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Articulated Sounds

  • Animal Sound Effects Creature Bundle Play Track 7435+ sounds included $589

    This bundle includes 8 libraries of animals and monsters from Articulated Sounds:

    Born Wild is a massive collection of wild animals sounds and wild sounds of animals, highly focused, from a large panel of species, recorded thoroughly through 40 various National Parks, reserves, wildlife centers, and sanctuaries on all continents.

    Yeti Monster is an extensive collection of rare humanoid creature sounds. They were carefully recorded, edited, classified, thoroughly metatagged. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different type of articulations, actions and reactions; as well as cartoon-like interpretations.

    Nature in the City is a collection that depicts a wide spectrum of natural sounds existing in cities. With many isolated animals, ambiences, and weather, water elements. Inside you’ll find high quality content from Articulated, well edited and instantly useable sounds.

    Camel Growl Vocalizations is a library containing very useful source material of animal growls, recorded in Morocco in a very dry acoustic environment (the desert). These sounds will prove to be a very good source for creating your own monster, creature sounds.

    Pig Farm Animal Groan is a library in which you will find various close-up of single pigs grunts recorded in different farms, well edited, ready to use in your projects. Files includes glued, and separated version.

    Humanimal Mimicry is a handy collection of human vocalizations mimicking the sound of animals.

    These naturally-sounding samples are useful for shaping expressive creature sounds.

    Extinct Animals – the Jurassic is a new series of Sound Effects Library by Articulated; aspiring to bring back to life creatures from the past which were never recorded before.

    40 %
  • Environments & Ambiences Soundscape Odyssey 1 Play Track 60+ sounds included, 268 mins total $108

    Get ready to dive into one of the most authentic and evocative sound libraries we ever created. Take a transcendent journey across 28 countries, spanning the last 7 years.

    Unreleased Auditory Treasures

    In this exclusive library, we have meticulously curated the most enthralling and previously unreleased ambient sounds we’ve ever recorded. It showcases a diverse collection of 60 unique ambiences, spanning various locations and time periods.

    These files are not in any other of our library, they are totally new releases.

    A kaleidoscope of worldwide sounds, all in one library

    With ‘Soundscape Odyssey 1,’ you’ll gain access to a truly distinctive and immersive collection of global ambiance. Experience the world through our unique perspective and discover soundscapes like never before.


    Forest, Town, Swamp, Grassland, Suburb, Urban, Underground, Transportation, Tropical, Park, Lakeside, Misc, Market, Celebration, Alpine, Public Space, Seaside, Sport, Protest, Restaurant, Water,…

    behind the sounds

    Stephane Fufa Dufour  has been recording and traveling for the past eight years, with the last five years devoted to intense “field recording” as a digital nomad on all continents. Along the way, he has collected precious sonic gems, exploring unique, unusual, and diverse soundscapes that span a wide variety of cultures and locations, from anthropophony to pure biophony.

  • Introducing our new Artbits library which is all about elevators! Such a typical subject to be recorded in the world of sound effects as they generate a large range of mechanical sounds from the emblematic doors, the traction system, all the clicketing metallic parts, and the characteristic acoustic of small cubic space.

    For this library, we selected recordings made from the last 7 years of various types of elevators, from antique old to the sleek modern lift, but also freight industrial elevator. They each have their specific character. You will find many door sounds opening and closing, manual and automatic. Lifts drive up or down with tasty rattles, creaks, and whirr noises.
    In addition, this collection includes 90 useful phrases of female voice elevator announcements ready to be inserted in your elevator scene.
    All sounds are carefully edited, mastered, and meta-tagged with Soundminer UCS-compliancy.
  • City Life Sound Effects Quiet Streets 2 Play Track 62+ sounds included, 275 mins total $95

    We present here the latest installment in our ongoing effort to curate unique ambiences tailored to urban and suburban scenes in movies and video games.

    Subtle & Flavorful

    This collection of ambiences is intended to set the mood against the backdrop of any city scenario and act as a subtle accompaniment to dialogue lines.

