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Ben Harding Audio LTD

Ben Harding using field recording gear in the field.Hi, Iโ€™m Ben Harding, a sound designer primarily freelancing in the gaming industry. I’m in the early stages of building my collection of SFX libraries so I’m still deciding on how I want to leave my mark on the space. I’m a big fan of other sfx librarians such as Tim Nielsen, Mattia Cellotto, George Vlad, Thomas Rex Beverly. Follow my journey on YouTube, My Website, or follow me on LinkedIn or X. And please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions or just want to chat about all things audio.

  • Creature Sound Effects Creatures By Humans Play Track 924 sounds included, 45 mins total $55

    Creatures By Humans is a collection of recorded and designed sounds created to be a tool kit for creature design.

    The recorded section of the library features male and female vocalizations imitating an array of animals, recorded at 192kHz using a Sanken CO-100k to ensure maximum malleability for any sound designer.

    The recorded content was used to create the designed portion of the library. It contains otherworldly vocalizations such as Zombies, Feral Bears, Massive Beasts etc. The process of designing was captured on a 3 part live-stream by Ben and can be seen here.

  • City Life Sound Effects A Trip To Paris Play Track 55 sounds included, 62 mins total $19.99

    From the art filled halls of the Louvre and the hustle of Gare Du Nord to the side streets of ‘Le Marais’ and the balconies of Monmartre, experience the soundscape of a romantic parisian getaway.

    Crowds, the metro, patisseries, sunrise from our balcony, street cleaners, party goers and 9-5’ers rushing through train stations.

    ‘A Trip to Paris’ was recorded during… wait for it… a trip to Paris, in the summer of 2023.

    Is is an library of primarily ambiences with very little processing.

    A Trip to Paris - SFX Library - Demo

    Special thanks to my partner Kathy for tolerating my continued efforts to ruin our romantic getaway with my recorder.

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