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Daniel Meuser

Under the “Daniel Meuser” imprint you will find high-quality, creative, evocative and ready-to-use royalty free sound effect libraries.

My main focus is to provide unique and complex libraries that are a great value to for anybody that wants to use outstanding sounds in any kind of production like in motion pictures, documentaries, audio dramas, games and other media.

  • Environments Autumn Forest Vol. 01 – Ambiences Play Track 209 sounds included, 499 mins total $86

    This library contains more than 200 natural ambience clips with embedded metadata. They´re mixed and cut into: loops, transitions and variations to be ready to use inside your project.

    The metadata precisely points out any bird species, the specific environment and acoustic properties, the current day-cycle, weather conditions and any foreground or background events that are audible in the clip. To enhance the ease of use, I decided to structure the library as a modular toolbox for ambience sound design.

    It has been recorded in some of the oldest, quietest and most pristine forests all over Germany and offers a large collection of active and quiet nature ambiences featuring a variety of different natural environments and wildlife.

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