    Unlike the previous volume, the sounds in this library were recorded worldwide over a period of 5 years.
    We have taken great care in selecting and editing them to ensure they carry evocative and rich ‘airtones’.
    In fact, they go beyond simple outdoor roomtones, often incorporating sounds of fauna, insects, local culture, and delicate flavorful sonic indications of time and location.
    They, however, always stay low-profile and never presents intrusive noise that would interfere unless specified as a marker.

    Dress the Silence

    In addition to being a great filler for urban and suburban scenes, this collection will be a great companion when attempting to convey various feelings and moods such as quietude, post-apocalyptic, romanticism, mystery, depression, calmness, poetic, abandonment, nostalgia, freedom,….

    For this volume, we have specifically chosen a diverse mixture of recordings from numerous countries across all continents broadening the palette of sounds delivered. These additions will enrich your main sound library and prove useful for a wide range of future projects.

    All sounds in this library are in stereo. As extensive travels were involved in capturing these sounds, we decided to focus only on stereophonic capture instead of multichannel, making it more manageable throughout our journey. Nonetheless, these atmospheres embody a great sense of space and can be easily layered and spatialized in a surround space if needed.

  • Animal Sound Effects Born Wild Play Track 2000+ sounds included $449

    What is this?

    BORN WILD is a massive collection of wild animals sounds and wild sounds of animals, highly focused, from a large panel of species, recorded thoroughly through 40 various National Parks, reserves, wildlife centers, and sanctuaries on all continents.


    We ‘domesticated’ planet earth and shaped it to our ideal human imaginary needs. Before that, the world belonged to nobody, wilderness was the norm! Powerful, wild and sometimes weird animals ruled the world.

    Despite the current accelerating extinction of biodiversity, wildlife still exists in small pockets, and many animals are still alive and have a voice!

    Naturally wild animals became the backbone of our project, but also wild sounds of animals in general. We thus literally went hunting for sounds. Though this kind of hunt gratefully does not harm Nature or animals.


    With this library, we really went above and beyond. We explored all 4 corners of the world in places we wouldn’t have expected. Similar to wildlife photography, we sharpened our tools and methods to get the correct zoom with the right focus on the sounds of these animals. Along the way, we got some mishaps and misadventures which are part of the process. We thankfully are still alive; hence we can now today offer you the fruit of our quest.

    Born Wild is now becoming the pinnacle of our Articulated sound journey, and we are proud to present it to you. We believe this library will give instant gratification as the content is so unique, rich, and meticulously curated.

    We also hope that this library can sensitize and leverage efforts in protecting the planet where we all come from. This is why we are giving 3% of all sale revenue to ONG caring about wilderness and conservation.

    Let’s keep our wild instinct alive!

  • Here is a collection of Sounds from a tin workshop, creating jewelry, using different kinds of tools and machinery.

    Precise and delicate manipulation of tin metal. A unique set of sounds.
  • These sounds were recorded in 2018, throughout the Swiss cities of Geneva, Zurich, Basel, & Bern.

    Some of these sounds are recorded an delivered in Surround Quad format, while the others are Stereo. Recorded ORTF or Double ORTF.
  • This sound library features typical soundscapes from Switzerland, cow herds, pasture valley, sheep herds, cowbells, forest, mountain, tractors, … fresh air.

    Inside this library is 11 stereo ambiences. Great immersion in Switzerland Countryside Soundscapes!
  • Humaninal Mimicry is a handy collection of human vocalizations mimicking the sound of animals.

    These naturally-sounding samples are useful for shaping expressive creature sounds.

    Tens of actors were involved in the process, but also one metal singer. Recorded up to 192KHz with Sanken Co-100k, or 96KHz. Included are more than 60 various animals (imitated) such as Eagle, Koala, Tiger, Whale, Seal, Crane, Gopher, Dolphin, Elephant, Lion, Crow, Goose, Camel, Bear, Horse, Frog, Platypus, Raccoon, Seagull, Honey Badger, Squirrel, Wolf, Monkey,…

    The sounds delivered are well edited and meta-tagged. These are crisp, easy, and malleable sounds that will enrich your existing collection.

    Alternatively, these sounds can also be used for cartoon or comical effects.

