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Auhmline Studio

Welcome to Auhmline Studio’s asoundeffect shopping page! Looking for quality sounds for your next film, gaming and other projects? We’ve got you covered! We have Sci-fi Space Clash which is a great choice for your sci-fi space battle related projects, Substrate which has cinematic tech and ambiance sounds for a variety of projects, and many more to come!

  • Bundles Magisters’ Spellbook Play Track 846 sounds included, 67 mins total $59.99

    “Maigsters’ Spellbook” The Magic Audio Library. With over 800 samples and a sample playtime worth 1 hour, you’ll be able to conjure up an immersive experience. Magisters’ Spellbook is your one-stop-shop for all things magical. From dark void magic to divine blessings, and fiery explosions to gentle breezes! Includes a 4min 20s long rainstorm recording.

  • Electricity Sound Effects Substrate 2 + STEMS Play Track 519 sounds included, 34 mins total $12.99

    The theme of this sound pack is Electric and Mechanical tech. This audio library features 3 unique designed ambient tracks, Electricity, Glitch and Mechanical Glitch sounds.

  • Bundles Melee Arena Play Track 1245 sounds included, 20 mins total $59.99

    “Melee Arena” the Melee Combat Audio Library for your scenes and games, featuring over 1000 versatile sounds ranging from realistic armor wear to immersive impact textures and beyond.

  • Cinematic & Trailer Sound Effects Substrate + STEMS Play Track 365 sounds included, 38 mins total $8.99

    The theme of this sound pack is futuristic, organic tech. Sound pack with 4 unique designed ambient tracks, Impact sounds, Technical UI and Whoosh sounds.

  • User Interface (UI) Sound Effects Sci-fi Space Clash Play Track 654 sounds included, 56 mins total $49.99

    Prepare for interstellar adventure with our cutting edge sci-fi sample pack! Featuring futuristic engine sounds, alien ambiences, and otherworldly special SFX, this collection will launch you into outer space and beyond. Experience the thrill of interstellar combat as you explore the vast reaches of the galaxy, all from the comfort of your own studio. Soar through the cosmos with our advanced sound library, and discover a whole new world of sonic possibilities.

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