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Home Sound Effects Winds Of Patagonia And Other Remote South American Ambiences

Winds Of Patagonia And Other Remote South American Ambiences


A great variety of Patagonian Wind textures and Natural Ambiences. Including winds of different character such as tonal, hollow, wispy, crispy, swells, gusts, dry vegetation rustles, small debris, and many other textures to build you custom atmospheres.

Licensor: : SoundNode Categories: , , , .
Type: Wind, Ambience, Desert, Exterior, Tonal, Strong, Wispy, Swells, Gusts sound effects / recordings
Specs: 107+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 8.28GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 240 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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Famous for its relentless polar winds, end of the world remoteness and vast desolate landscapes, Patagonia is the definition of wind!


In this library youโ€™ll get 2 types of sounds, Winds and Ambiences:

The Winds were carefully chosen and edited to provide layers for ambiences and scenes. That crispy dry grass rustle, the wash of wind on a canyon, thumpy polar wind gusts, are some examples of those layers that we have isolated to help you build the wind ambience you are after. The vast expanse and remoteness of Patagonia has allowed us to have these Winds completely isolated from all animal, city and other background noises. It is just that, Wind layers and nothing else.


Secondly, we have the Remote Ambiences where we have captured some incredible landscapes of South America, including Pampas, Dry Deserts, High Mountains, Salt Planes, Wetlands, Country Fields, amongst others. Donโ€™t expect busy markets and city centres, this is all about those remote places full of textures that can serve as excellent additions to an ambience tracklay.


All files are Stereo, 24bit, 96KHz and most are over 2min long to ensure excellent coverage and movement of the ambiences when looping in a scene.


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