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Emanuele Costantini

  • Ambisonic Sound Effects U.K. Seawaves Play Track 38 sounds included, 362 mins total $60

    A collection of sea waves from far to close-ups to enrich your sonic coastlines sound design or simply listen to them for relaxing and be transported back there.

    The Soundcloud preview contains only some examples of the full library.

    The library contains two different sets of recordings: stereo and/or Ambisonics 3rd Order.
    This will cover any needs. If you need mono, you will just need to get only track 1 of the Ambisonics files. If you need different formats, you just need to convert them from the Ambisonics files, which contain all the 360ยบ spherical information. There are plenty of tools out there to use.
    Different sets of microphones and recorders have been used to create this library, according to what was best to get the recordings.

    Sound Devices 788T
    Zoom F8
    Zoom F6

    Reynolds custom 4Type
    Sennheiser MKH 8060
    DPA 4060

    All microphones were fully protected with Rycote windshields.

  • Ambisonic Sound Effects Wind Farm Ambiences Play Track 8 sounds included, 48 mins total From: $30

    Mix of ambience recordings, both wide and close-ups of wind turbines in a wind farm.

    With every purchase there are some free extra files, linked to some ambience ones,ย  recorded with shotgun microphones, to get an even closer close-up, ideal also for SFXs and sound design.

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