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Home Sound Effects Whooshes Impacts and Transitions

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Whooshes Impacts and Transitions

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This library includes a series of cinematic and basic whoosh, movement and transition effects.  It also includes a number of impactful drops.

What makes this library unique is the varied amount of content and processing techniques used to create the movement effects.  Some effects are created totally organically, others manufactured with analog synths and others creatively processed from nothing other than atonal noise.

Another great quality of these effects is a natural doppler effect is often incorporated.  This was done by re-recording some source elements and either moving the source or the mic itself.

A slim library, of 127 sounds – it feels much larger in the amount of varied content that it includes.  This library is one I’ve personally used a lot and I’m very happy to bring it to you now!

Sound types include:

  • Organic Whooshes
  • Designed Transition Effects
  • Tonal, Atonal and Noise asthetics
  • Drops and Impacts

Get this in a bundle:This library is also included in the Forge Sound Design Toolkit Bundle

Licensor: Sound Spark LLC
Categories: , , .
Type: Whoosh sound effects / recordings
Specs: 127 files • 127 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 238 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Whooshes Impacts and Transitions:

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Sound Spark LLC is an Orlando, FL based audio post production and sound design company founded by Chase Steele in 2015.  We work with film makers, production companies, game developers and even other sound designers or post production facilities to create a superb audio experience.