    What’s inside:

    • 60 animals, imitated by more than 10 different actors (including metal singer).
    • Variations of each sound
    • 2 versions: Separated (1 sound per file) & Glued (many variations per file)
    • Clear, malleable sounds, without background noises, up to 192 KHz for processing, or 96KHz.
  • Environments & Ambiences Traffic Tones Play Track 500+ sounds included, 480 mins total $220

    ‘Traffic Tones’ will help build flavorful air tones and atmospheres in order to support urban or suburban environments.

    This sound library is divided into 2 main sections

    1) Traffic Loops
    2) Single Event Sounds

    The first part of this library comprises a wide variety of long undisturbed traffic loops;
    exempt from excessive dynamic fluctuations, and without any incongruous noises (such as birds).
    These are non-disruptive atmospheres that you can easily layer up.
    Ready to be inserted into your project, they will help you build the foundation of your own soundscape.

    The second part of this library consists of ‘single event’ sounds.
    They will bring character to your sound-bed and help soundify any story/visual cues.
    You will find in this section well-classified eclectic sounds such as whistles, sirens, brake squeals,
    but also more than 110 individual horns, and a massive collection of 300+ pass-by of all kinds…

    The diversity of sounds delivered in this library reflects the large-scale recording process that took us 5 years to gather the right material, recorded throughout 30 cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, from various perspectives in space and time, various weather conditions, various terrain type, and vehicle types.

    What’s inside:

    • 88 selected ambience loops, well edited (9 of these ambiences are Quad Surround recordings), Organized by sub-section folders:

      • At Street Level
      • Distance Away ( Diffused)
      • From Above Perspective
      • From Inside (Vehicles  or House)
      • Near Bridges
      • Special Flavor
    • 400+ ‘single event’ sounds (204 files) are included in the library. These are +100 Horns, +300 Pass Bys of all kinds, + Miscelleneous single event sounds such as: brake squeals, sirens,  whistles, …

    • well-grounded Soundminer metadata, UCS-compliant

    • Recorded in 30 cities and areas throughout 5 continents, during the last 5 years


    ***Most of the library were recorded in 192KHz, however, in the majority of the recordings, there was no reason to keep this sample rate. Hence we saved some space and converted it to 96KHz unless interesting spectral information was found in these high ranges, in this case, we kept them at 192 kHz.

    Alternatively, the pass-by section, which contains around 300 sounds, can be very useful to help design transitional sound effects such as dramatic accents, wooshes, or any other creative process.

    + Added Free Bonus: the library ‘Budapest Siren Pass-Bys’

  • Bundles Articulated – Master Bundle Play Track 22000+ sounds included $2,393

    The MASTER BUNDLE is the ultimate Articulated collection.

    A unique tool for high-caliber sound artists!
    The culmination of 7 years of passionate labor, an invaluable amount of sound curation, thousands of hours of editing and designing sounds, and more than 100,000 km traveled recording unique and rare sounds.

    Get a fresh new supercharge!
    The Articulated Master Bundle is one of the most inspiring sound collections on earth. It is a comprehensive tool to help you deliver incredible sound for all your projects, quickly and easily. It includes sounds used in Hollywood blockbusters such as Frozen 2, the series Archer, and other notorious productions.

    50 %
  • World Sounds Morocco I Play Track 60 sounds included, 155 mins total $50

    Morocco, part of the Maghreb region of Africa, is a very unique place. With a long historical heritage, a cultural mix of Arabic, Berber, European, West Africa; a varied geographic landscape along with characterized biomes.
    Recorded over a one-month field trip in 2018. You will find typical ambiences of cities, suburbs, villages, deserts, markets, birds… Mostly recorded in stealth mode and ORTF, for more authenticity in many ways. Get immersed into a country of many colors and spices.
    Recorded by Stephane Fufa, Sound Xplorer

  • We captured one iconic facet from the cacophony of our modern world development. Building new, demolishing or renovating the old. Our human soundscape (anthropophony) is busy and noisy. The constant desire to build along with our technological advancements allows creating building structures like never before. Construction sites are omnipresent in our daily life. We thus had to create one library of these intricate ambiences, raw, industrial, and mechanical.

