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Home Sound Effects Wind Turbines Inner Sounds

Wind Turbines Inner Sounds


Wind turbine rotations and motor movements recorded subterraneously, through wire fences, metal steps and the body of the turbine.

 The results are a selection of metallic movements, evolving eerie soundscapes, atmospheric hums, whines.

 Excellent design source and sound morphing material, eerie atmospheres and dystopian environments.


Number of Sounds : 45

Number of Files : 45      

Total Audio Time : 2 hours  22 minutes  18  secs  ( 142 minutes 18 seconds)

Type : WAV Stereo

Sample Rate / Bit Rate : 192 kHz / 24 Bit

Mastered : No

Normalised : No

Size : 9.92 Gb

Metadata : Files are stamped with detailed UCS compliant metadata in Soundminer

Documentation Included : Copyright, EULA, Images, Metadata (exported in multiple formats)

License : A Sound Effect EULA / Terms and Conditions https://www.asoundeffect.com/license-agreement/

Recorders : Zoom F3 and Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 II

Microphones :  LOM Geofon, Stille and Klang small spots, Sennheiser 8040’s and 8050

Microphone Configuration : Magnetic, Spike, Contact. ORTF and Centre Mic

KEYWORDS : Wind Turbine , Back, Wire Fence, Metal Steps, Underground, Rotate, Inner, Motor, Vibrate, Whirr, Bass, Hum, Whine, Pulse, Atonal, Disharmonious, Breeze

FXNAME :  Abandoned Environment, Deserted Environment, Design Source, Dystopian, Eerie Atmosphere, Post Apocalypse, Sound Morph, Uninhabited, Wind Turbine

Licensor: : Hidden Sound Categories: , , .
Type: Motor sound effects / recordings
Specs: 45 sounds • 45 files • 24 Bit / 192 kHz • 9.92 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 144 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

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Buzby Birchall is a field recordist in Iceland recording under the name Hidden Sound.

You can find me here : All social media, selling and contact info