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Home Sound Effects Winds and Storms

Winds and Storms


A larger focus on wind – with trees, brush, crickets, and other sounds often included. There are also plain wind sounds recorded on exceptionally quiet wilderness winter nights that can be layered over most every project for several minutes or longer. Additionally includes some branches breaking in high winds and rain patter.

Licensor: Discover Oregon
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Type: Weather sound effects / recordings
Specs: 17 files • 17 sounds • 16 bit / 44.1 kHz • Not metatagged • 383 MB
Approx. 36 minutes total
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Frogs – Loud Pacific Tree Frogs Croak in an Oregon Rain Forest.wav    1:06
Rains – Gentle Rains Fall on Rocks in the Oregon Desert 1.wav    0:11
Rains – Gentle Rains Fall on Rocks in the Oregon Desert 2.wav    0:15
Rains – Gentle Rains Fall on Rocks in the Oregon Desert 3.wav    0:27
Rains – Gentle Rains Fall on Rocks in the Oregon Desert 4.wav    1:17
Rains – Loud Fall Monsoon Rainstorm in an Oregon Forest.wav    5:37
Rains – Rain Falls on Metal Roof of a Camper with Distant Frogs in Oregon.wav    1:11
Thunder – Distant Booming Thunder and Gentle Rain in the Oregon Desert.wav    0:32
Winds – Empty Desert Winds During Fall on a Barren Desert Mountain.wav    8:05
Winds – Gentle Blowing Winds on the Top of an Oregon Forest Hillside.wav    2:27
Winds – Interesting Winds and Swaying Trees in Oregon.wav    2:24
Winds – Oregon Desert Mountain Night Wind 1.wav    2:18
Winds – Oregon Desert Mountain Night Wind 2.wav    1:11
Winds – Rushing and Roaring Gusts Through a Wet Oregon Forest.wav    3:41
Winds – Rushing Gusts Through a Snowy Oregon Forest.wav    3:03
Winds – Small Branch Snaps and Breaks from Tree in a Windstorm.wav    0:07
Winds – Trees Gently Sway and Creak in the Wind.wav    2:10


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Discover Oregon captures film and audio recordings of America’s few remaining wild places – with a focus on long nature soundscapes and ambiences.  By traveling to remote locations, we are able to capture long nature soundscapes without any human noise such as plane flyovers or distant cars. Short films featuring these sounds have been featured by Vimeo Staff Pick, Outside Online, and National Geographic.