    In this collection, you will find pure rich soundscapes of mixed sounds, authentically recorded on construction sites through many countries. You will also find more specific tools or machines that are recorded more closely to the sound source. Chainsaw, Jackhammer, Backhoe, Driller, Grinder, Truck, Sanding Machine, Hammer, Earth Driller, Debris, Welding Torch,…

  • ‘Extinct Animals’ is a new series of Sound Effects Library by Articulated; aspiring to bring back to life creatures from the past which were never recorded before.

    ‘The Jurassic’, the first installment of this series, contains more than 400 sounds of various animals that were living about 100 million years ago, commonly known as dinosaurs.

    Every of the sound in this collection is of the highest quality, UCS-compliant, and presented in multiple
    layers and with a minimum of 5 variations.
    Created for maximum usability, this exclusive library is the result of collaborations with talented designers from Bruits Studio.

  • XForce is a cinematic sound library featuring a variety of impact recordings & signature designed sound effects.
    It contains more than 2500 UCS compliant, high-quality impact sounds like STINGERS, BASS DIVES, SYNTHETIC & ETHEREAL HITS, BOOMS.

  • Here is a simple sound library that can prove to be useful.
    These are close perspective recordings of small click button of the real world (or some would say “analog” in differentiation from the digital world)
    Only small machines button, switch, press,… see file list for details.
    These sounds are well edited and ready to be used.

  • 6 men were recorded to create this unique sound library. With various breath emotion, speed, and intensity.

    Great malleable source material, recorded from up-close in 192KHz with high-end microphone in an acoustically controlled space.

  • Inside an airplane cockpit, we captured control manipulation sounds (knobs, levers, switch…), alarms, and ambiences.

    Recorded from a 737 cabin, with the help of a certified pilot. Get maneuver sounds with original and ‘cleaned’ version (from background noise); but also ‘loopeable’ ambiences. See file list.

  • Rumbles and rattles from lighthouse motor recorded at every floor, from bottom to top of the tower.

    Recorded in Atlantic Maritimes PEI province in Canada. The lighthouse has an electric motorized engine that makes the light rotate at 360 degree, so that the boat can be guided.

  • Here is a collection of car sounds recorded from the interior and the exterior.

    The Nissan Versa Note is a subcompact four-door hatchback car. We focused on capturing all the functions other than driving as aeration, windows, doors, knobs, hood, light, windshield, …

  • Recorded in September 2018, over 1 month of travel around the Caucasian country.

    Tucked between Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia; the lesser-known country Georgia is at the confluent of many cultures and has a wide variety of landscapes.

  • Genres Voice Of God – Game Phrases Play Track 414 sounds included, 70 mins total $50

    Voice of God is a versatile sfx pack that will provide you with a large selection of game phrases recorded by a deep male character.

    Inside are +400 lines of text, and +1200 files; It includes useful words and functional phrases (Directives, Orders, Instructions, Helps, Commands, Comments); Along others god-like related scripts.

    This sublime holy voice character will perfectly match out-of-the-screen voice-over or narratives, that requires neutral, divine, authoritative, sacred, or challenging moods.

    All files are professionally edited and mastered, ready to use in any projects, meta-tagged, and available in 96KHz/24bits and 44KHz/16bits.

    3 versions included which provide you more creative possibilities:

    • Dry (the original recordings well edited)
    • Wet (already applied effects that reinforce ‘god-like’ character)
    • Wet Stereo (same applied effects but in Stereo)

  • When snow has fallen on the ground, but time, cars and temperature have made it half melted, it has transformed to ‘slush’, making this distinctive sound when cars pass by.

    This Car on Slush sound library is a small collection of cars passing by on slushy roads. As a bonus you will find 2 long ambiences of snowy streets.

  • We went on a boat expedition, recording a magnificent wooden sailing boat! We took care to record from many perspectives: from top, front, near water wavelets ambiences, from inside the hull, near the captain position.

    Recorded with various configuration and microphones, the mkh 8090, Lom MikroUsi, Aquarian hydrophones, placed on various locations. You’ll find mechanism of the winch and sail manipulation, along with emergency engine.

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