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Carma Studio

Carma Studio began in 1995 as a production studio dedicated entirely to dance music, with an emphasis on quality sound design. Over the years this concept has evolved to include all aspects of sounds and music, embracing the ever-growing specialties within all creative media. Sound design remains the primary focus of Carma Studio. We are always in search of sounds that are exciting, useful and inspiring.

  • Foley Sound Effects Cheers! Play Track 732 sounds included $34.95

    Carma Studio makes a toast to all you creators out there by saluting you with a sound library of toasting clinks using various drinkware.

  • Environments & Ambiences Hollywood Ambiences Play Track 121 sounds included, 378 mins total $99.95

    We give you a VIP pass into the sounds of Hollywood with 121 ambiences from the various stages of production and entertainment.

    Field recordings covering the sounds of film and television production in studio, on stage and on location.ย  Includes setup and construction crews, production crews filming and recording, strikedown and haul out crews, post production, technical areas, broadcast and transmission facilities, designed โ€˜on airโ€™ broadcast programming, interiors and exteriors, room tones, red carpet events and award show crowds to celebrate a job well done.

  • Environments & Ambiences General Ambiences Vol 1 Play Track 249 sounds included, 667 mins total $29.95

    This first general volume of ambiences, backgrounds and atmospheric beds comes from a span of 25 years of field audio recordings for film/tv, music and sampling, or simply for the pleasure of recording and collecting.

    All recordings were captured using various hand-held digital recorders with built-in microphones and recorded digitally to DAT tape or removable card.ย  International recordings from Europe, Asia, South America and Pacific Islands are included.

  • Live from the red carpet, we bring to you that award show energetic crowd from our field recordings of crowd cheers at the actual events directly from Hollywood.

    This sound pack of over 80 crowd cheering files provides you a VIP ticket to create your own movie premiere, music awards, concert venue, or any other special event to roll out that red carpet.

  • Balloon sound exploration from inflation, deflation, manipulation and destruction.

    Sounds of air filling, tapping, pulling, stretching, air release with squeaking, flatulence and popping.ย  Included are designed pitched down effects for that larger than life effect.

  • My wife told me to take a hike, so I literally did and recorded these mountain and forest sounds.

    Meet a few animals, cross a few rivers, set camp, make a fire and sort through your camp gear foley, campsite elements, and several background ambiences to create your outdoor getaway.


  • Jump aboard and take a ride inside the interiors of plane cabins, underground metro subway trains, rail passenger train cars and various surface auto vehicles.

    A range of stationary and moving interiors of transportation vessels are provided to get you and your environment going.

  • Celebrate your independence with Fireworks!

    A library of explosives featuring big, small, single shots, multi-burst and more from various fireworks novelties as well as commercial grade public display grand finales!

  • Go around the world to 80 locations with this international ambience sound library.

    We place you in different locals across the globe covering cities and villages, public gatherings and transportation locations, quiet local nature environments and recreational places.

  • Bubble pops and textures from various sizes and assorted shapes of bubble wrap, such as the classic standard format, square, hexagonal, envelope, industrial, and large filler cells.

    Pops were recorded as single pinch pops to multiple bubble burst squeezes and twists.ย  Dry and room reverb versions were captured using close and distant microphone setups.

  • Weโ€™ve dug deep into the circuit paths of electronic equipment using signal tracers to scan and record electronic noise and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from electronic equipment.

    This second in a series of three sound libraries focus on the elements of steady signal noise & radiation background mostly in the mid to high frequencies. Includes static noise, buzz & hum interference with pops, snaps, crackles, beeps and glitch tones.

  • Recorded, close micโ€™ed slime textures in the style of autonomous sensory meridian response.

    Outside of ASMR play, utilize these sounds in the designing of gore in the horror-movie genre, as bodily viscera & guts; or create otherworldly alien attributes for Science Fiction.

  • Nature & Countryside Ambiences Nature Play Track 86 sounds included, 250 mins total $29.95

    Nature library is a collection of background ambiences covering lots of terrain from seas and lake shores, rivers, desert, grasslands, forests with birds, swamps, mountains and tropical areas all recorded in the North and Central Americas and Pacific Islands.

  • Weather Sound Effects Wind Play Track 169 sounds included, 255 mins total $29.95

    A wind collection containing exteriors with objects and foilage, interiors featuring structural stress and wind tones, various materials foley and designed winds.

  • Weather Sound Effects Rain and Thunder Play Track 171 sounds included, 373 mins total $29.95

    Rain And Thunder gives you recordings from the beginnings of raindrops from the sky, through the various stages from nascent raindrops to torrential downpours, ending with the remains after the rains of splattering drop impacts, various drainage systems and settling back down into the earth.

  • Gore Sound Effects Gore Play Track 1637 sounds included $24.95

    For horror, chillers, and sci-fi thrillers, Carma Studio presents the killer Gore Library!

    A collection of sensory horror sure to spice up all your graphic, cringe-worthy projects.

  • Ambient, dream-like synth sustains and drones providing tension and suspense.ย  Great for adding to slow-motion video and montages, or setting up your audience for an emotional moment grabbing their attention.

  • A sound library of the digital electronic world of 1s and 0s created from digital sources.

    Sounds include glitch, static, snaps, pops, interference, signal malfunction, dropouts, data transmissions, unreferenced issues, bad clocking or incorrect timing effect and pitch/time manipulation.


  • A sound library of the organic electronic world of inherent signal noise created from analog sources.

    Sounds include hum, buzz, hiss, static, distortion & overdriving, feedback loops, signal malfunction, dropouts, crackling, fuzz, and glitch.

  • Weโ€™ve dug deep into the circuit paths of electronic equipment using signal tracers to scan and record electronic noise and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from electronic equipment.

    This third installment in a series of three sound libraries focuses on the elements of power sources with noise drones of electrical power, 60Hz cycle hum, dirty ground buzz with static, glitch, pops, snaps, crackles & electronic interference including low-end & pulsing frequencies.

  • This Halloween, be prepared to be scared! From Carma Studio, comes the ultimate Halloween package.
    With over 1500 individual sounds, this collection has something for every media artist.ย  Whether youโ€™re searching for vocal phrases, eerie ambiance, terrifying screams, or possessed toys, weโ€™ve got you covered with a truly unique collection of Halloween delight!

  • Weโ€™ve dug deep into the circuit paths of electronic equipment using signal tracers to scan and record electronic noise and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from electronic equipment.

    This first in a series of three sound libraries focus on the feel of clocking, ticking, pulses, crystal oscillator timing and other cyclic repetition to provide a rhythmic element to the sound effect. Includes sounds of data flow with beeps, tones, glitch, pops, snaps, crackles, static noise & interference.

  • Introducing Foam Gun fun!

    Over 300 fun-filled plastic toy gun sounds to share with your friends. Featuring small to large sizes of gun cocks, dry gunshots, and bullet fires. Also featuring designed, processed or effected sounds such as rapid-fire and sci-fi blasts!

  • Environments & Ambiences Sports Crowd Cheer! Play Track 41 sounds included, 15 mins total $14.95

    Welcome sports fans to Sports Crowd Cheer sound library.

    Be in the crowd up close with this mini-pack of over 40 crowd reactions including cheers, boos, your ups, your downs, down to the buzzer, score and more!ย  Short crowd bursts to longer reactions with sirens and horns.ย  With sounds from the arena, ballpark, stadium, and court, it’s a score from Carma Studio!

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