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Yellowstone is a unique sound effect library created by renowned sound supervisor and SFX editor Tim Nielsen, featuring giant geysers, bubbling mud pots, fumaroles, hot springs, water streams and much more.

Licensor: Tim Nielsen
Categories: , .
Type: Geothermal sound effects / recordings
Specs: 120 files • 120 sounds • 24bit/96kHz • 8 Gb
Approx. 238 minutes total
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License type:
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Tim Nielsen has kept this library private since recording it in 2006, but is now releasing it to the public for the first time ever. They’re among his most treasured recordings ever, and the sound library captures the sound of everything from the tiny Ear Spring to the massive Castle Geyser, which erupts two hundred feet into the air.

The Yellostone Geothermal sound library includes:

• Giant geysers
• Bubbling mud pots
• Steam vents
• Splashing pools
• Fumaroles
• Hot springs
• Water streams
– and much more.

The sound library was recorded using a SoundDevices 722, with a Schoeps MS rig (CMC6 XT extended frequency bodies, MK41/MK8 Capsule setup), telinga Stereo Parabolic

Read an exclusive interview with Tim Nielsen on Yellowstone

About Tim Nielsen:
Tim Nielsen is a sound designer and supervising sound editor working in Northern California. He has worked on movies like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, John Carter, and Maleficent among many others.

1 review

  1. Domenic

    This library is pure gold, and is an absolute steal at the ridiculously generous price. Carefully recorded and cleanly mastered, the careful selection of sounds in this library seemingly exhaust any need for me to purchase any other library for these types of sounds. Each unique sound is warm and fills up the stereo field in interesting ways. Buy it!

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