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With abounding character and a penchant for speaking their mind, these little folk always have a lot to say. Wonder and amazement naturally follows.

Having the honor to be able to observe these tikes in their natural habitats, it became clear how babies share a great deal across their mannerisms as the grow. A longitudinal family of vocalizations and sounds that span the first year of life and maturity, the heart of this library, centers on those personalities and mannerisms changing and taking shape over that period of time. The little ones have been recorded at infancy, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old. Each of these developmental milestones mark a significant step forward for all babies and at these stages their personalities and expressiveness grow remarkably. It is the constantly evolving language of exploration and examination; always learning. Each vocalization in this library, even within the same stage of development, is unique. From giggles to shouts, questioning to cries, babbles, cooing, and inventive phrases all the way around.

Additionally, strollers, toys, diaper bags, bottles, pumps, swings, and more have been captured as compliments to represent all of those ubiquitous items in a baby’s world. The strollers were profiled on different surfaces and from different mechanical perspectives. The toys were recorded both in-play and as Foley. Bottles and diapers were used in their normal function and fashion, while other tools and devices of the dedicated and savvy parent were selected for their sound and utility.

Joyfulness is easy to hear in this library.

Licensor: : Eiravaein Works LLC Category: .
Type: Baby sound effects / recordings
Specs: 1243+ sounds • 1243 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 2.55 GBs • Includes metadata
Approx. 151 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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Eiravaein Works LLC isย the product of years working, studying, and traveling over the globe to gain new perspectives on sound, soundscapes, cognition, human communication, and sensory perception.ย  With facets of cognitive science, semiotics, international relations, and audio engineering, our approach to sound design andย auditory development is diverse and unique. ย We strive to capture sounds that are rich in meaning, off the well-worn path, and outside of the everyday user’s collection.ย  All audio offeredย fromย Eiravaeinย Works is 100% originally sourced in the field (…possibly in a field).