures
    •Several distinct species
    •Searchable file names
    •BWF Metadata embedded – with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats.
  • Robotics Lab is 26 minutes/788 MB of industrial robots, 3D-printers & CNC cutters in 62 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using Sennheiser MKH microphones. All files are UCS-compliant.

    This library gives you recordings of two different ABB industrial robots; the large IRB 6620 and the smaller IRB 120. You get both single, isolated movements and more complex sequences with the robots moving on multiple axes simultaneously. Also included are takes of the robots idling, with some subtle but interesting sounds as the result.

    I also recorded Ultimaker 2 3D-printers – 3 of them running at once, as well as isolated sounds from a single printer. A large Zünd flatbed CNC-cutter was also recorded. All in all, lots of servos and stepper-motors, with lots of whizzing, whirring, clicking and ratcheting for your sound design projects.

    You get:
    • Industrial robots, 3D-printers and more
    • Servo- & stepper motors
    • Searchable file names
    • Secure Amazon S3-powered download
    • BWF Metadata embedded – with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats.
  • Vibration is 40 minutes/676 MB of vibrating, rattling and resonating metal and plastic panels in 96 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using contact microphones. All files are UCS-compliant.

    This is a collection of sounds that rattle, clatter, vibrate, buzz, hum and oscillate. Think huge cargo vehicles, passenger ferries or mechanical installations with loose metal panels, resonating generators and such. The vibrating was done with a 100 watt tactile transducer (like a bass speaker with no cone) hooked up to an amplifier, and getting it’s signal from a modular synth. Frequencies from LFO’s and VCO’s were mixed, to get interesting vibrations in both sub-audio and audio range.

    Holding the transducer by hand allowed me to move it around and find the sweet spots on the various objects (a steel filing cabinet, a steel suitcase and a spring reverb tank come to mind). Depending on the amplitude of the input signal, different sounds would emerge from the same waveforms. Now and again, the transducer would get too hot to handle, and on one or two occasions, the thermo-relay on the amp would kick in. Excitement in the studio!

    You get:
    • Steel and plastic objects vibrating
    • Lots of seamless loops
    • Searchable file names
    • BWF Metadata embedded, with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats
  • Weather Sound Effects Wind In Trees Play Track 32 sounds included, 93 mins total $28

    Here are ambient and specific recordings of rustling leaves, fluttering twigs and creaking trunks. Pine and Fir trees, Beechwood hedgerows and leafless Oak trees, along tall grass and reeds. All in all, a collection representative of the cultured landscape in Denmark, as well as much of northern Europe. I was lucky enough to record a storm during the last days of 2016, and those sounds are of course included here. No human voices or man-made sounds, but a few of the sounds have bird vocalizations in them. All files are UCS-compliant.

    The focus is rather narrow, going for many nuances of the same flavor – rather than many flavors. If you need sounds of a storm or gale in northern European vegetation, then this should fit the bill. Note that there is audible buffeting in several files. I opted to leave it in there, as it might suit some purposes, and let me keep the most violent passages. You can try your luck with noise reduction, but since wind is mostly broadband noise anyway, it might not turn out well. YMMV.

    A few sounds appear in both mono and stereo versions, where the stereo version are X/Y derived from the M/S source files and the mono versions are simply the Mid channel. I did this, because most people seem to prefer X/Y files for post-work, rather than M/S – but a down-mix of X/Y to mono would be inferior to using the original Mid-mic signal. All sounds were captured in Denmark between October and January.

    You get:
    • Wind through trees, bushes and tall grass
    • Close recordings and wider takes
    • X/Y Stereo and Mono sounds (decoded from M/S)
    • Searchable file names
    • Metadata included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats
  • UCS-compliant, ambient recordings from various industrial sites, including the port of Aarhus with its bulk cargo and container terminals. Most of the sounds are quite generic though, and could be used in many different contexts. Some recordings are teeming with activity, while others feature deserted, yet humming and droning, industrial landscapes. Lots of HVAC with fans and pumps. Containers are moved, gravel is unloaded, engines are running. Very little wind, and hardly any legible speech. A few of the sounds are cut as seamless loops.

    Most of the sounds were originally recorded with a Sennheiser MKH60/30 M/S setup. A few sounds appear in both mono and stereo versions, where the stereo version are X/Y derived from the M/S source files and the mono versions are simply the Mid channel. I did this, because most people seem to prefer X/Y files for post-work, rather than M/S – but a down-mix of X/Y to mono would be inferior to using the original Mid-mic signal. 4 of the sounds were recorded with a quasi binaural setup. All sounds were captured in Aarhus, Denmark.

  • Hvac Elements is 1.65Gb / 61 minutes of fans, heaters, coolers and things that go WHOOSH, in 49 separate files, recorded in 24bits/96kHz quality and UCS-compliant.

    Hvac Elements is a sound effects library to help you put some realistic ventilation sounds in your productions, recorded from a variety of sources at many different locations.

    From table fans to large industrial vents, as well as a multitude of cooling units. Humming, droning, whooshing hvac machinery; some well-oiled, some rattling and worn. Bathroom vents, air conditioning units and a hot water pressure pump. Even the feeding mechanism of a pellet stove.

    Recorded with a minimum of ambiance and background noises (location permitting) and many delivered as seamless loops. The perfect companion to Hvac Drones & Tones.

    Hvac Elements includes:

    • A variety of hvac elements
    • Seamless loops
    • Searchable file names
    • BWF Metadata embedded, with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats

  • Elegant Machines is 213Mb of slightly odd mechanical sounds in 150 separate files, recorded in 24bits/96kHz quality. Most are mono and edited as seamless loops. All are UCS-compliant

    Things that whirr, rotate, grind, click and clack. Strange machines that defy categorization. Levers, cogwheels and camshafts. Wood, metal and plastic, scrapes and screams. Some are simple loops of a single sound, while others are more complex movements.

    Most of the sounds lend themselves best to small-ish mechanisms, but pitching down works well on many of them, for creating more substantial sounding movements.Sources include everything from an antique coffee grinder to old 8mm film cameras, and various nameless props and gadgets – perfect for designing sounds of strange machines and mechanical contraptions.

    Metadata included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice)

  • City Life Sound Effects Tokyo Tourist Play Track 34 sounds included, 79 mins total $42

    Tokyo Tourist is more than 2.5 GBof sound from different locations in Tokyo and beyond.
    34 recordings/79 minutes of stereo recordings featuring temples, trains, religious processions and much more – this library takes you to some of the locations a tourist might visit, all in 24bit/96kHz quality. All files are UCS-compliant.

    Recording with the same setup as Tokyo – Outdoor Ambiances, I went to Shinjuku station and Gyoen Park. I recorded the Kanda festival procession in the streets of Akihabara, captured the infernal sound in a video game arcade – just to name a few of the sounds in this library.

    Tokoy Tourist delivers:

    • Clean, realistic ambient recordings of interesting locations
    • Traffic, temples, parks, trains, people, people, people…
    • All sounds recorded with the same microphones – in the same setup (spaced-omni)
    • BWAV metadata embedded with even more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats

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